Tradition and Innovation: EOUC Short Talks at OOW17

Three years ago Ralf Koelling from the DOAG suggested that the EOUC use one or two of their small allocation of usergroup sessions at OOW17 to showcase more of the wonderful talent we have in EMEA.

At the time people were talking about the upcoming 12c Database and since lots of DBAs were at OOW anyway with the ACE Director Program we reached out and said would they like to do a short talk (more...)

Blockchain – this year’s big thing in Apps?

My last post 'Mind the Gap' talked about that marketing to adoption process. And this year I think for me it will be Blockchain.

Remember when every presentation on Cloud, or Big Data or Digital started with a definition? Well expect that, and in the run up to OOW I have been reading lots of articles so I at least arrive semi educated.

Wikipedia says 'A blockchain facilitates secure online transactions.A (more...)

Mind The Gap – Marketing to Adoption – It’s Fun

I'm getting ready for Oracle Open World, what do I need to do? What do I need to Learn? Where do I need to be? Who do I need to see?

Every day, every hour my mailbox has another invite or marketing email, and the diary is getting busier and busier. 

I love OOW, it is about Oracle showing their roadmap, and marketing their current portfolio. As a partner I want to be (more...)

I Need You – Well if you are an ACE or Dev Champion from EMEA going to OOW

User Group Sunday is a much loved kick off to the magic that is Oracle Open World.

Usergroups are given sessions to fill and for the whole of Europe, Middle East and Africa we only get 16 sessions, which doesn't really do justice to all the amazing speakers we have in the region. So 4 years ago a idea was hatched to try and showcase as many as possible by having a couple of quick (more...)

Please Vote for Certus – I wish I could

Asking for your vote again, for the 2017 UKOUG Partner of the Year Awards.

Certus have been very successful in these awards, but not only do I think they deserve them, I think it tells their story. 

When Certus was born in 2012, the intent was to be a Cloud Applications partner. A new product, a new company, a new partnership and above all a new community of customers.

Their first year with (more...)