The Art of Being a Successful DBA- Paranoid DBA Best Practices

Ever look at a screen’s output and get that puckered feeling in the pit of your stomach? If you have been working in this profession for any amount of time, you know the feeling I’m talking about. The feeling that makes you think you would rather be living in Montana making woodcarvings at a roadside stand than being a DBA. I’ll be taking a somewhat lighthearted look at the perils of our profession and discuss (more...)

The Future of IT Staffing- People vs. Robots

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The Increasing Complexity of the IT Tech Stack Will Drive the Need for Robotic Automation

I’ve been involved in database technologies for 20 years now. During that time, I have read numerous prognostications from various industry pundits proclaiming that the next release of so-and-so database would be so simple to administer that the product would no longer require DBAs for support.  Replace “database” with any technology, and you’ll find that the same industry mantra occurs.


The Non-Technical Art of Being a Successful IT Professional – Excelling at Verbal and Written Communications

One, out of many, criteria we use to evaluate candidates for positions at RDX (Remote DBA Experts) is their communication skills. Because we are a remote services provider, our ability to have “face-to-face” communications with our customers is somewhat limited. Most of the communications that occur are through e-mails, ticket comments and conference calls.

As a result, it is critical that all professionals who join our organization possess more than just high-quality technical skills. They (more...)

Robotic Automation’s Impact on the IT Industry- Will you be automated out of a job?

RDX’s IT Process Automation Strategy

Remote DBA Experts (RDX) is the largest pure-play provider of remote data infrastructure services. We have been providing remote services for over 20 years, which also makes us one of the pioneers in this space. We currently support hundreds of customers and thousands of database implementations.

RDX competes in an extremely competitive market arena. Our competitors range from “2 guys in a garage” to major outsourcing providers like IBM and (more...)

Improving Customer Service – The DBA Team Quality Survey

One of the key measurements DBAs can use to evaluate their team’s performance is analyzing customer feedback.  At RDX, we have established a customer feedback engine that consists of multiple communication contact points and delivery mechanisms to ensure that we receive a constant flow of service quality information.  We elicit feedback from all personnel that we support including customer management, DBAs, developers and end-users.

Since we support many different organizations in virtually every market (more...)

The Database Protection Series Concludes- Final Thoughts and Wrap-up

Let’s conclude this series of articles on database security by reviewing what we learned in previous installments. Along the way, I’ll provide some additional hints and tips to tie everything together.

We learned that database administrators, since the inception of their job descriptions, have been responsible for the protection of their organization’s most sensitive database assets. This envious responsibility will not change. As DBAs, we will be forever tasked with ensuring that our critical (more...)

The Database Protection Series Continues- Database Hardening and Best Practices

In this installment, we’ll focus on database and server hardening as well as database security best practices. Instead of offering you my personal recommendations, I’ll provide you with recommended websites that offer an abundance of information on database security best practices. You must be very careful when you select an author or website to assist you in your goal of securing your organization’s sensitive database data stores.  I think that after reviewing this article, you’ll (more...)

The Database Protection Series Continues: Part 5- Database Activity Monitoring

In this installment, we’ll talk about the benefits that real time database activity monitoring products provide. We’ll also learn how these types of products work.  You will notice that I often refer to the McAfee database security protection product set when I describe some of the activities that RDX performs as part of our database security offering.

If you are truly serious about protecting your database data, you’ll quickly find that partnering with a (more...)

The Database Protection Series- Vulnerability Assessments

This is the fourth article of a series that focuses on database security.  In my introduction, I provide an overview of the database protection process and what is to be discussed in future installments.   In last month’s article, we finished our discussion of the most common threats and vulnerabilities.  In this latest installment, we’ll review the database vulnerability assessment process.  We’ll begin by learning how to perform an initial database vulnerability (more...)

The Database Protection Series– Common Threats and Vulnerabilities Part 2

This is the third article of a series that focuses on database security.  In my introduction, I provide an overview of the database protection process and what is to be discussed in future installments.   In last month’s article, we began with a review of the various database vulnerabilities and threat vectors we need to address.    In this article we’ll finish our discussion of the most common threats and vulnerabilities.    In the (more...)