Digital Delivery "Badge"

At InteliVideo we have come to understand that we need to do everything we can to help our clients sell more digital content. It seems obvious that consumers want to watch videos on devices like their phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs, but it's not so obvious to the everyone. They have been using DVDs for a number of years - and likely VHS tapes before that. We believe it’s important for your customers to understand (more...)

What an App Cost?

People will commonly ask me this question, which has a very wide range as the answer.  You can get an app build on oDesk for nearly free - i.e. $2000 or less.  Will it provide the functionality you need?  It might!  Do you need a website that does the same thing?  Do you need a database (i.e. something beyond the app) to store your data for your customers?

Our first round of apps (more...)

Elephants and Tigers – V8 of the Website

It's amazing how much work goes into a one page website these days!  We've been working on our new version of our website (which is basically one page) for the last month or so.  The content is "easy" part on one hand and the look and feel / experience is the time consuming part.  To put it another way, it's all about the entire experience, not just the text/content.

Since we're a video company, it's important that they (more...)

Update on InteliVideo

Pivot Update

It's been a while since I wrote a blog entry.  I guess we've been heads down working for a while now.  I'm finally coming up for some air!  When we started InteliVideo, the focus was on providing a marketplace for people who wanted to sell their video content.  After talking to 100s of people with video content, many of which sell millions of units a year, it became clear that we needed to create a number of pricing (and service) options for our customers.  The marketplace is "high end" from a cost (to our customers) perspective.  We used (more...)

eDVD – From Concept to Implementation

I love the process of starting a new venture.  It's an iterative process where you come up with a concept, take it to the market for feedback, develop a minimally viable product, take that to the market for feedback and the loop continues until you have customers - or you're dead (i.e. out of time, out of money, etc.).  We're very focused on the former - lots and lots of customers!

InteliVideo start around the concept of delivering educational courses online...and allowing people to charge whatever they want to charge for a course and getting to keep (more...)

#Oracle #Cloud is Here!

Well, the long awaited for #cloud offering is finally here from Oracle.  This post will walk you through the registration process.  My next blog entry will walk you through the setup, configuration, installation, etc.

First, just go to and click on the "Register for Access" button:

Then Oracle asks if you need to create a new Oracle account or if you already have one.  Answer accordingly.

If you need to create a new account, answer the questions...

If you already have an Oracle account like I do, just sign in:

Tell Oracle which of their many (more...)

InteliVideo Pitch

Check out the new InteliVideo Pitch

InteliVideo is Ramping Up!

The rubber is starting to meet the road now!  We're getting some serious traction in the market wiith InteliVideo.  J.P. O'Brien, a long time friend has joined me as a co-founder and CEO.  We're signing up customers each week.  We have customers in 3 different categories: 1) Long tail videos - just like Amazon was originally focused on the long tail books, we're focused on the long tail video market.  2) Mid tail videos - these are our ideal customer who have videos.  These companies have the best potential for knocking it out of the park with a viral (more...)

Oracle ApEx Class Online

I've been building out an Oracle Application Express class on InteliVideo.  Check out the class...I'd love to get your feedback, ideas, etc.  I'll give the first 10 people to send me an email ( a free class registration.

Roku SDK

It's amazing (and pretty cool) that when you start looking around, most everyone has an SDK that allows you to integrate whatever apps you want to develop into their solution.  Sure, you can develop apps for phones - Android, Apple (iOS), and even BlackBerry phones.  Everyone's effectively  carrying pocket PCs around with them these days.

Let's say you want to develop an app to run on a connected TV.  Well, you can do that!  Yahoo (and Google) basically own that market.  Google running on LG, Sony, etc. and Yahoo on many devices too, such as Vizio and Samsung.  Google's pretty (more...)

Cloud-Based Marketplaces and Services

The cloud is clearly where the world is moving!  Amazon has done an amazing job of offering up cloud-based infrastructure services (i.e. servers by the hour).

There are thousands of DVDs on the market today.  We all know that DVDs are going away.  Everyone is watching movies on their iPads and iPhones now.  You see kids watching movies at restaurants on iPhones.  Roku is your future cable killer.  It allows you to watch online content on your TV.  It's similar to Apple TV in many regards.

My new company, InteliVideo has built a cloud-based platform that helps those companies (more...)

Update on InteliVideo

I'm making it easy for people to upload their content, create classes, and ultimately monetize their knowledge.

We all know that DVDs are going away. Everyone is watching movies on their iPads and iPhones now. You see kids watching movies at restaurants on iPhones. My company, InteliVideo has built a platform that helps those companies with libraries of DVDs move into the world of streaming and downloadable videos for any device. It's a marketplace and companies can do everything themselves - it's entirely self service. We collect the money, keep track of who bought what and how long they can (more...)


Over the last few weeks, as I was working on my "next big thing," I started reflecting on the good, bad and ugly of prior start-ups and companies I've been involved with.  I started writing about building a start-up from the ground up - topics from raising money, pivoting, turds on the table, giving up control, keeping the day job and several more posts.

After being in the services business for over 20 years, I've thought for years about making money while I'm sleeping.  When I created my first Android app, I was so excited when I went from making (more...)

How Many Times Will you Pivot?

When you start a business, you better have a clear vision in mind.  It's critical to get your elevator pitch down.  You need to be able to explain to others, exactly what you're business is all about in 30 seconds.

When we started TUSC, I would to people that we were in the business of building custom software for organizations...and the pitch went on for 2-5 minutes.  One day I was sitting in a board meeting with a group of CEOs.  One of my competitors was in the meeting that day.  One of my CEO friends, who was a (more...)

SaaS Here, SaaS There, SaaS Everywhere

Starting in 2005, my partner Ric and I created a SaaS business (IntelliReal) from the ground up.  We sold the business to Equifax in August of 2011.  

It seems like everywhere I turn, I'm hearing companies say they plan to use SaaS software over enterprise software.  When do you think SaaS is good for business and when is it not good?  When it comes to firing up servers, people might recommend you run on Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2).  There are a ton of infrastructure companies out there now.  You can rent a MySQL instance for about $10 a (more...)

Mobile is King

I talked about the wild west of the mobile space a while back.  How awesome was it that Apple and Google created a marketplace that allows you to write an app and put in the market!  They do a lot of the hard work for you - find you customers, collect the money, etc.  It's pretty cool that you can develop and app, put it into the market and you get 70 cents of every dollar they collect.  That's amazing to me!

Then there's the mobile side of existing businesses.  Is there a way you can mobilize a component of (more...)

We Would Rather give you a Loan

I talked about this briefly in another post, but what does it mean when someone says they would rather give you a loan than take any more of your equity?  Why would they do this?  Just to be nice guys?  Not exactly!  

A loan is basically a guaranteed return.  Of course, there is some risk, but less than the risk of equity.  Why?  Because if you go out of business, equity is worth $0 and a loan (i.e. debts) gets the first money out...  So if you fire sale the business, debt is paid (in full, plus interest and (more...)

Business Model Generation

I've talked about several of these topics in the past, but if you're trying to figure out your business model (i.e. how to montetize your business, I'd highly recommend you get the book "Business Model Generation."  

It talks about my favorite monetization model - the multi-sided platform.  This is effectively what Google has.  One person pays for your services (i.e. in the case of the search engine, it's the advertisers) and another person gets the benefits for free (i.e. the people doing the searches).  

The book breaks up your business into 9 sections: