Introduction to EclipseLink

Doug Clarke has written a nice article that introduces EclipseLink.

EJB 3 Stateless bean Web service in WebLogic Server

I recently got some questions from customers about the procedure for deploying EJB 3 Session Bean Web service in WebLogic 10. In this blog, I will outline the steps.

First develop your EJB3 session bean web service as follows:

serviceName="PlaceBidService", portName = "PlaceBidPort",
targetNamespace = "")
@SOAPBinding(style = (more...)

EJB 3, JPA, Web Services and Spring Examples for WebLogic Server

Finally I was able to complete porting of all book examples of EJB 3 In Action to run on WebLogic Server.

You can download these from here

These contain a host of examples on EJB 3, JPA, Web Services and Spring Framework. Now we have complete examples for four servers: (more...)

EJB 3 Dependency Injection Refcard

I wrote a Reference Card on EJB 3 Dependency Injection for Developer Zone. This is a quick reference card that describes metadata annotations and XML descriptor elements that you use for injecting resources and services.

You can access this reference card for free from Developer Zone at

EJB 3 In Action Code Examples on WebLogic 10

In my previous blog, I made the code examples available for first four chapters of EJB 3 In Action for WebLogic 10. However I did not provide you instructions to run these examples (Chapter 2-4) for WebLogic 10.

Chapter 2 example has a stateless session bean, stateful session bean, (more...)