PeopleTools Client with Wine

One of the shortcommings to using Ubuntu Linux as my main OS is not being able to run Application Designer. Using Wine, I am now able to run it on my laptop. If you were to translate the Ubuntu specific commands over to Oracle Linux and install an XWindows desktop on the PUM, you could get App Designer running there, too.

Installing Wine

I installed Wine with these commands.

sudo apt-get install --install-recommends wine
sudo  (more...)

Pinging and Posting from PeopleCode

I had a need to Ping a server to see if the server could get to it.  I also tried to post to it.  This code could be helpful for others, so I want to share it.  A post should normally go through the Integration Broker, but I first developed it at a time when I had a product that was supposed to go on servers with diverse versions of Integration Broker.

The Ping code (more...)