UK Oracle Users Group hosts ADF Mobile event

| Apr 29, 2013

The UK Oracle Users Group is hosting an ADF Mobile specific SIG on May 21st in the London city office.  Topics include device integration, security, web service development for mobile and user experience.

Check this link for more information!

Seats are limited so register soon!

Invoking custom Javascript from AMX pages

| Mar 7, 2013

In this edition of the ADF Mobile blog I'll tackle a topic that many have asked about.  How to invoke a custom Javascript method from an AMX page.  We'll also cover how to call back to Java from the same Javascript method.

Adding the custom Javascript to your AMX

To include a javascript file to an AMX feature, you need to go to Content tab of the adfmf-feature.xml.  This lets you include a javascript or CSS file.  In this case, we'll be including our custom javacript file.

Invoking the Javascript from a Java handler

From (more...)