WebLogic and EJB 3.1 @Singleton @Startup with @PostConstruct

That's quite the mouthful of annotations ..

A question was posed recently on the WLS EJB OTN forum asking about why WLS doesn't correctly support this combination of annotations, where the method with the @PostConstruct annotation was not  being called as expected. 

I thought I'd check it out with a (more...)

WebLogic Server Singleton Services

WebLogic Server has supported the notion of a Singleton Service for a number of releases, in which WebLogic Server will maintain a single instance of a configured singleton service on one managed server within a cluster.  The singleton can be migrated to another server in the cluster, either automatically (more...)

WebLogic Server 11g (10.3.6) Documentation

The OTN documentation pages don't appear yet to have a link to the WLS 10.3.6 documentation set.

If you are looking for it in the interim you can find it here: 


While this is predominantly a patchset, there are a number of new features (more...)

Web application filtering classloader documentation update

Following a posting on here last year that described using the filtering classloader within a web application, several folks commented that it wasn't described in the documentation.

The WebLogic Server 12c ( documentation shows the prefer-application-packages and prefer-application-resources elements as being available in the weblogic.xml file.


WebLogic Server 12c – Identifying versions of modules, libraries, frameworks

Now that WebLogic Server 12c has been released, it's interesting to look at the various libraries, modules and open-source frameworks it uses.

One approach to doing this is to use the wls-cat utility to search for a known class from the framework, module or open-source framework you are interested in (more...)

WebLogic Server 12c – Maven Usage Notes

Note: apologies for the formatting, this posting was a cut and paste from a .docx document and thus has all the styles inlined.   In the interests of time, I thought it was better to just post it as-is and make it available, rather than try and reformat it.  (more...)