Uploading templates for OVM 3.0.3 to ftp server

Dear readers,

Its been a while since I've blogged due to many busy demands between work, finishing a new Oracle book and scuba diving. Recently, I setup a new Oracle VM 3.0.3 environment and the interface and tools have changed quite a bit since I last worked with OVM 2.2 version. One challenge is that now in OVM 3.0.3 you have to upload the VM templates via a web http or ftp server and no longer can you copy the Oracle VM templates over to the /OVS/seed_pool directory on the OVM server. In my case, (more...)

How to fix archive stuck error with Oracle 11gR2

Recently, I encountered an issue with Oracle R12 EBS environment unable to login to database tier with APPS schema with our Oracle 11gR2 database tier.

ORA-00257: archiver error. Connect internal only, until freed.

Sure enough, upon examination of the ADRCI alert.log entries, I found this:

* 2011-10-27 16:24:51.990 4265 krsh.c
ARC1: Error 19809 Creating archive log file to '+FRA'
*** 2011-10-27 16:24:51.990 2864 krsi.c
krsi_dst_fail: dest:1 err:19809 force:0 blast:1
DDE rules only execution for: ORA 312
----- START Event Driven Actions Dump ----
---- END Event Driven Actions Dump ----
----- START DDE Actions Dump (more...)

My review Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Dear readers,

Oracle OpenWorld 2011 was a fantastic event with many new product announcements including Oracle Public Cloud as well as Oracle Big Data Appliances along with Exalytics for Business Intelligence. Before the conference, I had the pleasure of attending the Oracle ACE Director briefing at Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores under NDA to learn of new developments at Oracle.

After the ACED briefing, I headed to San Francisco with my fellow Oracle ACE Director, Arup Nanda and we checked into the Hilton Hotel. The computers failed during checkin so we had the keep the patience of a saint which (more...)

OpenWorld 2011

Dear readers,

It is rapidly approaching time again for one of the best technical conferences, Oracle OpenWorld!

Come learn how to secure your Oracle database environment with new features at my session next week.

Session ID: 02180
Session Title: Lockdown: Secure Your Database in a Day
Room: Moscone South- 303
Date/Time: 10/4/11, 11:45-12:45

I will also be hosting a book signing after the event in the Oracle bookstore at OpenWorld. Hope to see everyone there.


Howto- Install Oracle 11g Grid Control Enterprise Manager (OEM) Server

With the new features for Oracle 11g Grid Control Enterprise Manager (OEM), it is valuable tool now for managing large Oracle environments. I recall from Oracle 9i OEM days that it was a buggy tool and back then years ago, I used SQL*Plus and command line tools. However, in 11gR1, OEM has emerged as an excellent monitoring tool. I still use command line tools most of the time but for monitoring, its a great product. With that said, let's get started in building a new Oracle11gR1 Grid Control Enterprise Manager (OEM) environment on Linux!


OEM 11g Grid Control server (more...)