OTNTourLA 2016 – Mexico

Oracle User Group Mexico 

One of the problems of travelling with Tim Hall (there are many more) is that he always gets his blog out first, and I  have to struggle to write something different. Tim described the event as a mini Oracle Open World, and that is exactly how it looked, all red and white with a central marquee that was surrounded by the breakout rooms and the main hall. 

A partner (more...)

OTNTourLA 2016 – Costa Rica

Costa Rica User Group 

This was my third user group event in Costa Rica, first in 2012 and again in 2014, on both those occasions I had the chance to explore the country, which in part made up for the fact that this was a flying visit. Arriving Tuesday afternoon, speaking Wednesday, leaving Thursday morning.

The journey to Costa Rica was quite uneventful, and it wasn’t too long in the taxi to the hotel, which (more...)

OTNTourLA 2016 – Panama

This was my second visit to OUG Panama

Their President Edgardo Sanchez was a fantastic host, I didn’t realise when I accepted his invitation to dinner on the Saturday evening I was the only person in town, but he took me with his family to Tinajas a very traditional Panamanian restaurant that included an amazing show with all the costumes and dancing indigenous to Panama.

On the Sunday Edgardo took Alexis Lopez from Columbia, his (more...)

OTNTourLA – Before we started

First stop on the tour was Panama, and I took the opportunity to go a few days earlier and mix business with pleasure and go diving.

I wanted to dive in two oceans in one day, however their rainy seasons has over run and that means rivers are running into the ocean and bringing lots of mud with it. This creates poorer visibility but I don't care, I live in N Ireland and seeing my (more...)

OTN Latin America Tour 2016


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This is my 5th Latin America Tour, I am so privileged to have those opportunities, an employer who sees the value and no family at home to moan about me being away.

This year I am on the North Tour, I did this tour in 2014:

1st       Panama 
3rd       Costa Rica
5th       Mexico

OUG Scotland – 22 June

When Scotland Events were first started they tended to be held in Edinburgh or Glasgow in hotels, the more traditional conference venue.

Then when Oracle bought Sun and that came with Linlithgow they wanted to show it off and invited us to hold the events there. But once they started to fill Llinithgo and convert it into one of the first Cloud Data Centres there was less and less room. As Dermot Murray said as (more...)

AMIS25 Beyond The Horizon

In the Hackathon blog I explained I had already been signed up for AMIS25. I only had one presentation on Digital Disruption in the Oracle World, and so was prepared to fund the trip myself, until the Hackathon came along; I knew it would be great.

I love the dutch ACEs. For some reason The Netherlands embrace technology ahead of the curve. If you look at the APEX or ADF masters there is a (more...)

OTN Developer Challenge

I had already signed up for the AMIS25 conference so when OTN suggested an ACE Cloud Day on the Wednesday, I thought why not?

It did mean I had to leave ilOUG a day early and transverse Europe as there are no direct flights but I did get 2 hours in Berlin and sneaked in a cheeky currywurst.

Anyway the Cloud Day morphed into a Hackathon, or more correctly renamed later by legal as the (more...)

ilLOUG – Israel 2016

Last weekend I flew to Israel for the 3rd IlOUG tech days. I have been to Tel Aviv twice before but for their business days, more normally suited for a functional apps person. 

I have met Ami Aharonovich many, many times he is the ilOUG president and a very active member of EOUC and IOUC, and way back at the last OOW he asked me if I would be interested, as PaaS4SaaS overlaps (more...)

Debra’s thoughts on Oracle 2016-05-03 12:21:00

Last week I took part in the Turkish User Group conference(TROUG) for the first time and it was also my first visit to Istanbul, I loved both.

Fellow ACE Director Gurchan Orachan and Gökhan Atil have invited me before to Turkey and I was really pleased this year that the timing worked and to OTN who agreed to fund my travel through the ACE program.

The event took part in a Technical (more...)