Virtual Columns

Oracle 11g allows you to create virtual columns in a table. Values are not stored for these columns, Oracle calculates them at runtime. You can see the expression used to generate the value in the DATA_DEFAULT column of the USER_TAB_COLUMNS view.

As you might expect, you cannot UPDATE virtual columns directly. If you try, you get an ORA-54017.
It isn’t quite so obvious but you cannot use a virtual column to generate the value (more...)

A Simple Example Using COMPUTE SUM OF in SQL*Plus

I needed some SQL to show the time spent on idle events in an Oracle 11.2 database with a grand total at the end. I wrote this as shown below. The SQL*Plus syntax at the start is taken from the Oracle documentation but I wanted to record it so I would have my own worked example for future use: 

SQL> column dummy noprint;
SQL> compute sum of seconds_waited on dummy;
SQL> break on (more...)


This example demonstrates that an INSERT /*+ APPEND */ does not put rows into free space within a table, it adds them at the end instead. It also shows that Oracle inserts these rows using a DIRECT PATH mechanism. I tested it on Oracle 11.2. First I created an empty table:

SQL> conn /
SQL> create table tab1
  2  as select * from dba_tables
  3  where 1 = 2
  4  (more...)


If you do an INSERT /* APPEND */, you cannot query the table afterwards until you have done a COMMIT. If you try to do so, Oracle gives you an ORA-12838. You can see what I mean in the example below, which I tested on Oracle 11.2:

SQL> create table tab1
  2  as select * from dba_tables
  3  where 1 = 2
  4  /
Table created.
SQL> insert (more...)


This post demonstrates that if a database has an unfinished transaction and you try to run the above-mentioned command, it will hang. I logged into an Oracle 11 database, started a transaction but did not COMMIT it in the red session below:

PQEDPT1 /export/home/oracle > sqlplus /
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Oracle Pipes (Part 1)

Oracle pipes use the DBMS_PIPE package to allow one session to communicate with another. I decided to try this out in an Oracle 11.1 database. Pipes can be public or private. This example only looks at public pipes. First I created a user called ANDREW. I gave it SELECT ANY DICTIONARY so that it could look at V$DB_PIPES and I allowed it to execute DBMS_PIPE so that it would be able to create a (more...)

DBMS_STATS Causes ORA-00600 [15851]

| Apr 3, 2013
I noticed this in an Oracle database. DBMS_STATS failed with an ORA-00600 and the first argument was [15851]. On investigation, it seemed to have something to do with the fact that the table had a function based index: