Getting ADF Data in a Jet Component (2)

In my previous blog I explained how to get ADF Data in a Jet Component, this was done by iterating through a ViewObject and rendering a component per element in the View Object. When you want to use the DVT’s from Oracle Jet, this won’t do the thing, because you will need the entire data set to be present at once in your component. This blog will show you how to do that without (more...)

Getting ADF Data in a Jet Component

Oracle JET has been around for a while, and at this moment we are investigating what it would take to integrate JET with our existing ADF Application. In the current ADF application we want to make a dashboard in JET, however we still need to know for what project we need the data from. Therefore I am researching on how to get data from our ADF application into our JET part. In this blog I (more...)