ODC Appreciation Day 2017 – The Oracle BI Server

It’s that time of year again. After last year’s OTN Appreciation Day this year there is another ODC Appreciation Day (“since Oracle Technology Network (OTN) has now been renamed to Oracle Developer Community (ODC) there is a name change for the event this year, but the idea is the same.”) powered by Tim Hall. Last year I decided to … Continue reading "ODC Appreciation Day 2017 – The Oracle BI Server"

Oracle OOW17 Data Visualization Hands-on Lab @Home

Check out the following on the Twitter account of Mike Durran. Thanks to ~100 attendees of Oracle DV Hands On Lab at #OOW17. Try the 'Hands on Lab @ Home'. [Presenter not included] @OracleAnalytics pic.twitter.com/T422lzigDw — Mike Durran (@mikedurran) October 4, 2017 For those too lazy to type over the urls, find the links below. … Continue reading "Oracle OOW17 Data Visualization Hands-on Lab @Home"

Oracle Mobile Analytcis options for the Oracle Analytics Cloud

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece about Oracle Mobile Analytics. Now a few weeks later I would like to add to this post with some things and findings I ran into over the last couple of weeks. I have been looking at the new Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) offering. This post is based … Continue reading "Oracle Mobile Analytcis options for the Oracle Analytics Cloud"

Check out the 2017 UKOUG Conference agendas.

Last week I announced that I will be speaking at the UKOUG Tech17. Today I can announce that the 2017 UKOUG Conference Agendas are now live! Check out the agendas for the co-located UKOUG conferences for Apps17, JDE17 and Tech17. I will be part of the Business Analytics track. For me personally it is a great honour to be … Continue reading "Check out the 2017 UKOUG Conference agendas."

I am speaking at UKOUG Tech17

Last Friday I received confirmation that my papers for next UKOUG Tech17 in December are accepted. I will be talking about Oracle (Big) Data (Warehousing). The presentations will cover different aspects of the Oracle Data Management ecosystem. Presenting at the UKOUG Tech17 will be a challenge, but I am really looking forward to it. It … Continue reading "I am speaking at UKOUG Tech17"