2017OOW – EOUC Short Talks

I wrote a lot about these before the event, and gave statistics based on pulling it together.

On the day, I always worry, will the technology be up to it? But most of all will people turn up for it?

This year, Oracle 'hijacked' User Group Sunday with 'complimentary content', and then the session before us was moved with just 10 minutes notice because one of these sessions had a larger number of (more...)

2017OOW – It’s a wrap

Another Oracle Open World is over, and for a taster of what I got up to, here is my Storify of #oow17 

My summary of #OOW17

Before #OOW17 I shared my planning thoughts
         What to expect from the EOUC Short Talks
        The statistics behind the EOUC short talk speakers

Now it is over here are my individual posts:

ACE Director
OOW Messages
Certus Solutions (more...)

Update on the Family Tree

The Oracle Family has grown, we have adopted a new son, Gerald Venzl.
If you don't understand, the fun Oracle Family here is the original story.

This was Tim's idea, although I am 100% behind the decision, I was shocked as we had decided that Heli (from Finland) was more than enough.

So here is a new family tree because even we are confused. In fact Maria is very confused and thinks that makes Gerald (more...)

My In-Memory Skills – Being a column rather than a row

Recently I have been thinking more about my skill set. 

I step down from the UKOUG board in March and the appointments board who are looking for candidates have asked what skills are needed and I am trying to articulate those I have.

The question about 'what I actually do?' is often asked:

Just last night I was speaking to a senior customer and an Oracle Account Manager introduced me as Certus' "Face" (more...)

This is not an easy Job

According to Leading Clever People by Rob Goffee & Gareth Jones 

"If clever people have one defining characteristic, it is that they do not want to be led"

Well that is how I feel about my role in the EOUC Short Talks at Oracle Open World.

This year we have:

     EOUC Database ACES Share Their Favorite Database Things
     Sunday, Oct 01, 10:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.