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Anyone who submits a story on how Oracle Certification has helped their career, through the Tell Us Your Story section of the Oracle Certification Community, will receive an Oracle Certification (more...)

Protecting Your Certification From Cheaters

Oracle has implemented a number of strategies to curb cheating and protect the value of certification. However, cheating is a big business and it is difficult to police all outlets. While we continue to explore new security measures, there are things that you can do, as a legitimate certification holder to help protect the value of your certification from cheaters. 

  1. Strongly discourage the sharing of content among candidates. Don't post test content in forums, (more...)

Digital Badges Are Now an Essential Tool for Employers and Candidates Alike

In an increasingly competitive jobs market rife with candidate fraud, digital badges are the breakthrough that allows companies to immediately verify candidate qualifications and avoid the costs, inconvenience, and business risk of unqualified hires. Digital badges also enable genuine job applicants to benefit from instant credibility and avoid losing out on career opportunities to unqualified fraudsters, whose numbers are currently on the rise.

Job Applications in a World of Increasing Competition

With the technical skills (more...)