2018 Sangam – A Tale of Two Journeys

A few weeks ago, when posting I was going to Sangam I talked about my Yathra trip which whilst I loved the conferences, I hated the travel!

I have always been a nervous passenger on roads. In fact I am a real pathetic person, who used to hide behind the sofa when Dr Who was on, and have never come out from there. I can’t watch horror or sci-fi films and even dramas I close (more...)

2018 South Africa Oracle User Group

This was an amazing conference from the South African User group.

I have spoken before in South Africa, the first time in 2013 there were several hundred attendees and then they went through some tough times, but the passion never left and a few people have resurrected the event. Last year was good and this year they have done it all themselves, no outsourcing, all themselves and they excelled themselves.

Wolfgang the Conference Organiser

The (more...)

2018 SAOUG The Travel Blog

I flew out overnight from London arriving very early in Johannesburg. 

This was my first time in a 787 Dreamliner and I was not impressed. I paid myself for an upgrade to premium economy and although the space was OK the lack of restrooms in this cabin was a real letdown. In fact you had to walk all the way through economy to the very few shared facilities in the rear. The pilot said (more...)

Not a Natural Born Speaker – some Tips

I love presenting, but I believe it is my passion for the content that delivers it, not any natural born ability.

I am very lucky I don't suffer from nerves, well not about the actual speaking, more 'will anyone be interested in what I have to say?' I have taken to bribing at overseas conferences, bring a tub of quality street and everyone wants to hear your story. In America I have the added (more...)

A busy Few Weeks Presenting…………

With my trip to Oracle Open World over,  the 2nd of the two busy periods in the User Group Calendar is  upon us, (the other one being April / May).

However as this year's OOW was late it's now a jam-packed calendar for the rest of the year.

Obviously the biggest and best this time of year is UKOUG. I'm the Apps Lead again and really excited about this year. We are trying to not (more...)

My EMEA Short Talk – WhichInstance?

My contribution to the EMEA ACEs Short Talks is a very old story and could be about the time I stopped being Technical.

We are taking almost 20 years ago when I was an E Business Suite Support manager in Fujitsu.

A customer had a problem where one off payments were not generating cheques (that is the correct English spelling of check).

Despite raising a TAR (the old word for SR, a Technical Assistance Request) (more...)

2018 OOW – EMEA ACEs Short Talks

I blogged about this year's planned session before OOW.

We had a great cloud and the laughter was infectious. 

Michelle Malcher was our timekeeper and did very well, most people were so scared of going over their 4 minutes they finished early, in fact all people except Simon Haslam who went for a double slot.

At the end Michelle claimed EMEA credentials as she used to work in Germany and closed the session we (more...)

2018 OOW – Final Thoughts

I thought it was a great OOW. It seemed more joined up in the messages, across their entire portfolio.

I did think it was smaller but that its not a bad thing.

I loved Larry, he seemed less scripted than in recent years, it was Larry at his best. 

All parts of the conference, sessions, exhibitions, CodeOne, all were closer together and enabled delegates to move more easily between them.

I have a folder full (more...)

2018 OOW – Off Piste Fun

Despite how busy OOW is, I love it. I try and pace myself to get through the week, and try to get to bed at a reasonable time each night.

The conference party at AT&T Park was great fun, as you can see from this video of Alex, Roel and Chris Saxon (AskTom). I like this venue, we can walk to and from it, and having a special ACE area is a lovely treat.

'The (more...)

2018 – Women in Technology

My dream is that as a topic WIT or any diversity category will not warrant a posting in the future.

Signs were good this year at one point in the CodeOne Developers' lounge I had to queue in the Ladies restroom!

At Oracle HQ I met with one of my favourite ladies, Maria Colgan. She had some chocolate giveaways for her sessions. How cool when you have your own candy!

There are so any great (more...)

2018 OOW – Usergroups

This was my first year at OOW without being a usergroup leader, although I am still very much involved.

UKOUG did have a meetup but I wasn’t able to attend, hope it was fun. 

This year the usergroup area was in the centre of the exhibition which is such an improvement on other years. This year there were no EOUC people manning the stand but I did install a UKOUG virtual assistant! Actually, (more...)

2018 OOW – #PaaS4SaaS Thoughts

I have always had an interest in #PaaS4SaaS, both the integration capabilities but especially the ability to extend the SaaS applications. Within Accenture I think I will be doing even more of this and I'm quite excited about this continuing opportunity. 

The partner advisory council before OOW, updates in the ACE briefing and the partner round table I attended on the Thursday, all enforced my belief we are at a tipping point.

All new (more...)

2018 OOW – Certus part of Accenture

When OOW call for papers was on, I worked for Certus but just 3 weeks before the event we became part of Accenture. This was announced in May but as staff we didn't move until 1st October. Tim Warner and I were the only Certus people attending.

This meant a new logo as we are keeping the brand.

On the Sunday I went to my first Accenture meeting. This was an Alliance meeting and it (more...)

2018 OOW – ACE Director

The Oracle ACE Director briefings were on Saturday and they were really good. Whit they covered everything from database to development and each of them talked about the relevance to apps, so I was very happy. I love these sessions, not my normal topics, but I think it is important that we all have a wider understanding than our narrow field of expertise. 

Sunday evening, we had our community dinner out at Fisherman’s wharf. (more...)

2018 OOW – Fun in the City

I managed to get a lift into the city with the groundbreaker ambassadors who had their briefing at HQ.  Then it was 7 nights in a hotel. 

If I stay more than 5 nights anywhere (including home) I like to have flowers, and when I arrived there were beautiful flowers in my room from my friend Dina Blaschczok.

I shared my room with Michelle Malcher and we had an amazing room on the 28 (more...)

2018 OOW – Before the party starts

In the past there have been briefing sessions at Redwood Shores (Oracle HQ) in the days leading up to OOW. These few days are of more value to me than the actual conference, and although the ACE briefing was in town this time on Saturday I still had a Partner Advisory Council on the Friday and had arranged a number of meetings for the Thursday.

It doesn't matter how many times I go to Redwood (more...)

2018 OOW – My Oracle Open World

I said I was going to be busy, but even I under estimated this year’s OOW. 

My Travel to OOW was quite a simple journey for me, flight to Belfast and then onto San Francisco. 

My neighbour on the long flight did think he had a right to half of my foot well, luckily it wasn’t too small a space and I sit quite still but it was really annoying. 

Oracle Open World – My Annual Jamboree!

Normally before I travel to Oracle Open World, I would post what I intend to get up to there; and it would always start with how I wear so many hats ...

This year is no different, I am just as busy, in fact so much so, I’ve now arrived in San Francisco and only now posting my plans.

This year I’ve been employee of Accenture for just 20 days. I’m still learning all of their (more...)

ODC Appreciation Day : Perseverance

Perseverance is a skill that you need when your career is an IT. My problem is that I struggle with the sheer amount of time that technology eats up.

I’ve been known to put off getting a new laptop and even phone because of the amount of time it takes to set it all up and migrate everything across. Even if you use some clever cloud backup, chances are you have to re-enter all the (more...)

180925 SPOUG – Not so much Cloud – Lots of Wind

I am a very blessed person, speaking at conferences has given me the opportunity to see so many places and experience many things I would normally never have tried.

SPOUG - Spain was no exception. This was their first conference for some time and they had an amazing day at an indoor sky diving centre! And yes I did have a go.

Madrid is a beautiful city, and even at the end of September it (more...)