Sizing Up #SQLPass Summit 2018 After the Fact

This is my third time attending PASS Summit and second time as a speaker.  I applaud the PASS organizers, the community, the volunteers, the sponsors and the attendees for another incredible event.  In less than four days, I came home and tried to isolate one defining moment from the event and it was impossible to do so.

My Scrutiny

I love RV life and I thought I’d be just find with customer and (more...)

PASS Summit, Women in Technology ROCKS!

PASS Summit 2018 is the 16th annual WIT luncheon.  Many of the men are wearing kilts in support of the women in the SQL community, (it’s a thing here…) there’s a luncheon, there’s special panels and highlight on the women authors and speakers.


Women in Tech Speaker

The WIT speaker was Lauri Bingham, the Director of Technology Engineering Project Management at T-Mobile.  

Lauri shared her early life, the challenges her mother (more...)

PASS Summit, Day 2 Keynote!

After a long night in a coma to restore my energy expel for the first day of Summit, (anyone else exhausted already???)  I showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed for the second day’s keynote and the blogger table.  

Me this week…


The awesome Wendy Pastrick started us out letting us know what goes on behind the scenes deciding how PASS makes decisions…and then broke into song.  She will survive…. (more...)

Pass Summit 2018 Keynote 11/7

So I made it to PASS Summit 2018.  After a flight from an airport with one gate-  yes, you heard me right, one gate.  No Wi-Fi, no connectivity and four employees at the airport.  It was a new level of disconnect.

After a number of parties last night, I’m at the bloggers table for the first keynote this morning.  The first keynote started with an energized talk from PASS president and (more...)

PASS Summit 2018- Times up!

I’ve had my nose to the grindstone for almost four months now investing my brain in new technology, reinvesting fully in performing technical work and prioritizing it all to ensure that I’ll be successful.  I stepped back from many speaking events to make sure my private and professional life would succeed in this transition, but that doesn’t mean I would skip PASS Summit.  What I didn’t expect was the event would arrive so quickly and (more...)

Dynamic Firewall Creation for Azure Cloud Shell

I’ve been hesitant to post too much on my blog until since the hack, as there were some residual issues after the restoration of the site that took a bit to correct.  I’m finally feeling confident enough to start posting on everything I’m doing currently working with Azure and the education customers for Microsoft.

One of the powerful tools I’ve been taking advantage of is the Azure Cloud Shell.  This cloud tool has (more...)

Let Them Finish, Stories From the Trenches

The first of three books that I’ve been working on this year is out!  From Melody Zacharias’ “Let Them Finish” series, this is the Stories from the Trenches, a collection of stories about diversity in tech and how to survive and overcome the challenges.

Second Book in the Let Them Finish Series

The book can be picked up via hardcopy from Amazon and a Kindle version is around the corner, if like me, (more...)

Simple Template Pull In Azure


The I’ve been busy automating a solution we provide many of our Education customers that I discovered, due to a variety of technical skills, was hindered on using the solution while spending significant time deploying it.  New to Azure, I wanted to use templates with a bash script as my first deep dive into auto deployment, but was frustrated with the auto deployment templates “JSon’ing me to death”.

I wanted to quickly post (more...)

Ignorance is Bliss, Until it Isn’t

My blog was hacked last week, deliberately and maliciously.  I was hacked because my lacking knowledge in the area of website management and saved by my control issues as a Database Administrator.  It was a valuable lesson to learn in regards to being a woman in technology and new technical skills.

If you ask most women, they’ll most likely say that they haven’t had too many difficulties with men harassing them, especially if (more...)

Use Azure CLI…I Beg You.

FYI-  this was the one post I had to restore manually after my blog was hacked a week back.  Its intact, but the post may appear a bit different than before, as I copied and pasted from the emailed version that occurs as part of my RSS feed.  Enjoy!

Azure CLI made me feel right at home after working at Oracle in the Enterprise Manager CLI, (EMCLI)  The syntax is simple, powerful and (more...)

Three Months at Microsoft

Time Flies when you’re having fun or when you’re crazy busy-  I’m unsure which is more true.

I just completed my first review as an employee at Microsoft and good news!  They’re going to keep me. 🙂

I still get a number of questions surrounding my job at Microsoft.  Since I worked for Oracle for 2 1/2 years, much of it speaking between customer engagements, many didn’t realize that I started out, and have always been, (more...)

Configuring Firewall Access for SQL Database on Azure

Its quite common that the first time you work with a feature in a cloud interface, it can appear so foreign until you’ve done it a few times.  If it’s a task that you may not do often or only once, it can be downright painful.  It doesn’t matter who the cloud provider is or the application, we all have felt the pain of this type of situation and why some of us (more...)

Where in the World is DBA Goth Girl- Sept 11-23

Tim and I just arrived back in Colorado yesterday and just arrived-  as in Grand Junction, Colorado on the western border of Utah.  Hauling a 42Ft. 5th wheel means that you make some considerations on how far you can go and how far you want to go.

It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks and this is what’s in the plans:

Microsoft Education Data Summit

I’ll be flying to Las Vegas tomorrow (more...)

How to Linux for the SQL DBA Articles on Simple Talk

I’ve started to write a series of articles on Simple Talk from Redgate on Linux for the SQL Server DBA.  Thanks to Kathi Kellenberger, who came to my pre-con in Indianapolis SQL Saturday and then asked if it was something that I’d be up to doing.

The biggest challenge when doing one hour sessions on Linux at SQL Saturdays is that you find out, one hour is just no where, near enough.  The (more...)

Power BI- Loading PBI Log Files

There’s a reason that log analytics programs, like Splunk, Data Dog and Sumo Logic are so popular.  Even Microsoft has a Log Analytics product, but the important message here is log data is massive and parsing through it to find important information can be a bit of a pain.  The second word in Log Analytics IS “analytics”.  Due to this, the first thought when faced with the number of logs from many (more...)

RV Life and Working Remote

I get a lot of questions about what it’s like to work remote while living in our 5th wheel.  I’ll link this post to, too, so for those asking the same question from that site, it’s a two for one… 🙂

I don’t just break any ol’ rule, I break rules that don’t makes sense and working from an office was one of them.  The amount of time lost in a daily (more...)

Learn Linux With Docker and Microsoft Container Image

I just finished teaching an 8 hour pre-con at SQL Saturday Indianapolis on Essential Linux for the DBA.  The focus of the class was on what the Microsoft DBA would need to know as more SQL Server environments begin to run on Linux.

The obstacles and demands of them will be a bit different than the Oracle crowd, as they may not have the Linux Admin or Unix expertise onsite for support and have (more...)

Visual Studio- All the Warm and Fuzzy

So I haven’t opened Visual Studio in….oh….let’s just say it’s been a few years…:)

I had a project that I needed to run and was surprised when the Solution Explorer was missing from SSMS 2017.  Its only fair to say, there was also fair warning from Microsoft.

Due to this, I opened up Visual Studio to use its Solution Explorer and integration for SSIS and other features required for a large project. (more...)