Tracing a session SQL in "Azure SQL"

With our 'cloud first' strategy we are trying to make use of Azure SQL for all of our databases as much as possible. This (as we have discovered) does come with a few things you need to be aware of as this is not 'normal' SQL Server - there are various things that are not there and quirks about the way some of the things work.

In a case this week we were having trouble (more...)

Tuning by understanding your application

This is a short post to illustrate how the understanding of how an application works can make all the difference to how you an tune it. This is a real world case which is actually pretty simple but i think illustrates the point quite well.

The performance symptoms were as follows:

1) Live environment works fine
2) Copy of that environment is very slow performing a specifc function - the data between the two systems (more...)

Multiple smtp relay send accounts for office365

This is a follow up on this post here about smtp and office365 - after some more investigation i've made some further changes as our use case changed slightly and the original solution didn't fit.

Originally we just needed to be able to send all emails originating from a single account and we had some postfix config that would do that.

Now however we want to be able to send smtp messages out from multiple (more...)

More oddity with MySQL PaaS

Whilst setting up the phpipam tool (the one i mentioned in my last post i decided to use a MySQL PaaS in Azure to host the database part rather than manage MySQL myself - however this proved a little tricky to get working.

Well i say tricky - it just needed the config file amended and then it was fine - however this was not at all obvious - let me explain (more...)