Trying out the Oracle Cloud Platform

One of the great things of working with Oracle is the possibility to try things out………., for free. Yes, some things at Oracle are indeed free ūüėÉ!! There are various places where you can download Oracle (related) software / scripts / examples / etc., so you can try things out. You should create an account … Continue reading "Trying out the Oracle Cloud Platform"

Data Architecture in a digital world; empowering the Data Driven Enterprise

Data is playing increasingly important role in organisations today. If you want to stay ahead of the competition you need to do things differently and preferably better than they do. This means you have to start initiatives. Initiatives which most likely involve an IT component. IT initiatives which are fed by reliable information / insights. … Continue reading "Data Architecture in a digital world; empowering the Data Driven Enterprise"

Oracle Mobile Analytics

Imagine yourself without a mobile device. There was a time we used our mobile phone to make calls only. Ok, we did some text sending via sms. But that was it. Nowadays (if I look at myself) I do not use my phone to make phone calls. Yes, when I am in the car the … Continue reading "Oracle Mobile Analytics"

Exploring Oracle Business Analytics

In the blogpost about “Gathering new Knowledge”¬†I decided to investigate a few different areas of the Oracle atmosphere. Oracle Business Analytics was one of them. In a series of different blogposts I will cover different parts of the¬†Oracle Business Analytics ¬†product suite. At the end of this post there will be a list of different … Continue reading "Exploring Oracle Business Analytics"

Gathering new knowledge

Last June I was present at the nl_OUG Tech Experience 2017. These kind of events are not only interesting because of the networking possibilities. One of the most valuable aspects ¬†is the fact that people are sharing their knowledge. The Oracle community is a very active community so there were two days of intensive knowledge … Continue reading "Gathering new knowledge"