Tuning the locks of SGA

This post describes some deep knowledge of SGA.

LOCK_SGA is used to make sure that the contents from the SGA are not flushed, i.e data from the DB buffer cache not written back to disc. It is like to pin the contents of SGA.

SGA_LOCK  locks the entire SGA into physical memory. It is usually advisable to lock the SGA into real (physical) memory, especially if the use of virtual memory would include storing some of (more...)


Today’s article is about to add some deep knowledge in the Oracle’s database knowledge. We are going to have look at basic elements of Oracle database. This article is most useful for freshers and beneficial for experienced DBAs too.

In Oracle Database we read about MEMORY_TARGET, SGA_TARGET, and PGA_AGGREGATE_TRAGET. Let’s have a technical definition of these teams.

MEMORY_TARGET:- It is a database initialization parameter (introduced in Oracle 11g) that can be used for automatic PGA (more...)

Oracleasm Utility For ASMLIB

In this article, we are going to have look on Oracleasm Utility For ASMLIB.These lines explain the technical definition of Oracleasm The oracleasm command utility is part of the Oracle ASMLib, and you only use oracleasm commands when you want Oracle ASMLib to be able to access your ASM disks.

Oracle notes that the ASMLib is an optional support library for the Automatic Storage Management feature of ASM.  They claim that ASMLib simplifies (more...)

Steps for Create Standby Database From OEM 13c Cloud Control

In this post, we are going t have look on steps creation of Standby Database From OEM 13c Cloud Control.Creating or adding standby database for an existing primary database is a matter of few clicks in OEM 13c cloud control.


1. Source database is already registered in cloud control.

2. An agent is deployed target host.

3. Oracle binary is installed on target host ( same version and patchset of source DB).


 1. Go to (more...)