Learn to use Oracle VM’s Application Driven Architecture

Oracle's server virtualization products are designed to optimize efficiency and performance. You can get the most from your x86 and SPARC systems by taking the relevant training, available as live events run by experienced instructors.

In the 3-day Oracle VM Administration: Oracle VM Server for x86 course you learn to:

Get the Best from Web, Cloud, and Embedded Applications as a MySQL DBA

After taking this MySQL for Database Administrators course, you will be equipped to use all the features of MySQL to get the best out of your Web, Cloud, and embedded applications, whether you work with the command line or graphical tools such as MySQL Workbench and MySQL Enterprise Monitor, (more...)

Learn About Advanced Oracle Linux Features

Just Released: The Oracle Linux Advanced System Administration training is ideal for administrators. In this 3-day course, you'll learn about managing resources and file systems, while developing troubleshooting and advanced storage administration skills.

Learn To:

  • Address today's large storage requirements.
  • Manage resources to deliver consistent response times and performance.
  • Allocate (more...)

Getting Started with the MySQL Database Across FIve Continents

The MySQL for Beginners course is your first step to getting started on the MySQL Database.

This four-day, live, instructor-led course is your chance to learn about this powerful relational database management system - MySQL is the most popular open source database in the world.

You can take this course (more...)

MySQL is Better Than Ever for the Web

Whether you are a developer who wants to use MySQL and PHP to build and maintain websites or if you want to learn how MySQL and PHP can be used for the rapid prototyping and development of dynamic websites, the MySQL and PHP - Developing Dynamic Web Applications training course (more...)

Tap into Top-Level MySQL Performance with MySQL Training

MySQL, the most popular open source database brings you great performance. You can see the performance details in http://dimitrik.free.fr/blog/. To help you get the most from MySQL's performance, take the MySQL for Performance Tuning course.

This four day instructor-led training course covers:

  • Performance Tuning Basic
  • Performance Tuning Tools
  • MySQL Server Tuning
  • MySQL (more...)

Learn to Develop Your New Applications on the MySQL Database

Get the most out of your MySQL environment by learning to develop your new applications cost-effectively using MySQL with different languages such as Java and PHP.

The MySQL for Developers course is a 5 day, live, instructor-led course where you learn to:

  • Use MySQL tools to connect to databases.
  • Examine database (more...)

Wide Selection of MySQL DBA Training Events

MySQL for Database Administrators is the foundation of the authentic MySQL Curriculum. By taking this live 5-day instructor-led course, you find out how MySQL enhancements increase performance, scalability, reliability and manageability of your Web, Cloud and embedded application requirements.

You will learn to:

  • Setup the server and databases
  • Maintain and secure data
  • Configure for (more...)

First Step Towards Mastering the MySQL Database

The MySQL for Beginners course is your first step towards mastering the MySQL database. This 4-day class gives you a solid understanding and practical experience of using relational databases, SQL and the MySQL Server and tools.

You can take this instructor-led class as following:

  • Training-on-Demand: Start training within 24 hours (more...)

Take Training to Get the Most from Oracle’s Virtualization Solutions

Oracle provides server virtualization products to support x86 and SPARC architectures. Get the most from Oracle VM by taking the related courses. You can take these courses from your own desk as a Live-Virtual Event or travel to an education center for an In-Class Event.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Installation (more...)

Harness Oracle Linux Performance with System Administration Training

Harness the performance, scalaibility and reliability of Oracle Linux by taking the Oracle Linux System Administration training course.

In this 5-day class you will:

  • Use Ksplice to update the kernel on a running system
  • Prepare Oracle Linux System for Oracle Databases
  • Install Oracle Linux and load and configure the Unbreakable (more...)

Learn to Develop Dynamic Web Applications with MySQL and PHP Training

Take the MySQL and PHP - Developing Dynamic Web Applications course to learn to develop applications in PHP and how to use MySQL for those applications. This 4-day class helps you improve your PHP skills and combine them with time-proven database management techniques to create best-of-breed web applications that are (more...)

Boost your use of MySQL Cluster with Oracle Training

Get the most out of your use of MySQL Cluster by attending the MySQL Cluster training course. This three day course:

  • Explains the concepts of MySQL Cluster in detail
  • Describes the different nodes in MySQL Cluster and their purposes
  • Explains how the data is distributed and replicated in the MySQL Cluster
  • Installs all the different nodes used in the MySQL Cluster
  • Starts and stop the different nodes as needed
  • Shows how the different configuration files work and be able to configure all possible types of clusters
  • Uses the cluster in single user mode, and explains when this is necessary
  • Shows how to upgrade cluster components and (more...)

Get Even More from MySQL With MySQL Performance Tuning Training

With each release, the MySQL database brings you even better performance. To get the most from your MySQL servers, performance tuning is important. And what better route than to take the MySQL for Performance Tuning training course.

In this four-day instructor-led class you will learn to:

  • Understand the basics of Performance Tuning
  • Use the tools of performance tuning
  • Tune the MySQL server instance to improve performance
  • Improve performance of tables
  • Implement proper Schema Design to improve performance
  • Improve the performance of MySQL queries

This course is available as:

  • Training-on-Demand: Start training within 24 hrs of registering and follow the course at your (more...)