New Opportunities , Onwards and Upwards into the local market again

Looking at my last blog post (related to Oracle that is) it looked to have occurred back in Oct/Nov of 2008, right before I joined pythian. I'm sure I left a lot of blog topics for the Pythian blog in my head. It was a fun ride working for pythian. I think my 19-20 months working there gave me the skills and experience you just can't get anywhere else in the same time frame. I have the utmost respect for my co-workers there, as well as for Paul Vallee as the Founder, President, and COO!!!

I'm not one to reflect (more...)

OT: Spring Ahead with The Pretender … Never Surrender

I have been anticipating the arrival of in recent months. In the beginning, my interest was more due to the fact that I had worked with some of the alice employees. I think one is a Prairie Dog, one may be a Gopher, and I'm not sure what the other's are. Regardless, after my initial followings, I became intrigued at what this company was going to become. I love online shopping, and I love getting deals on household items. I also love free stuff. Let's face it, that is the real reason I'm writing this. The free stuff (more...)

10g Migration Ramification Part 2: Making the database a safer place

In Part 2, I will be discussing a couple of the security changes Oracle has made in 10g Release 2 that have affected my life as a DBA. (I can't speak to 10g Release 1 as I pretty much skipped this release altogether). As a whole, these changes point to Oracle's continuing focus on database security, although it could be argued they have a long way to go.

Changes to the DEFAULT profile:
Oracle has made a change to the out-of-the-box setting of FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS of the DEFAULT profile. In 9i the default setting was UNLIMITED, however, in 10gR2, (more...)

Don’t Cramp My (SQL) Style … Musings from an Oracle DBA

This post was inspired by a Twitter thread that took place on October 31st between myself, @oraclenerd, @dtseiler (maybe I only included Don for his tongue in cheek, playground banter), and @surfsearcher :
@oraclenerd: "besides commas at the start of a line (sql, plsql), I also hate mixed case sql and plsql"

@oraclenerd: "@piontekdd come on! it's just plain ugly...besides, I've gotta have have at least a little something to bitch about now and again. :) "

@piontekdd: "@oraclenerd life is too short to get upset about personal style :)"


10g Migration Ramification Part 1: ORA-1426, Numeric Overflow

Oracle 11g was released over a year ago, but lets face it, not everyone is running Oracle 10g, let alone 11g. July 31st marks the end of the 'free' Premier Support Oracle offered up to all Oracle customers last summer. With that spirit in mind, I thought I would share some of my Oracle 10g Migration Ramifications. ('Upgrade' is a boring word and doesn't have a lot of words that rhyme with it. It is also a great homage to Adam Sandler's 'Cajun Man').

In part 1, I will discuss an ORA-1426 you may (more...)

ASP State and SQL Server: The Mirror Has Three Faces

In the spirit of Jonathan Lewis' recent post, Sometimes, Everything I Write Sucks!, comes today's installment of the Prestidigitation of Oracle. Today's prestidigitation is that I'm not going to write about Oracle (or why I need to blog more), but I'm going to focus on a topic I've been dealing with lately which is implementing the ASPState database with SQL Mirroring.

This is part one in the series and will go over the set up of a custom ASP session state database to be used with ASP.NET applications which is connected to a SQL Server database that is (more...)

IOUG RAC Attack! … I surrender!!!

The Oracle RAC SIG and IOUG are putting on an event in a few weeks in Chicago, August 4th and 5th. It is called the IOUG RAC Attack! (awesome name, I wonder who came up with it). Since my current job entails supporting an Oracle RAC environment (2 5-node clusters) and we have some newer members who are a bit green in the RAC arena, I thought it would make sense to check into the event and agenda to see if it is worthwhile to send some people to this.

From looking at the agenda and the quality speakers they (more...)

9 Reasons I Need to Blog More

Almost on a daily basis, I sit and stair at the Prestidigitation of Oracle and wonder what I should blog about today. I know I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head and all it takes is that mental kick in the arse to get it out. And yet, here I am sitting on July 22nd, 2008 with only 3 blog posts since starting in February (That is a) not a good average and b) 2 posts, as the first one was an inaugural post). This is my attempt to kick my brain in the arse and (more...)

Tablespace 195% Full … must be the metric system

I was recently refreshing a test database with production data (using datapump if anyone cares) and had forgotten to check the tablespace sizes between prod and test. During the load, I obviously ran out of space. A quick check in prod showed I needed 4GB of space. The test tablespace was set to grow to 2GB max. To add space, I performed a simple command to add the space.

ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE '/u01/oracle/data01/blah.dbf' RESIZE 8GB;

I resumed the datapump and went on my merry way. A few minutes later I received an email from Grid Control that the tablespace (more...)

Rotate your Logs … Two birds with one stone

I have been struggling with getting a custom Grid Control (10g Release 3) report to a) Run on a schedule successfully and b) email it to me for several weeks. I spent my customary time troubleshooting the problem myself, scouring metalink etc and finally resorted to opening an SR with Oracle Support. Two weeks later, and many "run opatch lsinventory -detail" or telling me to check my proxy settings (which I did on my own several times) tasks later, still no resolution. I decided to shelve the problem and move on to more pressing matters...

Enter the hand-off of the (more...)