Migrating Subversion to Git with LFS

| Aug 3, 2018
When a project has been on the go for a while theres going to be all sorts of stuff in there from jars to zips and everything in between.  We went though this a while ago and wanting to keep all the history, we needed a way to prune the history of all the big files and weird things we were not going to move to git.

Now we knew we had some large files, (more...)

Git installing on windows, ‘Nix and applications

| Jun 11, 2018

Getting Git installed in lots of places for a team can be a irksome.  Part of your team is running windows, maybe with Cygwin, others with various flavours on unix and osx.  Layered on top of that are the applications that we use with git services embedded in them.  This should serve as a sample page to show where we can get access to the clients and how we set them up for ssh which is our (more...)

Making Git cmd line fancy – ish :)

| Apr 27, 2018
So, we're having a great time with git, fighting over how branches should work and what policy is best in our environment, which I suppose I'll talk about in another post, but for today, I wanted to share a little bit of usefulness.

Most of our repositories have several branches for various releases and its often confusing and terse to 1. remember where you are and 2, run git branch to see.

This for example, (more...)

Maven Duplicated Versions consolidated with flatten

| Apr 25, 2018
We had the situation lately where we have a bunch of modules in a project and a common parent.  Now when we go to update the project version we need to update the parent version in EVERY pom.

Lets take a look at a simple project

This project has three simple modules which have a common parent

1:  <project>  
3: <modelVersion>4.0.0</modelVersion>
4: <packaging>pom</packaging>
5: <name>Three Stooges</name>
6: <groupId>oracle.blogger</groupId>
7: <artifactId>stooges</artifactId>
8: <version>1. (more...)

Run your SQL script from java NOW

| Apr 13, 2018
Run them with the code we use for Oracle SQL Developer, SQLcl and REST Data Services.
We've just released some of the code that underpins these tools in an attempt to help  others run SQL, PLSQL and SQL*Plus scripts confidently and repeatably from java.

From Github, look for the repository dbtools-commons. Look at my previous post to build it.

The code below is one simple example to run sql code with the common jars we (more...)

SQLCL 18.1.1 Release installing jars to local maven repository

| Apr 13, 2018

Here we are again releasing Oracle SQLcl. We released Oracle SQLDeveloper SQLcl 18.1.1 yesterday with only one significant change.

Why? Well, we haven't changed the SQLcl code in this release but we've made it easier for you to use the libraries we ship with it.  We've added a pom.xml into the lib directory.  On a day to day use of SQLcl, this will not affect your use of SQLcl, however, it will (more...)

Docker Oracle and local installs

| Mar 14, 2018
So you want Docker and to install and Oracle Database locally.  So did I and while I have VirtualBox and the Oracle Developer Day VM, I wanted to setup docker and the Oracle Database
Well Colm Divilly (@cdivilly) has cleared it up for me.  His Gist on on Github had me up and running. Very little work on my part here, following Colm's detailed instructions, (barring time for downloads) I had docker (more...)

Oracle REST JDBC Driver and SQLcl

| Sep 7, 2017
Oracle just released its first REST JDBC driver on OTN, in conjunction with the 17.3.0 Oracle REST Data Services Beta release.

Dermot posted this morning about how to setup ORDS and Enable REST SQL Statements. The JDBC driver connects to this service and allows you to connect your JDBC based program to a REST services.

As an example of this working with a standard application we can download the driver and drop it (more...)

SQLcl Embedded JREs

| Sep 7, 2017
When you are restrained in the JRE that you can use with SQLcl, you can embed your own in the sqlcl directory tree.  We currently support 1.8 meaning that if you run with 1.7, you're going to have problems.
When you look inside a sqlcl distribution, you will see the bin and lib directory. 
Go grab a jre from somewhere, In my case, I'm getting it from my installed jdk

Zip up (more...)

