Free script to very quickly and cheaply estimate the size of an index if it were to be rebuilt

A good friend of mine recently asked me if edb360 included a section showing indexes that would benefit of a rebuild. I replied “not yet” and basically committed to add something. This topic of the needs versus the implications of rebuilding an index has been recently discussed in Richard Foote’s Blog. In my opinion, if you want to know more about indexes, Richard’s blog is one of the first stops. To my surprise and delight, (more...)

SQLTXPLAIN PL/SQL Public APIs to execute XTRACT from 3rd party tools

Many tools offer Public APIs, which expose some functionality to other tools. SQLTXPLAIN contains also some Public APIs. They are provided by package SQLTXADMIN.SQLT$E. I would say the most relevant one is XTRACT_SQL_PUT_FILES_IN_DIR. This blog post is about this Public API and how it can be used by other tools to execute a SQLT XTRACT from PL/SQL instead of SQL*Plus.

Imagine a tool that deals with SQL statements, and with the click of a button it invokes (more...)

About Oracle ACE and Kscope14 at ODTUG

Oracle ACE Dinner at Kscope14

Last night we had our get together for Oracle ACE members at Kscope14. Of course food and drinks were great, but a lot more important was the crowd. I am surprised to see how fast this ACE program is growing, and I believe the impact to our Oracle community is gaining momentum with it.

I will miss Kscope14 and I will submit some topics to Kscope15 soon. I already have a few new topics in mind, tailored to (more...)

Creating a SQL Plan Baseline out of a modified SQL

While delivering a session at KSCOPE 14, I was asked a very good question: Can I create a SQL Plan Baseline for an Original SQL out of a Modified SQL? In other words, query Q1, which performs poorly, has SQL_ID1 and SQL_HANDLE1 with a poorly performing Execution Plan with Hash Value PHV1. With a small modification to this query, like adding a CBO Hint or removing one, we obtain query Q2, which performs well, (more...)

Skipping ACS ramp-up using a SQL Patch

As I prepare for one of my sessions at ODTUG Kscope14 I came across the typical situation of having a SQL for which I wanted to produce multiple optimal execution Plans on an 11g environment. As you may know, with Adaptive Cursor Sharing (ACS) this is possible and automatic, but the problem is that sometimes the ACS ramp-up process causes some suboptimal Execution Plans. If you want to skip this ACS ramp-up process, lets say for a SQL (more...)

How to upgrade Dynamic Sampling on a Query already using an imported SQL Profile


I have this query that references a couple of Global Temporary Tables (GTT). These GTT have no CBO Statistics, thus Dynamic Sampling (DS) is used on them. The problem is default value of 2 at the instance level samples only 64 blocks and these GTT are large. Testing with DS on larger samples provides better quality on these dynamic statistics and a better performing Execution Plan for this particular SQL.

This SQL already uses an (more...)

Great Lakes Oracle Conference GLOC May 12-14

Each Oracle Users Group has its own personality. This week I had the honor to co-speak with Mauro Pagano at GLOC, and the experience has been great! We delivered a 4 hours workshop on “Oracle Performance Tuning 101″. We talked about fundamentals and tools of the trade for both Database and SQL Tuning. It was really nice to have over 50 attendees and it was a challenge to keep them engaged for such a long time! (more...)


Every so often I see on a distribution list a posting that starts like this: “I upgraded my application from database release X to release Y and now many queries are performing poorly, can you tell why?”

As everyone else on a distribution list, my first impulse is to make an educated guess permeated by a prior set of experiences. The intentions are always good, but the process is painful and time consuming. Many of (more...)

What is new with EDB360?

Many things, but most important is that it got bigger and better. This EDB360 free tool provided by Enkitec is maturing over time. Its core function has not changed although, which is to present a 360-degree view of a database (10g or higher).

EDB360 is a nice complement to other tools like Exacheck, Raccheck or Oracheck. It has some additional benefits, like taking a snapshot of a system to then be analyzed offline or simply (more...)

How to execute eAdam and eDB360

Both eAdam and eDB360 tools are available at the Enkitec web site under the Products tab. You can download a free copy from there; or maybe you were given by an Enkitec consultant a newer version for you to execute. In any case, the question is: “how do I execute these tools?

Executing eAdam

  1. Take the file and unzip it on your server
  2. Navigate to the top eadam directory which contains (more...)