Oracle Tidbits – October 2018 #oratidbit

“Oracle *daily* TidBits” (#oratidbit) published on  Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ during weekdays in October 2018. Hope you find these helpful to learn something new or to remind you of its existence and use. #oratidbit #db18c You can convert a conventional disk group (disk group created before Oracle ASM 18c) to an Oracle ASM flex disk group without using the restrictive mount …

ODC Appreciation Day: Two Useful Parameters in 18c #ThanksODC

Happy to be part of the #ThanksODC campaign in 2018. Often I learn something new related to Oracle from a forum or blog or a social media post or an article written by someone who loves to help the Oracle community. The Oracle community has helped me tremendously to do my job better. Kudos to …

Exploring Autonomous Databases – Client Credentials

The wallet zip file from ATP or ADW includes the connection information for all the ATP and ADW databases you have created under the cloud account, even though the credential zip file name is "".

Exploring Autonomous Database – Init Parameters

ATP has a minimum number of initialization parameters configured, whereas ADW has several initialization parameters. Though my ATP and ADW databases are both 1 oCPU / 1 TB size, the SGA and PGA values are different. ADW has a bigger PGA, ATP has bigger SGA.

Exploring Autonomous Database – The CDB

Each instance of the ADW and ATP is a pluggable database. It appears that at the CDB level, both ATP and ADW have the same configuration. The differences are only in the PDB.

Oracle Tidbits – September 2018 #oratidbit

Oracle Tidbits #oratidbit are little technical nuggets related to Oracle technology. Published daily on Biju's Twitter / Facebook / Google+.

Create Oracle Database 18c on Windows – Advanced Configuration for the pros

If you are setting up a production system or similar, you will need to go through the advanced configuration. The best option is to choose "Set Up Software Only" in Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) to complete the Oracle software installation, then use Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) to create a new database. OUI and DBCA have the advanced configuration. The OUI advanced configuration is not "advanced" enough, DBCA lets you customize the database configuration options - (more...)

Create Oracle Database 18c in 3 clicks!

After the Oracle Database 18c software install, the database creation is only 3 clicks using the Database Configuration Assistant! The Oracle defaults are OK!

Oracle18c Database on your Windows laptop in 6 clicks!

Oracle Database 18c (18.3) is available for download for windows platform since August 22, 2018. If you are new to Oracle or if you are a developer and need a database to play with, you can install an Oracle database quickly on your laptop with a few clicks.

Oracle Tidbits – August 2018 #oratidbit

“Oracle *daily* TidBits” (#oratidbit) published on  Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ during weekdays in August 2018. Hope you find these helpful to learn something new or to remind you of its existence and use. #oratidbit When the value of UNIFORM_LOG_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT init parameter is FALSE, trace files include a mix of timestamps using different precisions, with some timestamps showing local time and other …