Connected Enterprise 2015

I have known Ray Wang since Oracle started working on Fusion (now Cloud Applications), as an analyst,  Ray has always been interested not only in what software does for the enterprise but also what it means to the end user.

When Ray started Constellation Research I was very honoured to be asked to be a member of their board of advisors. And then a judge for their Supernova Awards which I have now been for (more...)

Connected Enterprise 2015 – What did I learn?

This was a very different conference for me, I was a delegate there to learn, and I certainly did.

Every session was thought provoking and full of rich content. I particularly liked the panel sessions where a group of thought leaders shared their ideas on topics, and I loved some of the questions. I think Holger Mueller has set the standard for the future with his question to a panel of Cloud Vendors ‘What would (more...)

Connected Enterprise 2015 – The Event

Ray Wang
Connected Enterprise is a C level extravaganza, set in the beautiful Ritz Carlton Hotel, Half Moon Bay. I didn’t stay there, but as a guest of a friend who lives nearby but I arrived for breakfast each morning and leaving as the die hards retired to the fire pits outside for their very late nightcaps each night.

I loved the format of the event, they limited the event to 250, which means they (more...)

OOW15 – ACE Program and OTN

OTN is the home of the ACE Program and my sponsor for OOW. I can’t thank them enough for the 10 days we spend in San Francisco, what I achieve which each of my hats on is priceless and all down to their generosity.

The ACE Director briefings are the Thursday and Friday before the main Oracle Open World and I never tire or the sight of the Oracle Campus, and as it was almost (more...)

OOW15 – Having Fun

In all my posts I talk about how busy OOW is but I believe if you don't have fun it is just work. The two are possible together and #ilovemyjob

Chi Gung at the Sofitel
Whilst at HQ I love catching up with old friends and the Sofitel actually rates as my favourite hotel bed ever. Another tradition is morning Chi Gung with Kent Graziano and the weather this year was tremendous despite it being (more...)

OOW15 – Representing Certus Solutions

Certus Team
Certus were really busy at Oracle Open World, as well as myself there was our CEO Mark Sweeny, our COO Tim Warner and our EVP of Cloud Applications Richard Atkins. We also hosted Richard Summerfield the Group HR Director at JT Global, a Certus customer who spoke at OOW. That is a big commitment from a small company but one we think important for both us and our customer base.

I spent my (more...)

OOW15 – As an Oracle Partner

There is a partner reception on the Saturday evening before OOW kicks off, and it was a great chance to meet up with the Certus people before we all got busy for the week.

Oracle has a special program for partners at Oracle Open World on the Sunday afternoon but I missed that as I was hosting the EOUC session.

But Certus have announced expansion into Australia and so we had several meetings with Alliance (more...)

OOW15 – The Travel

Actually pretty good, the flight out was uneventful and I managed to empty my inbox on email. Friends always tell me they know when I get off a long haul flight, there are suddenly many emails.

I went out to Oracle HQ a day early to have a few meetings for Certus so stayed the first night out at the airport, shuttles are frequent and I was there and settled within an hour. I am (more...)

OOW15 – User Group Leader

I wasn’t attending on behalf of UKOUG but you are always on duty as an ambassador. Our President Linda Barker was over representing UKOUG and Fiona Martin was also over with her employer, and many of our volunteers were also over in various capacities so UKOUG was well covered.

I was very disappointed with the user group pavilion this year, it is great that Oracle gives the user groups stands were delegates can come and find out (more...)

OOW15 – My Presentation Forming Your Future

I had one main session this year, although I did facilitate the EOUC More than 12 more on 12c session, and present a mini session on PaaS4SaaS in the OTN Cloud stage.

The session was called Forming Your Future Upgrade/Migration to Oracle Fusion
Applications/Oracle Applications Cloud - UGF3179 and is available for downloading.

As I said before OOW, this was not originally my session, but when Kashif Manzoor went to work for Oracle (more...)

