Node-oracledb 1.10.1 Released to NPM

| Jul 20, 2016
We've pushed out a patch release of node-oracledb to GitHub and NPM. It has a bind fix that didn't land in time for 1.10.0. A memory leak regression with REF CURSORs was also fixed, as was a pre-existing memory leak in the unexpected case of a REF CURSOR failure. The changes in node-oracledb 1.10.1 are: Fixed a... [Read More]

Node-oracledb 1.10 has Enhanced Metadata

| Jul 8, 2016
Top feature: Enhanced Metadata The changes in node-oracledb 1.10 are: Enhanced query metadata thanks to a Pull Request from Leonardo. He kindly allowed us to take over and fine tune the implementation. Additional metadata for query and REF CURSOR columns is available in the metaData... [Read More]