See the ADF Mobile local database in action

ADF Insider recordings are probable one of the best parts of my job. They are a lot of work, sure. But they are lots of fun to do and join so many members of the ADF Community... 

My latest recording is on the ADF Mobile local database. In it, (more...)

From Russia with Java: answering the most frequently asked questions

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Moscow and meet fellow Java developers. I was one of the presenters at the JavaOne Russia 2013 conference, on April 23 and 24. There, I talked about ADF, ADF Mobile and even forms. I was even able to spare a few (more...)

ADF Mobile and SDO: making the connection

One of the great difficulties in building a mobile application is building a strong web service back-end. If you are using ADF BC as your data access layer, service-enabled application modules are a compelling option. My good friend Frank Nimphius published an article in Oracle Magazine on that very topic, (more...)