2019 Sangam – My Thoughts on the conference

| Dec 21, 2019

My third trip to India and the best yet. Thank you Super Sai for inviting me and the ACE program for the sponsorship.

Sai asked me to speak at Sangam, and told me he wanted something different. He wanted me to cover to SaaS announcements from Oracle Open World and after some discussion we agreed on 'What I had learnt from SaaS customers'.

I travelled to Sangam with Alex Nuijten and Roel Hartman, (more...)

All Change at the Top

| Dec 21, 2019

The last 15 months have been full of change on the board at Oracle.

Thomas Kurian, who I much admire, left to go to Google.

Mark Hurd, after a long illness, sadly passed away in October.

Larry Ellison hinted that a replacement would be an internal appointment but I was hoping for an external hire and was pleased to see the announcement of Vishal Sikka being appointed.

Latest is Safra Catz being confirmed as (more...)

2019 SAOUG – Next Generation

| Nov 18, 2019

I have always been interested in the Next Generation for our industry.

I love what Oracle do in their Academy, and with UKOUG tried a few initiatives, including free student places at this year's techfest and early this year tried something really different with a university in Australia.

This week at SAOUG I came across another initiative for the next generation and I loved it.

The Oracle cloud graduate program within South Africa gives graduates (more...)

2019 SAOUG – South Africa

| Nov 18, 2019

This is one of my favourite events, SAOUG,

The organiser, Wolfgang, asked me to come back, speak more on cloud but make it more personal to the majority of members who had no intention of moving to Cloud.

Next Gen
My Sessions
What A Difference A Cloud Makes

2019 SAOUG – The Location

| Nov 18, 2019

This year SAOUG was in Vanderbijlpark, at the Emerald House resort.

With Dina's mum
When they first announced the location, I recognised it as somewhere I had been with my friend Dina, it was were she lived and I had visited several times before. However Dina has now emigrated to Canada but it seemed too good an opportunity to miss out on. I spoke to Dina and her son picked me up at the airport and (more...)

2019 – Cloud Applications Experience Event

| Nov 15, 2019

On 6th November UKOUG held their first Cloud Applications Experience Event in London.

I am very passionate about all UKOUG communities but my heart is in the apps. 

I'm not sure I personally agree with the decision to split the apps and tech conference, but I understand it was based on user feedback. Although the techies still get their techfest in December the Applications people as the better half, have to wait till next (more...)

My APEX and ATP Journey

| Oct 25, 2019

The big message from OOW was the Always Free Autonomous Database. Not normally of interest to me but I thought, I love the APEX community, (they were my first call out on community appreciation day in 2016). Although for me, it isn't often used in my SaaS world, I might I might just give it a go.

Image result for learning

PHASE 1 - Action rather than just idea

Think about it and commit via twitter, if it's (more...)

OGB Appreciation Day : Oracle Digital Assistant PoC

| Oct 9, 2019

I wasn't sure what to write here so I looked back at what I have written in the past 

2018 Oracle Chatbots, my first PoC getting the platform up

2017 VBCS PoC

2016 APEX community

They were all product related, with the 'human twist' Tim asked for, so I thought I would try that recipe again.

I am a great advocate for Oracle products (hence why I am an ACE Director) and I gain (more...)

A Year At Accenture

| Oct 1, 2019

On the 1st October 2018 I joined Accenture

It wasn't a surprise or even a difficult decision, Certus was acquired by Accenture earlier that year.

The period of time up to joining was really well planned, with lots of information in bite size chunks then on the first day we were given an on-boarding pack to work through. I was in the run up to Oracle Open World and everyone else was continuing on (more...)

2019 OOW – Being Accenture

| Sep 29, 2019

** Under Construction **

Last year at OOW I had been Accenture for less than 3 weeks and roll forward a year and I part of the furniture, more relaxed about the organisation and OOW and instead of meeting everyone for the first time felt more of the team.

At OOW last year Accenture launched MyConcerto for Oracle, a totally new platform for engaging with customers about their Oracle offerings. I have posted about how (more...)

2019 Oracle Open World – The Messages Important to Me

| Sep 27, 2019

Gosh, there are so many OOW blogs where do you start, and will I just regurgitate everyone else?

