2017 SiOUG – Slovenia

Just as quickly as I had unpacked from #OOW17, it was time to think about the next 2 conferences. Slovenia and Croatia.

I spoke in Slovenia before in 2011. I was invited by Joze Senegacnik  who I knew from the Oak Table. I had had a wonderful time and we stayed in Portoroz on the coast. 

I didn't blog about that conference but I did comment on the three most wonderful user group presidents and (more...)

2017OOW – OOW Messages

No surprise that #OOW17 was all about Cloud, but that is now cloud across the entire portfolio.

Oracle talked about the content in #OOW17 being the equivalent to a year's education. So no way I could take all that in. To me #OOW is about finding the areas I need to know about, get the headlines and find out who to follow up with. I have another tactic as well, identify the ACE Directors who (more...)

WIT – Welcome in Technology

I attended or took part in a couple of WIT events at #OOW17 and here is what I learnt.


My schedule was, as always manic, so I was up first in these lightening talks by women in the dev community, which is sad because I would loved to have heard everyone's stories.

I talked about how I got into IT, which I have shared on this blog before. When I started, IT had just become (more...)

OOW17 – Oracle Developer Community formerly OTN

A few weeks before #OOW17 - Oracle Technology Network changed it's name to the Oracle Developer Community. #DevCommunity 

The ACE Program is part of this relaunched community and a nice new name means a nice new jacket. Thank you, and loving the shape of the lady version.

Community is a really important part of the Oracle outreach, and there is something for all of us. Take part, it is such fun.

During #OOW17 the Developer (more...)

2017OOW – User Experience

Another of my now traditions pre #OOW is the UX training at HQ. The UX advocates within the ACE program come together and learn all that is new and product direction. Since the first talks of Fusion this has been baked in and to me it IS what makes the applications SELL.

The most interesting discussions of the day were around chatbots.  Oracle has a great video to show use this, which to me is (more...)

Barriers to Adoption should not stop Innovation

During a session on chatbots at the Oracle UX event I made a comment that I think was taken incorrectly and as we were pushed for time I didn't have the opportunity to explain what I really meant.

The examples that was given was one of an individual using an  intelligent personal assistant such as Alexa to ask how much vacation do I have and the response being taken from HCM Cloud

I said (more...)

2017OOW – Off Piste (having fun)

I love that OOW gives me the opportunity to have fun alongside the hectic time table. Much of that means very, very early mornings.

So traditionally there is the Bridge Run (well I only walk it, hence an even earlier start) and then the swim. I didn't cycle this year as I did Javaone4Kids, but that in its self was really fun.

So the Bridge Run on the Sunday morning was a beautiful sunrise. (more...)

2017OOW – Certus Solutions and Oracle Partner

It was a great #OOW17 for Certus and kicked off with a great award. We knew before we left from the UK but were sworn to secrecy.

We won the Oracle Excellence Award for HCM Cloud in EMEA, and when it was presented to us at the Partner Event on the Sunday night, Bas Diepen said it was for not only our customer successes but also our reputation for 'on time and on budget'.

2017OOW – UKOUG & User Groups in General

UKOUG was represented at #OOW17 in force. As explained in a recent news article we were sending both Paul Fitton our President and James Jeynes our Executive Director.

Both Paul and  James were new to #OOW17 and I am sure they were surprised at the sheer scale of it all. They both had very full agendas and I know they wanted to see lots of sessions between meetings, but I haven't caught up with them (more...)

ODC Appreciation Day : Visual Builder Cloud Service

Yep, it's cloud, but it lets me extend cloud apps and initially that was a no-no. It is also low code, so you don't need to be technical, so why wouldn't I like it?

Well I wish they would keep the name, it was called Application Builder Cloud Services and that meant it was ABCS and I wrote about it, lots.

First Thoughts

After #OOW16

Article in UKOUG Oracle Scene 64

I've presented on it (more...)

2017OOW – Delivering People Excellence for DHL

DHL Logistics are a Certus Customer rolling out Core HCM globally. The first phase of two customers goes live in just a few weeks so this was a very current story.

DHL Supply Chain is part of the world’s leading postal and logistics company, Deutsche Post DHL Group, and it has embarked on an ambitious HCM cloud project. Currently, DHL has several different solutions around the world, many of which are based on Oracle E-Business (more...)

2017OOW – Volunteering

Wow what an amazing day this was!

When I wrote my pre-open world blog I didn't have anything planned for Saturday but I knew that would change and then Michelle Kolbe tweeted me and suggested that I should volunteer for JavaOne for Kids,  so I did.

I'm certainly not technical so I really wasn't sure what I would be able to do but they said they needed room monitors, people who could just help (more...)

2017OOW – ACE Director Briefing

This year the ACE Director briefings were a little bit different.

There was a single day of content, and as we walked to HQ, I guess we were all worried that we were walking towards our own execution. There had been a number of changes to the program which sometimes looked as if funding was being cut or more difficult to get, and with the creation of the new Developer Champions Program; were we on (more...)

2017OOW – Travel and Hotels

It may just be me, but my travel could be a soap opera; there are always challenges and frustrations. During my trip I have been told I am very British and underplay challenges, so what I actually mean is you need to be a relaxed person or have your own techniques for surviving.

Twitter may be my technique, nothing like a public rant to let off steam!

Complaining is also a very British pastime. 


2017OOW – EOUC Short Talks

I wrote a lot about these before the event, and gave statistics based on pulling it together.

On the day, I always worry, will the technology be up to it? But most of all will people turn up for it?

This year, Oracle 'hijacked' User Group Sunday with 'complimentary content', and then the session before us was moved with just 10 minutes notice because one of these sessions had a larger number of (more...)

2017OOW – It’s a wrap

Another Oracle Open World is over, and for a taster of what I got up to, here is my Storify of #oow17 

My summary of #OOW17

Before #OOW17 I shared my planning thoughts
         What to expect from the EOUC Short Talks
        The statistics behind the EOUC short talk speakers

Now it is over here are my individual posts:

ACE Director
OOW Messages
Certus Solutions (more...)

Update on the Family Tree

The Oracle Family has grown, we have adopted a new son, Gerald Venzl.
If you don't understand, the fun Oracle Family here is the original story.

This was Tim's idea, although I am 100% behind the decision, I was shocked as we had decided that Heli (from Finland) was more than enough.

So here is a new family tree because even we are confused. In fact Maria is very confused and thinks that makes Gerald (more...)

My In-Memory Skills – Being a column rather than a row

Recently I have been thinking more about my skill set. 

I step down from the UKOUG board in March and the appointments board who are looking for candidates have asked what skills are needed and I am trying to articulate those I have.

The question about 'what I actually do?' is often asked:

Just last night I was speaking to a senior customer and an Oracle Account Manager introduced me as Certus' "Face" (more...)

This is not an easy Job

According to Leading Clever People by Rob Goffee & Gareth Jones 

"If clever people have one defining characteristic, it is that they do not want to be led"

Well that is how I feel about my role in the EOUC Short Talks at Oracle Open World.

This year we have:

     EOUC Database ACES Share Their Favorite Database Things
     Sunday, Oct 01, 10:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. 

OOW Planning

I think this is something like my 14th consecutive Oracle Open World coming up and yes, it will be busy but also very different.

Change is good, but there is a lot of change this year and I'm a little nervous and yet also excited.

The ACE program has changed over the last 12 months, but they are still sponsoring those speaking at OOW. Thank you OTN or should I say Developer Community for your (more...)