To Keep the Day Job or Not to Keep the Day Job…

I often hear people talking about their "next great idea" and then sometimes I hear them say they are going to quit their "day job" to do their start-up.  I think it's great to have the nerve to go off and start your own company, but at the same time, if you don't want to burn through your savings and be back "in the working for someone else world," it's important to really think about (more...)

Giving up Control – Exactly What that Means

I talked about the "turd on the table" recently.  We didn't like the valuation we received - i.e. that was turd #1.  So in our next round of fund raising (from the same group, which frankly was a mistake) from the very beginning they said they didn't want to take any more equity because they knew I didn't like the valuation.  This time they wanted to give us a loan.  I'll talk about that in (more...)

The Turd on the Table

One of my business partners has an expression he refers to as "the turd on the table."  This term (not of endearment) comes from working with venture firms and closing on your funding.  It can also be presented when you're selling your company.  In other words, most any big deal might just have a "turd placed onto the table."  My friend Frank called it TooT for the acronym - that's a good one!


Goldilocks of Fund Raising – How much money is "juuuust right?"

Are you starting a company?  Are you wondering how you should go about funding the company?  Do you know how to split up the equity in the company?  What's the right timing?  How much money should you raise?  Why would you raise money?  When should raise money - i.e. at what stage?  What does it mean to give up "control?"  How can someone effectively buy your company when they only own 51%?  How (more...)

Cool Government Info Available

I was doing some research on the government census site when I came up on their cool fact dashboard...