OOW15 – More than 12 more on 12c

I talked about this a lot on the run up to OOW, and my 2 minute Top Tech Tip video was one of the top 10 in the weeks leading unto OOW 12 on 12c, and OTN commissioned an Oracle Profit article on some ACE speakers of which this was first, so I did feel we had a lot to live up to, especially as last year’s was so successful.

This year we persuaded Oracle (more...)

OOW 2015 Roundup – Work in Progress

OOW 2015 – Blog Post

As ever I am slow to get the blog posts out, but in my defence you are more likely to read these with all the others already out. My excuse this time is pretty cool, the moment OOW finished I took a short break with Maria Colgan, an equally busy few days, but defiantly sun, sea and sangria margaritas!
Every year I tell you how busy I am going (more...)

OOW15 – UX Advocate

The ACE Director briefings are the Thursday and Friday before OOW, so the Oracle Applications UX day was the Wednesday and one of my favourite days, this is my area, where Oracle are baking the best user experience into their applications.

They talked about the UX enhancements in R10 of the SaaS and best way to understand this is in these 3 blogs HCM, Sales, ERP

In the run up to (more...)

OOW2015 Post Event Vacation

I knew I was staying on after OOW and originally asked my  friend Maria Colgan if I could stay with her, then I thought perhaps I should try and arrange some diving. I was with Maria at Kscope and we were talking about it and I said I was considering trying to find somewhere to dive. She asked where and I said perhaps Hawaii, San Fran is the closest you will get to there. Now (more...)

OOW15 – Oracle – Steady As She Goes

Oracle Open World seems a long time ago although actually less than 10 days and hopefully you have now caught up with all the press, all the video and other peoples commentary and what the messages meant for you.

I particularly liked this article from ForbesVoice, talking about Oracle's journey to Cloud and who their competitors are, digital disruption show up well here, the changes dynamics.

And I love this video advertising Oracle Cloud (more...)

PaaS4SaaS – Marketing v Adoption and catching that Wave

In the run up to Oracle Open World last year there was a lot of talk about PaaS, making the development tools available in the Cloud, and how that meant we could extend the Cloud Applications. This was the area I was most interested in last year, and here we are a year later and there is lots of it on the agenda, albeit none of the ones I submitted, but I'll come back to (more...)

Thinking of Being Brave – Looking for a Volunteer at OOW

Followers of my blog will know I am first up at OOW this year with:

Forming Your Future: Upgrade/Migration to Oracle Fusion Applications/Oracle Applications Cloud [UGF3179]

Learn how Oracle Fusion Applications/Oracle Applications Cloud can influence your future plans for ERP and inform you how to prioritize and decide upgrade and migration activities. Should Oracle E-Business Suite users go to the cloud or just stay current with their Oracle E-Business Suite release? Learn what methods are (more...)

My OOW2015 plans

I have a few rituals, and one is that I put all invites to events at OOW into an email folder and wait till a few weeks before to decide what I am going to do. Then I spend hours with a calendar spreadsheet working out what I can and can't do, making the trade offs and compromises.

Then when I arrive in San Francisco it normally gets thrown out of the window, but at (more...)

Tale of caution, use an expert, it’s worth it in the end

Not only am I not technical, but I can also be unlucky.

When I left my last job, I bought a laptop and all my friends, said no, go MAC you will love it, so much easier, so much better. Then about 10 months later, a disaster I still have cold sweats about, I left my rucksack on a train and lost my PC. Determined to turn the situation positive I decided to buy a (more...)

What are Certus Up To at OOW15?

The Certus Team going to OOW is 5 people including our speaking customer Richard Summerfield, the Group HR Director of JT Global. 

Although I am the 'junior' I am up first. And when I say first I mean first session of the whole event!

Forming Your Future: Upgrade/Migration to Oracle Fusion Applications/Oracle Applications Cloud [UGF3179]
Learn how Oracle Fusion Applications/Oracle Applications Cloud can influence your future plans for ERP and inform you how (more...)