HTSQL lightning talk slides

| Mar 16, 2013

I posted the slideshow from my PyPGDay HTSQL lightning talk here. Thanks to everybody involved with PyPGDay, I loved it!

Forsooth, a dataset

| Mar 9, 2013

Do you ever want a demo or sample dataset that doesn't bore you to death? How about one steaming with sex, murder, and mayhem?

I'll be giving a lightning talk on HTSQL at PyPGDay this Wednesday, and wanted to show it off with some data worthy of its awesomeness. How about Shakespeare? Yeah! Luckily, Open Source Shakespeare has published a database of all Will's works. Unluckily, they've only published it as flat text files and as a Microsoft Access database. ("Open Source" Shakespeare? In a closed-source database? And a horrible one at that? Yeah, I know.)

So I fixed (more...)

Dayton Python Workshop, April 5-6

| Jan 31, 2013

Announcing the first Dayton Python Workshop for women and their friends, April 5-6, 2013!

The Workshop is a free, friendly, hands-on, beginners' introduction to computer programming. In one short weekend (a Friday evening and a Saturday), participants get a real handle on programming for practical tasks, using the easy yet powerful Python language... while having a fun time with new friends!

The primary target audience is women of all ages and backgrounds, including those who have never programmed before. Men can participate as the guest of a female attendee - that's where the "women and their friends" part (more...)

Hooray for Columbus Python Workshop 1!

| Jan 25, 2013

The first Columbus Python Workshop for women and their friends was a success!

We had about 18 students from all sorts of backgrounds, plus TAs Alyssa and Ryan from the Central Ohio Python User Group. They dived in with a will and learned an amazing amount in a short time. We all had fun and I loved having them there... there's something uniquely wonderful about teaching to faces that are smiling at you. By the end, we had several nice variants on the Color Wall.

Food sponsorship by LeadingEdje kept us all nicely fed and caffeinated, and Pillar provided The (more...)


| Dec 19, 2012

I was thinking about staying home from PyCon in 2013.

I know, that's a horrible idea. But financing the trip has gotten hard recently, and I want to spend weeks and weeks in Montreal for PyCon 2014, so I was thinking maybe I'd save up my travel money for a spectacular trip to Quebec in a year.

But now look what they've done. PyPgDay. Postgres and Python. They've got my number. Resistance is futile.

The CFP is out; I'll be thinking about what I can propose. Maybe this will lead to a spasm of EDD (embarrassment-driven development) on sqlpython and (more...)