Goldilocks of Fund Raising – How much money is "juuuust right?"

Are you starting a company?  Are you wondering how you should go about funding the company?  Do you know how to split up the equity in the company?  What's the right timing?  How much money should you raise?  Why would you raise money?  When should raise money - i.e. at what stage?  What does it mean to give up "control?"  How can someone effectively buy your company when they only own 51%?  How are you different than the competition?  Is your offering disruptive to the industry?  What is your monetization plan?  Do you have a multi-sided platform business? (more...)

Cool Government Info Available

I was doing some research on the government census site when I came up on their cool fact dashboard...

Tiger/Line Shape Files and Oracle

Have you ever needed to load an ESRI "shape file" and wondered if that's an easy effort or a difficult effort?  I know I have and I assumed that it was a pretty difficult effort.  However, I learned today that's actually pretty easy!

The Problem

The problem I was trying to solve was this:

  1. We have property data in our Oracle database.
  2. Each property has a latitude and longitude in the database.
  3. We also store the census tract information in our database.  This includes the following for each property (in increasing granularity levels from top to bottom):
  1. State
  2. County
  3. Census (more...)

PDFs, FDFs, Document Templates, Database Data Merging and More…

Adobe has created an amazing amount of functionality in the Adobe Reader.  Most everyone is all too familiar with Adobe PDFs.  They allow you to write a source document (in something like Word, Excel, Project or whatever) and print the document to a universal electronic printer.  In other words, I don't need the source software to be able to view the output produced.  Additionally, I can't change the source document.  This works great for legal documents.  For example, let's say you have an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that you want someone to sign.  If you send them a Word document to print (more...)