Offline Processing in PHP with Advanced Queuing

| May 16, 2013

Offloading slow batch tasks to an external process is a common method of improving website responsiveness. One great way to initiate such background tasks in PHP is to use Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing in a producer-consumer message passing fashion. Oracle AQ is highly configurable. Messages can queued by multiple producers. (more...)

Getting Started with PHP Zend Framework 2 for Oracle DB

| May 14, 2013

This post shows the changes to the ZF2 tutorial application that allow it to run with Oracle Database 11gR2.

Oracle Database SQL identifiers are case insensitive by default so "select Abc from Xyz" is the same as "select abc from xyz". However the identifier metadata returned to programs (more...)

OTN Forum software is going to be upgraded in May 2013

| Apr 30, 2013
In case you missed the notifications, the Oracle Technology Network forum software is going to be upgraded this weekend. This is great, since the old software is getting long-in-the-tooth and doesn't allow a bunch of useful features. The current forums will be in read-only mode over the weekend.

On launch (more...)

Python cx_Oracle and Oracle 11g DRCP Connection Pooling

| Mar 21, 2013

The topic of Oracle 11g DRCP connection pooling in Python cx_Oracle came up twice this week for me. DRCP is a database tier connection pooling solution which is great for applications run in multiple processes. There is a whitepaper on DRCP that covers a lot of background and talks (more...)