An accusatory error message

I found this hilarious

SQL> startup
ORACLE instance started.

Total System Global Area 1469792256 bytes
Fixed Size                  2402776 bytes
Variable Size             536872488 bytes
Database Buffers          922746880 bytes
Redo Buffers                7770112 bytes
Database mounted.
ORA-19821: an intentionally corrupt log file was found

Really ? I intentionally corrupted my log file ?  I dont think so !


SQL injection

Another big public username and password leak…

Some good reading on how it was done, and thus ensuring your code isn’t prone to SQL injection here:

Pluggable database and restricted sessions

Once you get into pluggable database territory, you might need to check your usage of "alter system enable restricted session", because unless you’ve patched, there’s a little bug which lets you enable restricted session, but wont let you get out of it ! :-)

For example:

SQL> alter session set container = pdb12;
Session altered.
SQL> alter system enable restricted session;
System altered.
SQL> select logins from v$instance;
SQL> alter system disable restricted  (more...)

OUGN 2014

I had the pleasure of being a guest of the Norwegian User Group for the second year in a row on their famous cruise conference at the start of April. For a relatively ‘small’ conference (around 300-400 people), the array of quality speakers the group manage to get is always astounding.  Martin Nash, Cary Millsap, Tim Hall, Bryn Llewellyn, Martin Bach, Jeff Smith, Doug Burns to name just a few.  I gave a (more...)

Norway bound

I cant wait to get to Norway again for this year’s OUGN conference.

If you’re in Europe…this should be on your must-attend list every year.

It’s awesome fun.

I’ll be talking about Clone DB, Optimizer Stats and Analystics in SQL

views in 12c

Observed an interesting idiosyncracy in the creation of views in 12c (this is in a pluggable database, but not confirmed whether this is related or not).  This database was upgraded from 11.2 without incident…until we came to replace one of the existing views.

SQL> create or replace
3 as select * from other_schema.account;
ERROR at line 3:
ORA-01720: grant option does not exist for 'OTHER_SCHEMA.ACCOUNT'

Now that struck (more...)

Oracle Developer Day Perth

Well…it was a great day with over 100 people attending.

I had the standard fail of trying to show people 200 things that I think are important, in a time allowing only for 50 things, but better to be overfed than starving :-)

Links to the slides are below.  Thanks everyone for coming – hope you had a great day.

(Thanks Chris for setting it up, and for (more...)

Free developer day in Perth

Got a massive day of goodies coming to anyone in Perth..for absolutely no cost – just your time and your enthusiasm.

There’s something for

  • database developers
  • Apex developers
  • ADF developers

See you all there …

ORA-65131 grrrr

So…the future is container databases ?

Cool ! I’ll create all my databases as container databases….I’m so happy….until

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-65131: The feature Flashback Data Archive  is not supported in a pluggable database.

It is documented but seriously….that’s not so flash :-)

Man…I really really like this :-)

Yeah yeah, you can argue with me about backward compatibility, but I’m so glad someone snuck this into 12c…


SQL> grant resource, connect to demo identified by demo;

Grant succeeded.

SQL> select privilege
  2  from   dba_sys_privs
  3  where  grantee = 'DEMO';



SQL> grant resource, connect to demo identified by demo;

Grant succeeded.

SQL> select privilege
  2  from   dba_sys_privs
  3  where  grantee = 'DEMO';

no rows selected