Setting up SVN for SQL Development with Oracle Developer Days VM

We've done a number of posts on using the Oracle Developer Day VM's and this is an addition to it, showing how we can set up a subversion repository using apache web dav for access.    I'll keep this really simple so the steps should doable, straight one after the other.

On the Oracle Developer Day image, we have installed SVN so we can use it as our source control system.  Lets find our svn.
[oracle@localhost ~]$ which svn
[oracle@localhost ~]$

We can check if we have the right modules installed for apache, which in this case is mod_dav_svn.

Continuous Integration for SQL Tasks

One of my favourite integration tools is hudson.   Today, we're going to show you how to setup hudson on the Oracle Developer Day image.  Since the image is built on Enterprise Linux, we'll need to either add a yum repository from which to install, or, even easier, just download the RPM from the hudson site
Clicking on the Oracle Linux link, we'll download hudson-redhat-2.2.0.rpm.
When its downloaded, you can install it on your linux image.
Now, its installed, we need to configure it.  Since we put in the RPM, there are a couple of standard directories (more...)

Application Migration – Part 2

In our previous post, Application Migration -Part 1, we introduced application migration for change of database.  In the examples, we cited Sybase to Oracle.  In this post, we will introduce the way we can scan the application for items of interest and report on those with Oracle SQLDeveloper.  In our third post, we will replace and translate the items found so we can run the application in Oracle.

Since  SQL Developer 3.1 we have had the ability to scan source files and replace the items we find with appropriate changes.

The application migration functionality uses XML rules to define the type of (more...)

Application Migration – Part 1

For the last couple of releases SQLDeveloper has added features which help our users analyze their applications.  Now, when I say analyze, I really just mean search the application code for items of interest which either need to be reported on, or need to be changed to work with Oracle.

This feature within the migration capabilities  allows you to look at application code and search it for particular items that are of interest. Lets take a very simple example of what we want to look at.  I'm using a sample shell script to use isql to get some data from (more...)

Using the Oracle Developer Days VirtualBox Image

As many of you know @krisrice put together a great VM for the Oracle Developer Days and while the content is great for education, I find us using it more and more a default scratch database on laptops.  As usual, being 'Networkly challenged', it took me some time to figure out which network adapters did what and why.  This is as much a note for me as it is to share with you :).

First of all, you need to install VirtualBox, which is found here.  Then download one of the prebuilt VirtualBox images for the Developer Days.  You can choose (more...)