Developer Days VM Startup and Shutdown, SQLcl

| Jun 16, 2016
If you're developing on a remote platform, chances are that you are using a Virtual Machine. (VM)  In Oracle, we release a virtual machine called the  "Oracle Developer Days".    This is available on the Oracle Technology Network and ala google.  Todays hack is setting up headless vm's, ports and aliases to speed up your day. (This post took a lot longer to write that the aliases we set up!)

For this (more...)

Wheres my TNS connection? SHOW TNS

| Oct 15, 2015
Lots of users have been head scratching as to which tnsnames.ora is being found and used when  connecting to the database with SQLDeveloper and with SQLcl.

In the latest release we've added another new command.


What this will do is walk the locations where we look for tnsnames.ora and list these out in order.  Then it will tell you which one the tool will actually use and list the entries for (more...)

SQLcl – Cloud connections via Secure Shell tunnels

| May 3, 2015
We're always trying to make SQLcl easier to connect to your database, whether its at your place or in the cloud.  So, one other thing we have added to enable you to drill into your cloud databases is an SSHTUNNEL command.  Lets take a look at the help for it, which you can get as follows.

SQL> help sshtunnel

Creates a tunnel using standard ssh options
such as port forwarding like option -L (more...)

SQLcl – Code editing on the console

| May 1, 2015
We've been playing with our console drawing in SQLcl for a while now and this week, we hooked up some keys to make editing and running much easier.  The video will show the following keys for managing your buffer in the console.  This will make it into the next Early Access candidate soon.

  • up arrow - previous history (this will continue to show you the next history unless you move into the text to edit (more...)

SQLcl connections – Lazy mans SQL*Net completion

| Apr 30, 2015
Turloch posted this today, which is like aliases for SQL*Net connection URL's which are used to connections like this:

connect <USERNAME>/<Password>@URL

This works great and you can simplify your connection strings that you use.  Vadim wired this into the code completion and we can now code complete via key, a connection string that you have used before or you can set up a new now using the net command.

Connections Types in SQLcl

| Feb 20, 2015

We support many ways to connect in SQLcl, including lots from SQL*Plus which we need to support to make sure all your SQL*Plus scripts work exactly the same way using SQLcl as with SQL*Plus.

I've added several ways to show how to connect to SQLcl.  If there is one you want to see added that is not here, let me know and I'll add it to the list.  So far, We have below:

Code Insight on SQLcl

| Feb 19, 2015
Here's a little preview of the code insight we have in SQLcl.  These changes are part of EA2 which are coming out very soon.  This also shows the buffer and cursor management which was introduced in SQLcl

This allows you to move around the buffer easily and add and change text as you would in a normal text editor, not a console window like this.

We're also adding hotkeys to run the buffer from anywhere (more...)

SQLCl – LDAP anyone?

since  we released our first preview of SDSQL, we've made  a lot of changes to it and enhanced a lot of things too in there so it would be more useable.  One specific one was the use of LDAP which some customers on SQLDeveloper are using in their organisations as a standard and our first release precluded them from working with this.

Well, to add this, we wanted a way that we could specify the (more...)

SDSQL – Editing Anyone?

Since we dropped our beta out of SQLDeveloper 4.1 and announced SDSQL, we've been busy getting some of the new things out to users.  We support SQL*plus editing straight out of the box, but one thing that was always annoying was the time when you make a mistake and can't fix it to you have finished typing to go back and add a line like this.

This was always the way as console (more...)

SQLDev: How unshared worksheets should work!

Unshared worksheets are created to have a private connection to the database.  When that unshared worksheet is closed, the connection and session for it should disappear as well.

This graphic shows what should happen!

Setting up Eclipse with SVN on OSX Mavericks

So My macbook pro died the other day and much to my wife's amusement, my dell laptop died 30 minutes later with disk errors as I hadn't used in it in forever.  She wasn't laughing long though cos I swiped her Macbook Air to get me out of a hole while the Apple store replace the magsafe card. (Don't worry, though, cos Lisa grabbed one of the kids laptops and now they are the only (more...)