Líderes de JUG de Latinoamérica, Oracle quiere ponerse en contacto

Hola Comunidad Java de América Latina! Dentro de un par de meses, voy a empezar una gira por América Latina para llevar a usted las nuevas características de la plataforma Java EE 7.

Esta gira comenzará en julio en Brasil, en el TDC - The Developers Conference, en São (more...)

Integrating WebSockets and JMS with CDI Events in Java EE 7

One of the first things you will want to know about Java EE 7, is how you can integrate some of the new APIs like WebSockets, with existing ones like JMS. That's why I decided to write this article "Integrating WebSockets and JMS with CDI Events in (more...)

Integrating WebSockets and JMS with CDI Events in Java EE 7

WebSocket is the new kid on the block when you think about Web Development these days. And it is expected that you want to integrate it with whatever is available in your hands. Java EE 7 is coming with cool things beyond this, for example JMS 2.0. And then (more...)

Configure DataSources for Maven Embedded GlassFish


In my previous post I showed to you how to configure Maven and the Embedded GlassFish Plugin to be run with GlassFish 4.0 b83. A comment on that post raised the following question: Is it now possible to setup datasources with GlassFish embedded for testing purposes? The (more...)

GlassFish 4 beta and Maven Embedded Plugin

Everyone is looking for an easy way to try out Java EE 7, even before the launch. Specially now where some JSRs just got Final, like JMS, Batch, JSON, and others. Arun already gave a great tip for anyone that want to try a Java EE 7 project with (more...)

[pt_BR] Redeploy de aplicações em produção no WebLogic

O WebLogic oferece uma função que permite você atualizar aplicações em ambiente de produção, com zero-downtime. Funciona assim: usuários que estão conectados na sua aplicação, continuarão conectados na versão antiga, mas quem se conectar depois do deploy da nova versão, será direcionado para o novo deploy. Assim, nenhum usuário sofrerá (more...)

OHS and APK files

In case you are trying to provide users a download link to an APK file hosted in your server, remember to add the MIME Type to your OHS (Oracle HTTP Server) configuration. The steps to add a MIME Type are well documented, and all you need to do is to (more...)