January 25th AZORA Meetup with Viscosity

If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area on Friday, January 25th please come to the AZORA meetup with talks by Viscosity. Please RSVP on the meetup site so we know how much food to order: Meetup link. We have a great lineup of speakers with talks about new features of the latest Oracle database versions. I know that I have not kept up with all the latest features, especially with all the other technical training (more...)

Long running queries and my DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT scripts

On December 2nd we ran into a problem with one of my scripts that uses the DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT view. It did not show the full run time of a SQL statement that ran for several hours. So, it hid the fact that the plan that the SQL statement was using was much less efficient than another better plan. This post will document the two DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT scripts that I have been using so far and will introduce (more...)

To Blog, or Not to Blog?

As 2018 is ending I am thinking about what I spend my time on. Do I have my priorities correct? I know that I should spend some part of my time interacting with people over the Internet. I have gotten so much benefit from talking with other people about Oracle database issues through web-based forums. I have also had some in person interactions. I’m excited about the sort of rebirth of AZORA, my local (more...)

Parallel_degree_policy AUTO caused serial plan in qat

Recently during testing a merge statement was running forever in our qat environment after a simple change. We had simply added a few columns to an existing table. After looking around we found that our qat environment had the parameter parallel_degree_policy set to AUTO, but our other environments had it set to MANUAL. I thought I would show how we figured this out.

I had the SQL_ID for the problem merge statement and used my (more...)

Hear my Python for the Oracle DBA talk in Scottsdale on November 16th

I am going to giving a talk about why Python is a good programming language for Oracle DBAs in Scottsdale on November 16th for the Arizona Oracle User Group, AZORA. We may get some other speakers together for the meeting but I will be there for sure. I did this talk for Collaborate and for the RMOUG Training Days last year. I may try to make it a little more interactive if I can get (more...)

Copy Oracle performance reports to SharePoint using Python

I have a couple of Oracle performance reports that I upload from my work Windows 7 laptop to our corporate SharePoint site on Office 365 on a regular basis. I thought that it would save me time to automate the uploading of these reports using Python. This post describes the continuing saga of my attempts to build a working Python script just to upload a file to SharePoint. I have a script that works for (more...)

MySQL client slow to display the first row of a large result set

A coworker of mine asked me to look at a MySQL query that was running longer than we want it too. If they added a LIMIT 1000 clause at the end of the query it popped up the results in a couple of minutes but without the LIMIT clause it apparently hung forever without returning a row of the result set. I figured out that the query was returning 4 million rows with a bunch (more...)

Python script to backup remote directory using sftp

This is the sftp version of the ftp script I published in an earlier post. It logs into a remote host using sftp and backs up a remote directory recursively backing up all subdirectories.

This one uses Paramiko instead of ftplib so you can do encrypted file copies.


Database links and SCNs on June 23, 2019

A few days or weeks ago I saw a Twitter post about database links failing on Oracle databases next year. So, I have researched this issue. My company has a bunch of Oracle databases with a web of database links connecting them. After researching this for a while I have convinced myself that our company will not experience an issue. I want to share some of what I have found in this post.

First, I (more...)

Post Collaborate and on call week post

So, I was at the Collaborate 2018 Oracle user group conference last week and I am on call this week. I have not posted anything about the conference so I thought I would try to get something out there.

I did my Python and Toastmasters talks. I’m not sure how people received these. Both of these talks sort of loaded extra burden on the Oracle DBAs who attended. One talk said they should learn Python (more...)