Fixed in 12c? Instance CPU Consumption Reporting via v$sysstat

Is Oracle 12c Instance Level CPU Consumption Reporting Fixed?

I was curious if Oracle had fixed instance level v$sysstat CPU consumption statistic reporting in 12c. Why was a curious? Because in the past, the Oracle Database 6, 7, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g have all incorrectly reported instance wide CPU consumption when (more...)

Fixed in 12c? Session CPU Consumption Statistics

What? Fixed? Problem? Huh?

While going through and checking and updating my Oracle Performance Firefighting course for Oracle Database 12c, I once again compared session level CPU consumption from v$session and v$sess_time_model. In the past v$sesstat server process CPU consumption could be significantly less than what is shown in v$sess_time_model. Also, (more...)