AWR Data Extract

| May 28, 2013

The Oracle RDBMS has an excellent repository of performance data that is collected automatically. It's called Automatic Workload Repository, or AWR for short. The AWR is a snapshot-based collector of database information. This includes not only the information from V$SYSSTAT, but also snapshots of other configuration information like database parameter (more...)

Collaborate 13 – Partitioning Benefits P6 OLTP

| Apr 10, 2013

Attending conferences like Collaborate 13 gets me thinking deeply about the process and technologies we use in the P6 suite. If in can think of a single Oracle technology with the most bang-for-the-buck, it would be hands down Database Partitioning.

Partitioning is part of Oracle RDBMS Enterprise Edition. You might (more...)

Collaborate 13 – Publish Services: A Mile-High View

This is my first post and it is coming, appropriately, from Collaborate 13 in Denver. Conferences always spawn new ideas for me and the idea for this blog came after OpenWorld 2012. I'm here to present a “Quick Start” guide to Reporting and Analytics. No easy task. These are truly (more...)