Mind the Gap – How Can Young Job Candidates Increase Employer Satisfaction?

Written by Nicole Fornacon, Marketing Director OU EMEA/APAC 

Being young these days has a lot of perks: from access to evolving technology and free information to borderless labor markets.

But despite all these opportunities, young people often experience difficulty finding a job after they graduate. Some might even say telling a young person to “just get a job” is like going to the Sahara desert and yelling “just rain!”

What is Causing this Epidemic (more...)

Businesses Bring Learning and Development Back Home

Written by Kate Farrow, Oracle University Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA

When the global economy entered a recession in 2008, the majority of businesses around the world were forced to make cutbacks to stay afloat. Human resources departments were, as expected, heavily impacted, as businesses large and small re-evaluated their employee spend. These companies imposed hiring freezes and downsized departments to reduce total workforce costs.

Human resources departments and companies without advanced talent analytics found it (more...)