Changing Hostname In OEL7….

I am working on refreshing my set up with the latest version of database – Oracle 19c. In order to do so, I have made a new VBox vm with OEL 7.6 as the base operating system. One thing that I didn’t find in the installation(or may be I missed it completely) was to set up the hostname for the machine. Of course we can do so after the installation by editing the hostname (more...)

SQL Goodies In Oracle 18c….

Oracle database 18c has come up with some really useful features and the new features guide is the best place to get started-as always. In this post, which is the 1st post about 18c, I shall mention two very simple yet very helpful features introduced for SQL statements. So without further adiue, let’s get to it.

Showing SQLID in the SQL*Plus

If you have ever tried to do anything with a query that’s already been (more...)

Test Post

Test Post. Will be deleted soon.

I am speaking at Mumbai, OTNYatra 2007! Come and say Hi!

I am speaking at Mumbai leg of OTNYatra 2007. I shall be presenting about high availability in RAC and what are different options and configurations possible in it, including the 12c specific Transacion Guard and Application Continuity. If you are attending, do come at my session at 4pm and say Hello!

Using HISTORY in SQL*PLUS 12.2….

One of the biggest things that we couldn’t do in the previous versions of the oracle database was to use the back arrow button-to reexecute the old commands, without typing them. Of course, a workarouns is possible in the form of rlwrap but it’s not comparable to a natively available feature in the SQL*PLUS. Well, until now because now, we have HISTORY option available in 12.2 SQL*PLUS. Let’s take a look.

SQL> /

BANNER                         (more...)

OTN Appreciation Day: In-Memory Column Store #ThanksOTN

There are many features in the database and all of them are super useful. But on this day, I chose to go with the latest and probably the greatest feature introduced in the oracle database Memory Column Store.

From a long time, there has been discussions about how a database should be using column based storage to increase the performance. Traditional method of using the database is row-based mechanism. But as (more...)

It’s Happening Again! Sangam 2016….



Just like every year, We All India Oracle Users Group are very happy to announce that we are organizing the biggest Oracle technologies related event-Sangam 2016. As like every year, this year’s Sangam conference would be even more bigger and we are very extremely delighted that some of the biggest names in the Oracle technology world will be gracing us with their presence. You can find a snippet of few speakers from the (more...)

A Big Change….

It’s been some time that I have updated my Oracle blog. The biggest reason for this absence was that I was struggling with the hosting provider of mine. I won’t get into this whether it was good or bad but let’s just say, I wasn’t happy with their services and more so, from their customer support. And I had decided to switch over to a new hosting provider. This new hosting service has better plans, (more...)