More New Features in Oracle Database 19c

The following are changes in Oracle Installation for Oracle Database release 19c.

  • Root Scripts Automation Support for Oracle Database Installation
  • Rapid Home Provisioning (RHP) Name Change
    • Starting with Oracle Database 19c and Oracle Grid Infrastructure 19c, Rapid Home Provisioning is renamed to Fleet Patching and Provisioning (FPP).

The following are changes in Oracle Database Data Warehousing for Oracle Database release 19c.

  • The DISTINCT keyword of the LISTAGG function enables you to eliminate duplicates from the specified expression.
  • Materialized views (more...)

New Features of Performance Tuning in Oracle Database 19c

The following are changes in Oracle Database Performance Tuning for Oracle Database Release 19c.

  • Memoptimized Rowstore – Fast Ingest
  • Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) support for pluggable databases (PDBs)

The following are changes in Oracle Database In-Memory for Oracle Database release 19.

  • Database In-Memory wait on populate
  • Big Data and performance enhancements for In-Memory external tables
  • Hybrid partitioned tables
  • Oracle Database Resource Manager automatically enabled for Database In-Memory
  • Oracle Data Guard Multi-Instance Redo Apply supports the (more...)

New Features of RAC & ASM in Oracle 19c

These are the new features for Oracle Automatic Storage Management 19c.

  • SRVCTL command enhancements
  • Flushing the password file metadata
  • Automatic block corruption recovery with the CONTENT.CHECK disk group attribute
  • New and updated ASMCMD commands
    • The password option with the ASMCMD pwcreate command is now optional.
    • The new ASMCMD setsparseparent command sets the parent for a sparse child file.
    • The new ASMCMD mvfile command moves a file to the specified file group in the same disk group where the (more...)

New Features of Data Guard in Oracle Database 19c

These are the changes in Oracle Data Guard Concepts and Administration for Oracle Database Release 19c.

  • The process of flashing back a physical standby to a point in time that was captured on the primary is simplified by automatically replicating restore points from primary to the standby.
  • When flashback or point-in-time recovery is performed on the primary database, a standby that is in mounted mode can automatically follow the same recovery procedure performed on the (more...)

New initialization parameters, data dictionary views & dynamic performance views in Oracle Database 19c

The following initialization parameters are new in Oracle Database Release 19c, Version 19.1:


The following static data dictionary views are new in Oracle Database Release 19c, Version 19.1:


The following dynamic performance views are new in Oracle Database Release 19c, Version 19.1:


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New Features of Backup & Recovery in Oracle Database 19c

The following are changes in the Oracle Database Backup and Recovery for Oracle Database Release 19c.

  • Recovery catalog support for PDBs

You can connect to a recovery catalog when the target database is a pluggable database (PDB).

  • Automatic deletion of flashback logs

Flashback logs that are beyond the retention period are automatically deleted. Automatically deleting flashback logs simplifies the management of the fast recovery area and improves the performance of flashback database.

  • PLUGGABLE DATABASE clause in GRANT (more...)