EDN Debugging

| Mar 10, 2013

I have a customer asked me about how to debug EDN. This blog will show you how to debug EDN and the tools that can be used to debug EDN.

1. Using EDN-DB-LOG

EDN comes with a useful EDN DB logging servlet to view logging information generated by the EDN component. It is only available for END-DB which is based on AQ, it will not work for EDN with JMS. The servlet uses a table called “EDN_LOG_MESSAGES” in SOA_INFRA schema. It logs the operation on “main” operation of event_queue and oaoo-queue with timestamp information.

The default URL is http://<host_name>:<port_number>/soa-infra/events/edn-db-log(more...)

Mediator Instance Tracking

| Mar 4, 2013

Mediator supports three modes for instance tracking by changing the audit level in Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control-Mediator Properties

  1. Off - No instance tracking for successfully completed instances and faulted instances are created even in this mode.
  2. Production -  Instance tracking is on for all the instances and payloads are not captured.
  3. Development - Instance tracking is on for all the instances and payloads are also captured.
When Mediator receives a massage, it creates a mediator instance, then one or more case instance will be created depends on the number of routing rule in the Mediator Case (more...)