What do your employees think of Identity Management?

Identity Management isn't exciting, it's not fun, in fact employees think Identity Management is downright restrictive, something to get around, something that limits productivity.  What if you could hear what employees really think?  I mean, hear that they REALLY think about IdM.  Well now you can.

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North American CAB Notes and Key Takeaways

The North American Customer Advisory Board (CAB) was held at Oracle headquarters, April 16-18.  Customers were invited to attend in order to get an update on product direction, participate in discussions on key industry trends, and to meet with Product Managers to discuss product road maps and features.

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Centrica webcast follow up – key takeaways and Q&A

Thank you to everyone that joined us on Thursday, April 25, 2013 for the Centrica webcast.  Chris Wilton, Senior Project Manager at Centrica, and Ben Bulpett from aurioPro SENA were the guest speakers.

If you missed the webcast, you can register for the replay here: Centrica Webcast Replay

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Virgin Media goes underground with Oracle IDM – webcast wrap up

On Wednesday, we told you how Virgin Media used Oracle IDM to allow everyone riding the London Underground to use their free Wi-Fi service.

Perry Banton from Virgin Media and Ben Bulpett from aurionPro SENA delivered a great webcast where they discussed how the project was funded, the architecture they (more...)

You do know you are on camera…don’t you?

On Thursday, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ontario's Commissioner of Information and Privacy will be joining the IDM team for a live Twitter chat about privacy.  Here are the details:


Live Twitter Conversation with the Ontario Commissioner of Privacy

Thursday, April 4, 10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT

Join on twitter using #PrivQA

Oracle IDM helps with College Entrance Exams!

Well - to be specific, ETS, the world's largest non-profit college assessment company uses Oracle IDM to manage their internal and external systems used by students taking their college entrance exams!

Check out the video below, where Jim Moran, Chief Information Security Officer at ETS talks about how Oracle products (more...)

Kaiser uses Oracle IDM to reduce compliance costs

Kaiser Permanente is the largest privately owned healthcare provider in the US.  We asked Kurt Lieber, Executive Director of Technology, Risk Office at Kaiser to explain why he chose Oracle technology, and how the Oracle IDM platform improved his business performance.

Avea Telecommunications upgrades to Oracle IDM – Customer Video

Avea Telecommunications is going through a major upgrade of their IDM systems.  We recently caught up with Ulvi Bucak and asked him to tell us a bit more about his project. Avea has been a long time Sun IDM customer - so Ulvi and his team had to make a lot of decisions about how they wanted to upgrade. As a Telecommunications provider in Turkey, performance and security were top priorities. Take a look at the video to hear Ulvi talk about his project.