Oracle 11g Agent silent installation with OEM 11g Grid Control

Dear readers,

After setup of a new Oracle 11gR1 Grid control Enteprise manager (OEM) server, I had to deploy agents to monitor the Oracle environments. Unfortunately, the mass push automation process via OEM 11g Grid Control kept failing and numerous support calls to Oracle Support alas yielded no success. I was able to quickly automate the process via silent installation and deployment of Oracle 11g agents with Grid Control 11g. Below is the process of steps to setup the Oracle 11g agents for Oracle 11g Grid Control:

1) Download and unzip the agent 11g software to hosts monitored. In my (more...)

Application Tier crashes at 100% CPU load

We had an issue with our Oracle R12 EBS environment when the CPU spiked constantly at 100% when load testing with lots of concurrent active users.

After much research, it was determined to be caused by


The fix was to shutdown the apps middle tier server and configure the following forms environment variables:


1) First we had to update the context file on the application middle tier as follows:


2) Since the FORMS_RECORD_GROUP_MAX is not a default variable in the app tier context file, you (more...)

Load Balancing Part I: Oracle R12 EBS and Oracle 11g RAC- Manual process

I had to configure an Oracle R12 (12.1.1/12.1.3) E-Business Suite and two node Oracle 11gR2 RAC environment recently to take advantage of load balancing.

However, instead of using a hardware load balancer such as Cisco ACE, we had to find a manual process to implement this goal.

First stop was to review the documentation listed below on My Oracle Support (

Note # 380489.1 Using Load Balancers with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12
Note # 603325.1 Using Cisco ACE Series Application Control Engine with Oracle E-Business Suite 12
Note # 226880.1 (more...)

Oracle 11g agent fails to upload to Oracle 11g Grid Control

Recently, I built a new Oracle 11gR1 Grid Control Enterprise Manager (OEM) server at work to monitor our complex environments.

All worked fine with agents, OMS and Grid Control until the other day when the agent failed to upload the status to Grid control.

After checking status for the agent and trying to perform a manual upload as listed below,
I received the following errors:

"emctl upload failed: collection status disabled by upload manager"

So I checked on disk space and plenty was available on the filesystem where the agent was located.
After finding a hit on My Oracle Support (more...)

Using PL/SQL and SQL to change profile options for Oracle R12 EBS

Recently I had to fix an unusual problem with Oracle R12 (12.1.1) E-Business Suite system after changing some default timeout parameters. Since I was unable to login to the Oracle Applications Manager (OAM) graphical interface and had weird errors below, I needed a way to switch these profile values back to the lower default values. I set the ICX timeout parameters (ICX: Session Timeout, ICX: Limit Time, and ICX: Limit Connect) way too high in our test environment to experiment with user logout issues. SO I had the below errors:

Oracle error 1841: java.sql.SQLDataException: ORA-01841: (full) (more...)