Classic Report – Preserve Pagination after PPR

In this example you can see how easy it is to preserve report pagination after PPR. With a little jquery coding you can attach a function to the pagination request and this way "document" where the pagination goes. After a report refresh you may read those values and paginate back (more...)

SQL Developer 4.0

I personally didn't like SQL Developer because of it's clumsy java interface and found TOAD much better. Now, the version 4.0 looks more professional, cleaner and nicer. The new look and feel has been improved a lot. You can now reorder editor tabs without any side effects. SQL Developer (more...)

APEX Listener and Excel Upload

If you are using APEX Listener version 2.0, you can download a sample application here. In this application I am showing how to:

1. create an excel upload page
2. manage multiple excel sheets after upload

This new APEX Listener feature is great and I hope they will extend (more...)

APEX and Session State Protection

Prior to configuring Session State Protection in your applications you need to be aware of one important thing. Setting it up and configuring the settings will change the settings for all the items in your application - even if the items were protected before that change using some other protection (more...)

Meine Präsentation bei Orbit – Oracle Day

Am 18.09.2013 organisiert die Firma Orbit eine Verantstalltung mit dem Namen "Oracle Day". Der Titel meiner Präsentation ist "APEX – Applikationen im Expressverfahren". Die Agenda ist ziemlich interessant und umfasst viele Themen bezüglich Backup-Strategien, APEX, Geodatenverarbeitung und Business Intelligence-Lösungen. Die Agenda kann hier gefunden werden. Die Veranstaltung ist (more...)

APEX Presentations September and October

September and October 2013 are going to be tough. I am supposed to hold five presentations all together. Here is the schedule and the presentation titles:

04.09.2013 - MT AG (Ratingen, Germany) - "My Demo Application - die wohl populärste APEX Demo Anwendung"

18.09.2013 - Orbit (more...)

About Website Programming

I found this picture on this web page:

It is funny but true.

Oracle APEX 4.2 New Features und Tipps aus der Praxis

Unser nächster Kurs wird im November, am 11.11 und 12.11 in Bensheim stattfinden. Das Thema ist ziemlich spannend - APEX 4.2 New Features und unsere Erfahrungen aus der Praxis mit der neuen Version. Wir werden diesmal sehr viel über dem APEX Listener, Einsatz von jQuery und über (more...)

Create a Success Message using Dynamic Action – Second

You can extend this simple example by adding a counter to it and close it after the specified number of seconds:

var my_counter = 5;

var success_message = $('#P299_MESSAGE').val() + '<br/>' +
'This message will close in ' +
'<span id="my_sec">' + my_counter + '</span>' + ' seconds.';

Create a Success Message using Dynamic Action

This simple example is showing how to create a success message using dynamic actions. One thing needs to be mentioned though. The last one of the three actions depends on your current template:

var success_message = $('#P299_MESSAGE').val();

$('.t10messages').append('<div class="t10messages"><div class="t10success"
style="display: block;"></div></div>');

Enable and Disable a Checkbox in a Tabular Form

This simple example is showing how to use a simple checkbox column in a tabular form to enable/disable or check/uncheck another checkbox column.