Exadata Article as NYOUG’s Article of the Year 2012

Exadata Article as NYOUG's Article of the Year 2012The Editors of New York Oracle User Group (NYOUG) publication - TechJournal - chose my article Exadata Demystified as the Article of the Year. Here is the snippet from the Editorial:

And the Award Goes To …

The Editor’s Choice Award (more...)

Switching Back to Regular Listener Log Format

Did you ever miss the older listener log file format and want to turn off the ADR-style log introduced in 11g? Well, it's really very simple.


Oracle introduced the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) with Oracle 11g Release 1. This introduced some type of streamlining of various log and trace (more...)

My Sessions in RMOUG 2013

Many thanks for attending my sessions (I had a whopping four of them!) ar Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group Training Days 2013. I was pleasantly surprised to find some attending all four. Thank you. You all made my day.
Here you can download the slides and the demo (more...)

Boston DBA SIG Feb 6, 2013 Meeting Materials

Thank you all for coming to my session - Exadata from Beginner to Advanced in 3 Hours - on an evening in the dead of winter and staying for 4 hours. It was an amazing experience for me to see the sheer volume of interaction, which can only mean the (more...)

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US. For those who are not familiar with American holidays and traditions, Thanksgiving is a really tribute to cooperation and camaraderie. There are many theories and folklore surrounding the concept; but I think one trumps over the rest. More than four scores ago when (more...)

Presentations at Philadelphia Area Oracle User Group 2012

Thank you all those who came to my sessions at PHLOUG in November. You can download the presentations and the demo scripts I used here.

OOW12: Beginning Performance Tuning

Thank you very much for coming to my session "Beginning Performance Tuning" on the #IOUG track at #OOW12 Oracle Open World 2012. It makes the day for any speaker to see the room filled to capacity even at 9 AM on a Sunday morning. Much, much appreciated.

Here are the (more...)

Quiz: Mystery of Create Table Statement

Happy Friday! I thought I would jumpstart your creative juices with this little, really simple quiz. While it's trivial, it may not be that obvious to many. See if you can catch it. Time yourself exactly 1 minute to get the answer. Tweet answer to me @arupnanda

Here it goes. Database is 11. (more...)

What to Learn from LinkedIn Password Hack as an Oracle DBA

One of the major news today was the hacking and resultant publishing of passwords in LinkedIn. Didn't hear about it? Well, read it here. In summary, someone smart but with head screwed a little askew decided to pull passwords from LinkedIn account using a little known flaw in the LinkedIn (more...)

Collaborate 2012 Sessions and Select Article

Thank you all who came to my sessions at #IOUG Collaborate 2012 #C12LV on April 22-24 in Las Vegas. I had four full sessions, two panels and one bootcamp. Quite a busy schedule, as you can see. I also worked on some urgent performance issues at work during the week.