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Simply answer the 16-question SOA Assessment to receive your customized 12-page report that ranks your answers relative (more...)

The Difference Between Oracle and IBM Integration

Oracle and IBM are the only two Integration Platform vendors in the Leadership quadrant of all three Gartner Schneider White PaperMagic Quadrants for Application Infrastructure related to service integration (SOA). You may wonder “what’s the difference between Oracle and IBM integration offerings?” …they both provide application connectivity, have an Enterprise Service (more...)

Integrate and Mobilize – Oracle Magazine Article

Check out the Service Integration and BPM article on "Integrate and Mobilize" in the new issue of Oracle Magazine.  CoverGreat snapshots on Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle BPM Suite customers San Joaquin County, California and Teva North America, subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

Topics include why Teva chose Oracle (more...)

Latest Release of Oracle SOA Suite –

Follow Juergen Kress on the SOA & BPM Partner Community blog.  Here is his recent blog highlighting the large number of new usability, performance, flexibility and other features in Oracle SOA Suite

Oracle SOA Suite PS6

 as well as his drill down blogs on Oracle Service Bus 11.1. (more...)

Oracle Announces Facebook Windshield Integration

Hey all you dedicated Facebook users! Can’t put down Facebook while you’re driving? We have the solution for you. Stay connected with your friends even while driving with Oracle’s newly released “Facebook Windshield”.

Oracle Facebook Windshield Heads-up Display

Combining automotive hardware and integration software, the Facebook Windshield is an Engineered System that keeps your focus (more...)

How Oracle SOA Suite Simplifies Integration

You are 8 minutes away from having a better understanding of the following three topics. Watch this brief webcast titled “Simplifying Integration in the Enterprise and Cloud” to learn:Got 8 Minutes?

  • How integration complexity will increase
...unless you avoid the accidental cloud architecture
  • The 4 main aspects of Oracle SOA Suite
... and (more...)

SOA Summit – Oracle Session Now on YouTube

Learn about Oracle's strategy for simplifying integration and developing a more responsive enterprise even while you expand your integration support to include cloud and mobile.  Recently uploaded to YouTube, this session highlights the commonly overlooked aspects of cloud integration to give you a more comprehensive view of the many (more...)

How Cisco Integrates Cloud & On-premise Apps with Oracle SOA Suite

If you’ve ever wondered how some big companies are able to rapidly acquire and merge applications?  Take a look at this webcast by Cisco’s Senior IT Manager Paras Jain. Shortly after the WebEx acquisition 5 years ago, Cisco consolidated to Webcast Slide #1a single unified customer experience for online ordering of cloud and on-premise collaboration applications. Within 6 months, Cisco achieved break-even on their Oracle SOA Suite integration investment, eliminated duplicate order data entry and significantly improved their service level agreements (SLAs).

In the webcast, Paras dives into their SaaS IT System Architecture to describe how Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle (more...)

How to Describe SOA to Your Grandparents

QuoteAs the saying goes, there is no better way to be sure you truly understanding a technology than to be able to explain it so your grandparents understand it…OK, I’ve never heard it before either but it sure sounds true. And if you are even somewhat involved in SOA, the chances are good that someday, you will be asked to explain the value of SOA to a high-level business manager or senior project manager or maybe even the CEO of your company. So rather than mumbling something about “loosely coupled” or “service reuse” or “enterprise service bus” and then following (more...)

The SOA Mandate

I recall attending a Gartner integration conference in 2003, ten years after Gartner’s Alexander Pasik introduced the term SOA. Attendees were still voicing skepticism with comments like “SOA is just a new term for <insert unrelated re-use technology name here>” or “is this just another fad I can wait out?” Since this introduction, there has been a gradual but steady growth in the acceptance of service-based integration over the last decade as a strategy to increase agility and time-to-market but not as a mandate. SOA Mandate Image

A tipping point has finally occurred as a result of two recent trends, (more...)