Fusion Applications at Collaborate 2014

Many of you will be aware that R8 Fusion Applications went GA just before Collaborate 2014, this product is out there and being used.
I’m often asked about the adoption of Fusion Applications and Oracle will give you numbers about how many people have now purchased it, but I’m sharing my thoughts and how Collaborate left me feeling very excited about the adoption curve.

The early adopters of Fusion Applications have spoken about their experience (more...)

Gamification at Collaborate2014

Collaborate 2014 had a mobile app, not uncommon nowadays in fact almost a necessity but this one was worthy of note.

I loved the mobile app it really did help to plan my agenda, and to be able make selections on the move, rate presentations, comment on the experience and interact with other delegates was fantastic. But I do have some feedback:

Syncing calendar:
This is a really good option, the ability to be able (more...)

Collaborate2014 – A Rainbow of Emotions

Last week was Collaborate 2014 which is the biggest user event for applications customers, so I need to attend.
I have to start this post by admitting that it isn’t my favourite conference, and in fact last year when having to select which conferences I could attend I missed collaborate for the first time in 12 years, a decision I later regretted. The problem is I simply don’t like Vegas, before this year I had (more...)

Going on Record about Fusion Apps & Cloud

I had the opportunity to speak to Dennis Howlett at Collaborate last week in Vegas.

I have known Den for many years and love his style. He may be out spoken but I trust him and his integrety so when he asked if I would sit for his video series I was more than happy to.

We found a quiet corner at Collaborate 14 in Vegas and I talked so much he had to edit (more...)

OUGN April 2014

The Norwegian user group OUGN have a cruise, the boat sails overnight to Kiel in N Germany and then back again to Oslo the next night. I have done this conference before, four years ago (more...)

Walking the Tightrope

I launched my company earlier this month, and started by advertising at UKOUG.

I have always been very aware of partners in the usergroup community being perceived rightly or wrongly as just being there to get more customers, but partners are part of the Oracle Community and UKOUG is about 'Serving the Oracle Community'. Most partners understand the need to not be overtly advertising and when they do it properly their presentations are very educational.


I’ve Done It.

So after 25 years of corporate life I have started out on my own.

Since Oracle first mentioned Fusion Applications I have been part of that journey. I led the global user group input into the strategy and design, and as a team we work closely with Development through to General Availability. In recognition of this, I introduced Steve Miranda SVP Oracle Development in his main session at Oracle Open World 2010 talking about the (more...)

A Really Big Thank You

I reached out from my heart and asked everyone to vote for Fiona Martin and I to be returned as your representatives on the UKOUG board. Times are difficult and we have had a rough ride the past few years but I really do think the tide has turned and we wanted the opportunity to finish what we and the rest of the board have started.
Yesterday it was announced that we have both (more...)

My 10 Worst Journeys

I feel I gave India bad press about the traffic and need to step back and talk about me and my irrational fear of anything I am not in control off.


I hate magic, I don't understand it so I can't control or even understand how it is controlled, so I simply stay away from it. I HATE fairgrounds and theme parks because I am not able to control the rides. I don't enjoy the 'thrill'.

So it is (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Dealing With Fame

OTN have published over 100 photos of the tour on Facebook and one comment about seeing Tim Hall with all his fans. I was simply jealous, all these people would queue up to speak to him and many wanted their photo taken with him. I tease Tim about this but the reality is people look up to those they follow, be it business, TV, film or any other celebrity.

I am not knocking this, Tim has (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Bangalore



After a very hard landing at Bangalore airport in a small propeller plane we thought Hans was more famous than ever as next to us was parked a large A330 belonging to the government of Canada. Hans leaves the tour her and we thought perhaps he had alternative transport arranged. It turns out Canada opened a new consultae in the city that (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Traditional User Group v University Audiences

This tour started with two universities and then ended with a third, the four events between them were tradition user group events, technology days. Sometimes I struggle with being in a pure technology day as I worry the audience wants more details on ‘how something is done’, rather than my presentations which tend to be ‘why things are done’ which is where I tend to specialise. However, if the audience are interested, I love (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Last Stop Chennai

The final event of the tour and 3rd university was at  Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering and Technology (LICET).

This is a Jesuit Education and the day started with an act of worship, I am a Christian but have been on the road for a month, and to share with them in this was very humbling .

The welcome along with the lighting ceremony we first saw in Noida started “Welcome to those who will take us (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Horns – Not Just My Paranoia

I have mentioned many times in this series of posts that Indian Traffic and especially the use of horns is becoming my nemesis. I have been very open about it at the sessions and had the audiences laughing with me at what is recognised by all Indians as a national identifier.

It isn't just me, even Tim has commented on how much the noise has been a factor on this tour and his total lack (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Bangalore

For our penultimate event we moved South to Bangalore. The drive to the airport was horrendous, for once the road was clear but our driver decided that meant he could drive at 120km/h even when taking bends, I have laughed at my inability to accept this traffic but on this occasion I was actually in tears, thanks to Tim and Hans for keeping me sane (just).

The flight was uneventful except it was a very (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Hyderabad

This was the 5th of the 7th events on Yathra and the one I was looking forward to most, as it had a dedicated Applications track.

Hyderabad is the home of Oracle Applications development in India, and most global partners who have offices in India, do so here. Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores is known for its Canadian Geese who patrol the campus but here in Hyderabad it is ducks that rule.

There were also (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Pune

For a Sunday the turnout was not bad, again I talked about both BI and Mobile in Fusion Applications, and whilst I did not have the biggest audiences, I had people who were really interested.

Again it was a an Oracle Financial Services building and we were well looked after.

I have morphed my sessions a bit, people wanted to go back to the basics of Fusion Applications, drill into the design principles and understand (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – The Journey to Pune

Mumbai was a Saturday and it is quite normal for people in India to give up Saturday to learn if the subject is correct, but in order to ensure as many cities as possible were included in OTN Yathra, Pune was held on a Sunday, the very next day after Mumbai.

The distance is 96 miles, which does not seem a long way, and too short for a flight, so we drove in a convoy (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Mumbai

Both my mother and my grandmother were born in Bombay, or rather Mumbai as it is known today, so I was very excited about visiting this city. However let me be honest, I saw nothing except traffic, as in most cities we arrived in the dark, presented the next day, and then it was time to move on, in fact in Mumbai we only had a single night in the hotel.

When Oracle bought (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Sharda University Noida

Having missed the first stop of the Yathra, my first event was at Sharda University. Sharda is the goddess of enlightenment and it was a big university with a large engineering faculty. We met with the various Deans who wanted to see how being party of OTN could help students with their search for jobs in the future, and we talked about OTN being for individuals and how the AIOUG could help the university as an (more...)