New APEX Listener Forum Now Available

We have created a new OTN Forum just for the APEX Listener:

We thought it best to separate this forum from the regular APEX Forum as the APEX Listener will have unique posts and to make it easier for all to review.


APEX 4.0 Oracle-By-Examples now available

Our curriculum development team have been very busy of late developing new Oracle-By-Examples (OBEs) for Oracle Application Express 4.0.

These include:
  • Getting Started with Application Express {Updated from previous versions to include APEX 4.0 content}

  • Interactive Reports (x 3) {Updated from previous versions to include APEX 4.0 (more...)

APEX 4.0 Sample Applications

Included within the pre-production APEX 4.0 build on is a revised Sample Database Application and a brand new Sample Websheet Application. Simply go to Application Builder and then Create > Sample Applications and install or re-install.

The Sample Database Application has new (less dated) clothing products (more...)

FREE event in Reston, Virginia – June 15

The OTN Develop Day is coming back to Reston: See details here.

The event we ran last time in Reston led us to completely change the way we organize and run these days. Since then we have created a new VM for running on Oracle Virtual Box: Download from here. (more...)

APEX 4.0 comes to

Our free "development only" hosted site has been upgraded to the latest build of APEX 4.0. This is a pre-production build and is not available for download.

Upgrading is one of our big milestones with any new release. We always do this before releasing the software (more...)

APEX 4.0 Early Adopter III (EA3) now live!

As we speed down our development path towards production release (in Calendar Year 2010) we have reached yet another milestone - Roll-out of Early Adopter III.
Simply go to

This is our last planned version of the Early Adopter and includes many new features, numerous bug fixes, and (more...)