Increase post back size in Glassfish

I created a small mobile APEX app for my football team where they can upload pictures to the app.

Sometimes saving the picture worked, sometimes it didn't. If it didn't work I hit the following error: "Post too large". It turned out that my Max Post Size in Configurations - server-config - Network Config - Network Listeners - http-listener-1 under HTTP was set too small.

After increasing it worked like a charm.

Start learning a new Oracle technology

I found it very interesting to read Tom Kyte's New Year resolutions for 2014.

"Learn something new about Oracle almost every day"

"Learn a new technology outside the comfortable realm of Oracle Database".

Resolutions I try to follow myself every year...

I love to try and integrate different technologies with Oracle APEX. Looking back at the last two years, just from the Oracle stack alone, in 2012 I played around integrating APEX with E-Business (more...)

Getting started with Oracle Application Express (APEX)

There're still people just starting with APEX, so here's a quick post which might help them.

On there's a nice section about how to get started with Oracle APEX.

I think most important is to just start and play with APEX. Creating an account on (more...)

Time to update your APEX development environment

In the last days (and weeks) Oracle has been updating many of the tools a typical APEX Developer uses day-in-day-out.

Here's a graphical overview of a typical APEX configuration:

Following desktop tools got updated:

  • my favourite connection to the Oracle database
  • a great SQL and PL/SQL (more...)

Fix Inbox mail issue in Mavericks

When updating my OS X to Mavericks, the Mail app started to behave differently for my GMail (Google Apps) accounts.

Whenever I moved a message from my Inbox to a folder the message wasn't removed from my Inbox. On the forum and on some sites (e.g. DigitalTrends) the (more...)

APEX book: Oracle APEX 4.2 Reporting

A few weeks ago a new Oracle APEX book was released called Oracle APEX 4.2 Reporting by Vishal Pathak.

I was one of the reviewers of the book and I really liked the content. The book covers many different areas of APEX and combines it with other knowledge (SQL, (more...)

APEX 4.2.3 available for download

A new patch set of Oracle Application Express (APEX) is available for download, the latest version of APEX is now

As we are used to patch releases; it contains bug fixes, updated external libraries and updated or new packaged applications. This release is not different; for (more...)

APEX Mobile – iPhone 5 Web App in Fullscreen

The default Mobile Theme (50) in APEX renders just fine in Safari. It uses the full height of my iPhone 5, but when I added the app to my Home screen and ran it from there, it didn't render in fullscreen mode.

Turns out that the iPhone 5 doesn't like (more...)

Make APEX Plugin source read/write

I really like the Flot Pie Chart plugin that came with the APEX sample applications (see this blog post in which apps this plugin is used).

But when I wanted to make changes to it, I couldn't... the PL/SQL Code was read-only.

To make the source read/write again you need (more...)

Upgrade Oracle DB 11gR2 with APEX to 12c

Now that Oracle Database 12c is available I upgraded my VM to try it out. The installation went very smooth and I was up-and-running in no time!

My virtual machine had Oracle 11gR2 installed with the latest patch of APEX 4.2.

Here are the steps I followed:
- downloaded (more...)

OTN Forums updated

Today the OTN Forums where updated. The site is still in read-only mode as they are fixing some issues. 

This is how the new APEX Forum looks like:

I need to get used to this new look and feel, but it looks more up-to-date design wise.

You can expand (more...)

My thought on APEX 5.0 plans

The below content is based on a David Peake's presentation at APEX World 2013.

The below are plans for APEX 5.0, not marked in stone objectives... So there are no promises it will all make it in APEX 5.0 and things might be different in the final (more...)

Goodies – APEX 4.2.2 included Libraries

External libraries are typically used to extend APEX so you (and the APEX development team) don't need to build certain features from scratch. 

One of the advantages of applying the latest patches is that the external libraries that come with APEX carry an update too. Most known examples of (more...)

Oracle Database 12c and APEX

The below content is based on a David Peake's presentation at OOW 2012 and APEX World 2013.

As the Oracle Database 12c is not out yet at the time of writing, note that things might be different in the final product.

The Oracle Database 12c is a major release in Oracle (more...)

APEX Ice Cream – Oracle ACE Cookbook

The warm days are coming... time for some APEX Ice Cream! 

People in my close environment, they know I can't resist ice cream and chocolate! 
So what I did was I bought a real ice cream machine, so I could make my ice cream myself :-)

The different (more...)

Goodies – APEX 4.2.2 Sample and Packaged Apps

After reading Michael Hichwa's blog post about APEX 4.2.2 where he mentions the patch set includes a major upgrade of all 18 productivity and all 16 database sample applications, I decided to install all of them again and check them out.

Those apps are a great way to (more...)

Importing APEX Team Development Feedback from TEST to DEV (on same instance)

One of the great features in APEX is Team Development. It was introduced in APEX 4.0 and I already blogged about it before, so if you don't know what it is, have a look at my previous post first.

This post is about exporting the feedback from your other (more...)