For me my top tip would be to take Oracle's advice and watch the keynotes which are all online:

Then look at Analyst write-ups, these are my go to ones:

Den Howlett Diginomica specifically about Steve Miranda's content

Other Diginomica OOW Blogs - also fun to read 

Ray Wang and Holger Mueller from ConstellionR, now their blogs (more...)

2019 OOW Code One Session

| Sep 26, 2019

I also got the opportunity to facilitate a session at Code One on “Embracing Constant Technical Innovation in Our Daily Life”

I had a great panel: Gustavo Gonzalez, Francisco Munoz Alvarez, Sven Bernhardt and Tim Hall.

Not sure why I need to write a blog about it as obviously 'sleep-is-under-rated-when-I-have-a-blog-to-write' Tim, has already published a great synopsis and lots of links.

However I would like to add everyone thought it needed to be part of our working lives and not (more...)

2019 Oracle Open World Presenting

| Sep 26, 2019

My OOW session was selected by the user group leaders in EMEA, thank you.

This was my 'Should I Move to Oracle Cloud Applications?' presentation based on the UKOUG Oracle Scene Article I wrote back in 2017 and my most requested presentation ever.

The premise is that having the discussion on whether to stay with on premise application, host that on the cloud or move to the Cloud Applications, is often not a single (more...)

2019 OOW Fun

| Sep 26, 2019

'Work Hard, Play Hard', that is defiantly the the mantra I like to follow at Oracle Open World.

On the Saturday night Roel and I went as guests along with Tim and Alex who have both celebrated 50th birthdays over the summer, a visit to Graham Wood and his partner Katie who treated us to the most amazing dinner at their home in Half Moon Bay.  The journey out was along the coast and was (more...)

19 OOW Travel

| Sep 26, 2019

I am a creature of habit.

I normally attend Partner Advisory Boards on the Friday before OOW and arrange individual meetings at headquarters for the Thursday, I also like to have a day upfront to ensure I haven’t forgotten anything and that my presentations are ready to go. Therefore I traditionally travel out to San Francisco the Tuesday before the conference starts.

But, It seems, I am also doomed to travel issues, my airline decided (more...)

19 OOW ACE Program

| Sep 26, 2019

The ACE briefing is my highlight of Oracle Open World, I still preferred them when they were the week before rather than on the Saturday, but they are still truly valuable and I thank all of those from Oracle who give up their day, prior to the busiest event of their calendar to make sure ACE Directors get a full understanding of things to come during the conference.

This year they invited some guests or (more...)

2019 Oracle Open World San Francisco

| Sep 26, 2019

** Under Construction **

As always, a little late but my epic epistle to Oracle Open World is now here!

This was my 16th consecutive OOW and my 15th presenting. I love the event although it totally exhausts me and I come back with so much more to follow up on.

Again, I have split up the content into smaller bites to make sense of it all.

A Different Approach

| Aug 23, 2019

Sharing knowledge is what the ACE Program is all about, blogs, white papers, books and presentations. 

ACEs having been speaking at education facilities for many years, in UKOUG we encouraged this through our "Next Generation' initiative and many ACEs actually work part time in Education sharing their knowledge.

The way we consume knowledge is also changing, meet-ups and webcasts are now the norm and video is the way we learn everything from changing a (more...)

2019 Kscope – Seattle and the Event

| Jul 8, 2019

Sometimes I worry that my event posts are very 'samey', however from the start this Kscope was different.

First the travel was without issue - worthy of a post on its own! Unfortunately others were not so lucky and I sympathise, but for me, this time it was excellent.

I had been to Seattle with Kscope before so it felt very familiar. Sadly I wasn't able to travel earlier and so missed the Community Day (more...)

2019 – Kscope – Development Tools

| Jul 8, 2019

First I want to say Kscope19 was excellent as always and a big round of applause to Opal Alapat and her team for the conference. This conference is all about the community and has unraveled support from Oracle Product Management and a good mix of expert and customer stories.

I do however want to share my fustration  When I first attended ODTUG it was all about Development Tools but over the last few years (more...)