Node in the Cloud: Oracle DBaaS, App Container Cloud and node-oracle

| Feb 9, 2016

The node-oracledb driver is pre-installed on the Oracle Application Container Cloud when you create a Node service! Yay!

I've posted a video on deploying a Node application to the cloud and connecting to Oracle Database Cloud Service. (Blatent plug: subscribe to the YouTube channel!)

The brief summary is that I developed a Node application in my local environment. I then created a database service, I zipped all the JavaScript files along with a manifest (more...)

Node-oracledb: Avoiding “ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded”

| Feb 5, 2016

Developers starting out with Node have to get to grips with the 'different' programming style of JavaScript that seems to cause methods to be called when least expected! While you are still in the initial hacking-around-with-node-oracledb phase you may sometimes encounter the error ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded.

Here are some things to do about it:

  • Avoid having too many incompletely processed statements open at one time: