The Ultimate Second Screen Experience

| May 28, 2013

After the kids are in bed, my wife and I like to watch a little TV.  But these days I can't just watch TV -- I also need the iPad on my lap allowing me to surf at the same time.  Most movies and shows just can't keep (more...)

Legislation Impacting Retailers

Today, select retailers are accompanying NRF advocates to the hill to discuss key legislation with congress.  The Washington Leadership Conference is an opportunity for congress to hear directly from retailers and to better understand the issues they face.  The key issues being discussed are:

The Cookie in My Mobile Phone

| Apr 11, 2013

The traditional Marketing Mix covers product, price, place, and promotion and often people and process are thrown in for good measure.  Retailers spend their time adjusting these "P levers" to satisfy customers and drive sales.  But the P that interests me most is personalization.  For years the (more...)

SRM Demo

| Mar 26, 2013
You may have noticed Oracle has acquired several social media software companies.  The video below demonstrates the integration of those assets into a complete Social Relationship Management suite.  This 7 minute video shows how a grocer uses social media to support the opening of a new store in (more...)


| Mar 18, 2013

I previously discussed the importance of establishing an innovation lab so that companies can keep up with emerging technology trends. But innovation doesn't just happen in the lab -- it works best when its part of the culture.  Companies need to foster the free flow of information and ideas (more...)

Shopping with Google Glass

| Mar 12, 2013

ConAgra Foods, makers of Healthy Choice and Marie Callender's meals, created the video below to show what the future of shopping may look like from behind Google Glass.  This is clearly not possible today but is within the realm of possibility for the near future.

I was annoyed they chose to follow two people instead of just one.  I assume they did it to illustrate the conversation between the women, but it distracts from the overall shopping theme.  If the conversation was that important, it would have been better to ask for product advice.  I was (more...)

3D Printing

| Mar 11, 2013

Often consumers want instant gratification, which is why my previous post discussed the importance of fast shipping for online retailers.  Getting to affordable same-day or next-day delivery will be an important milestone for the retail industry, and we're already making progress in that direction with "shipping clubs" and local delivery services.  But what if there was a way to skip the delivery process altogether, much like what we've done with digital content.  I don't order music CDs or DVDs from websites anymore; I simply download the content.

3D printing has the potential to change the way we (more...)