Create a Success Message using Dynamic Action – Second

You can extend this simple example by adding a counter to it and close it after the specified number of seconds:

var my_counter = 5;

var success_message = $('#P299_MESSAGE').val() + '<br/>' +
'This message will close in ' +
'<span id="my_sec">' + my_counter + '</span>' + ' seconds.';

Create a Success Message using Dynamic Action

This simple example is showing how to create a success message using dynamic actions. One thing needs to be mentioned though. The last one of the three actions depends on your current template:

var success_message = $('#P299_MESSAGE').val();

$('.t10messages').append('<div class="t10messages"><div class="t10success"
style="display: block;"></div></div>');

Enable and Disable a Checkbox in a Tabular Form

This simple example is showing how to use a simple checkbox column in a tabular form to enable/disable or check/uncheck another checkbox column.

APEX Tabular Form – Instant Update

Yesterday an interesting question regarding tabular forms, collections and instant updates was asked in the Oracle APEX Forum. This example in my Demo Application shows how you can create a tabular form based on a collection and update this collection instantly. The whole example consists of three main parts:

1. (more...)

Getting Interactive Report Query

I know this is nothing new but I had a hard time to find this out. In one of my projects I needed the exact query of an interactive report in order to save the data into a PL/SQL collection. I tried using the provided IR Application Views but those (more...)

Moving Elements in a Cascading Shuttle

Since APEX 4.0 cascading feature is a part of the standard. Not only a "normal" select list can be cascading but also a shuttle element. In this example I am showing how to filter a shuttle box and move the filtered values to the right side using just one (more...)

CLOB Plugin

There is a new plugin available which makes it possible to save and render contents larger than 32k. This limitation was one of the most critical in APEX. I remember several projects where we had to create workarrounds to solve that issue. Now, there is no need to write your (more...)

APEX Deep Linking, Authentication and Special Characters

It seem that there is a bug in APEX regarding deep linking, authentication and parsing special characters. See this thread. In this example I am showing a simple workarround which could be also applied in other similar situations where you need to transfer information using URL.

jQuery – my first functions

I still remember how hard it was to make something like this working before the APEX version 4.0. You needed to create a function and then attach it to each column in your tabular form. Debugging and making changes is the next issue you had to think about. Now, (more...)

Select List with Dynamic LOV and ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small

If you need to create a dynamic SQL for a select list or any other type of a LOV, your query should not exceed 4000 characters. In case it does, you will get the "ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small" error. That is the internal (more...)

Formating and Exporting a Report Column

Sometimes you need to format a report column and if you need to do that in the report SQL, you will be faced with a problem while exporting the report - the formatted values will be exported 1:1 and you will see those ugly html tags among the exported data. (more...)

APEX Collections and Joins

APEX Collections is one of the best features of APEX. There are situations where solutions wouldn't be possible if this feature would not be available. However, the collections have some limitations. One of the limitations is if you need to store number values and use those values to join a (more...)

Upgrade to APEX – First Impressions

Today one of my customers upgraded their APEX 4.0 to The whole process was completed without any issues. After the upgrade there was only one problem we could notice. Our translated applications didn't work for the other languages then the primary language. Trying to (more...)

Reading a file from an URL and storinig it as a BLOB

In this example at you can se how you can use an URL (which normaly provides a save/download dialog for saving or opening a document) to store the document directly in your own table as a BLOB. Unfortunatelly the ACL settings at do not (more...)

Oracle and APEX

This is the text of an email I received as a response after creating an account for my workspace and my demo application at

"Thank you so much. Oracle and APEX has the most amazing network of help and solutions. It is impressive."

APEX Training 15.04. – 17.04.2013

Wie jedes Jahr in den letzten sechs Jahren, veranstalten wir (Dietmar Aust und ich) unser

Oracle APEX: Knowhow aus der Praxis


Training in Bensheim an der Bergstrasse. Wir werden unsere bisherigen Themen überarbeiten und einige neue Themen hinzufügen. So werde ich auch folgende neue Themen in das Programm (more...)