OTN Yathra 2014 – The Taj Mahal

This was the only free day of the tour for sightseeing, and Murali, Hans, Raj and myself set off for the Taj Mahal; just 3 hours late because our taxi went to the Crowne Plaza in Delhi not Noida!

This journey was great, a toll road with a set speed limit, which it appears we broke constantly, and the road was littered with signs saying 'speeding invites prosecution' and other witty suggestions. Then we reached Agra and I experienced (more...)

OTN Yathra 2014 – Start of the Journey – Not my Best

I was planning to go to the Philippines on vacation and would join the tour at the 2nd stop Noida (near Delhi) on the 19th February, however when Murali said we would have a trip to the Taj Mahal on that day I changed my mind and flew into Delhi a day early.

In the Philippines I was reminded of my hatred of bad traffic and the journey to the airport for the return leg to Singapore had (more...)

OTN Yathra – Setting the scene

As ever I am late with my blog postings and that swot Tim Hall has been posting his daily and getting all the credit from OTN so I need to get a move on. This post will keep being linked from as I post the various parts.

The opportunity to travel to India with OTN is something I have really wanted to do, my grandmother grew up in India and my mother was born there; (more...)

What Have I Been Up To?

In October I announced I was leaving Fujitsu, and I guess I have been quite quiet since then, so what have I been up to?

At first my intention was to look for another corporate employer but every time I talked to friends the same discussion happened, people thought I should be working for myself as an independent consultant on where Oracle could help an organisation achieve its strategy.

 I thought about it a lot, 25 years with (more...)


In my last post I talked about presentations I am doing this year and I realise that one of my main drives is talking about what Oracle call AppAdvantage which was launched at Oracle Open World.

This concept is the understanding of what business issues can be delivered using Fusion Middleware, something that I am really interested in, because Fusion Applications are the ultimate incarnation of this.

I haven't written much about AppAdvantage on this (more...)

Please Use Your Vote For UKOUG

It's the annual voting for UKOUG and as a director I urge you to vote, but as Debra Lilley I want you to vote for me.

Times have been hard at UKOUG, a lot of change as we get the right model for the community and as previously shared it is constantly difficult to achieve everything we do within the financial challenges we have.

 At UKOUG we rely on volunteers and because life changes (more...)

Conference Speaking First Half 2014

Thanks to Roel Hartman and his latest post 'Where'sWally' I have been motivated to list my speaking calendar for the first half of 2014, and as Markus Eisele (@myfear) recently tweeted 'My 2013 conference calendar: lanyrd.com/profile/myfear… quite impressive year for it being "just a hobby" :)'

My first conference is in Nodia on 19th February, near Delhi which is the 2nd stop of the #otnyathra ACE tour. We visit several cities working west (more...)

The Importance of Winter Sunshine

Many of us would love a wee holiday in the sun in January, if like me you live somewhere when winter comes calling at that time of the year. So a trip to Oracle HQ at Redwood Shores where the temperature although chilly for Californians is a balmy 18’-19’ C is my winter bliss. How do I manage this then?

 Oracle has an independent user group model which means there are simply too many, (more...)

The next generation of IT professionals

In a previous blog posting I mentioned I had been asked to help with mentoring the Go-Berserk team in Northern Ireland. They don’t actually need much to help them but it’s a fantastic initiative to help inspire young people and with what they can do in IT. This is a (more...)

Today I left Fujitsu

Today I left Fujitsu.

A very difficult choice, I have been with them for almost 25 years and they have given me a great career. Like all large corporations there are regular re-organisations and this has often led to me having new opportunities and learning, but recent changes mean (more...)