2017OOW – Delivering People Excellence for DHL

DHL Logistics are a Certus Customer rolling out Core HCM globally. The first phase of two customers goes live in just a few weeks so this was a very current story.

DHL Supply Chain is part of the world’s leading postal and logistics company, Deutsche Post DHL Group, and it has embarked on an ambitious HCM cloud project. Currently, DHL has several different solutions around the world, many of which are based on Oracle E-Business (more...)

2017OOW – Volunteering

Wow what an amazing day this was!

When I wrote my pre-open world blog I didn't have anything planned for Saturday but I knew that would change and then Michelle Kolbe tweeted me and suggested that I should volunteer for JavaOne for Kids,  so I did.

I'm certainly not technical so I really wasn't sure what I would be able to do but they said they needed room monitors, people who could just help (more...)

2017OOW – ACE Director Briefing

This year the ACE Director briefings were a little bit different.

There was a single day of content, and as we walked to HQ, I guess we were all worried that we were walking towards our own execution. There had been a number of changes to the program which sometimes looked as if funding was being cut or more difficult to get, and with the creation of the new Developer Champions Program; were we on (more...)

2017OOW – Travel and Hotels

It may just be me, but my travel could be a soap opera; there are always challenges and frustrations. During my trip I have been told I am very British and underplay challenges, so what I actually mean is you need to be a relaxed person or have your own techniques for surviving.

Twitter may be my technique, nothing like a public rant to let off steam!

Complaining is also a very British pastime. 


2017OOW – EOUC Short Talks

I wrote a lot about these before the event, and gave statistics based on pulling it together.

On the day, I always worry, will the technology be up to it? But most of all will people turn up for it?

This year, Oracle 'hijacked' User Group Sunday with 'complimentary content', and then the session before us was moved with just 10 minutes notice because one of these sessions had a larger number of (more...)