Deprecated Functionality for WebLogic Server

| Nov 18, 2019
Since around 6 weeks the last Oracle WebLogic Server Release is available and I got some spare time to read the necessary documentations.

In the "What's new Guide" I found 2 interesting deprecated features, which weren't announced somewhere else.

Meaning of deprecated features (source MOS Note 888028.1)

Oracle Fusion Middleware deprecation process is to announce a feature deprecated in a given (more...)

OGB Appreciation Day: What I appreciate and what I would like to appreciate

| Oct 10, 2019
It's time again for the OGB Appreciation Day #ThanksOGB (formerly known as #ThanksOTN and #ThanksODC) initiated by Tim Hall

At first, what I appreciate from Oracle:

WOW, We have a new Fusion Middleware Release :-) after nearly waiting for 2 years ! 
As my main focus is on WebLogic and Oracle Forms & Reports, I already had a closer look on this stuff and I must say, that (more...)

Oracle Forms – New Security Handling for userid

| Oct 1, 2019
In the latest Oracle Forms Release, Oracle has implemented a new cool feature for security handling of the userid parameter.

Classically within the formsweb.cfg you are defining your section for your Forms Application, e.g.


# The values for userid are provided in cleartext

Now, with Oracle Forms (more...)

Oracle Reports – Create a Standalone Reports Server

| Sep 30, 2019
On Friday, 27th September 2019, Oracle released the latest Version of Oracle Forms & Reports (see my blog post

As I already created an Oracle Forms & Reports environment, it's now time to have a look on the Oracle Reports environment.

As usual, after you have successfully installed and configured your Oracle Forms & Reports (more...)

Oracle Forms & Reports – First Look

| Sep 28, 2019
Yesterday I was blogging about the new Oracle Forms & Reports Release.

Today I got some spare time to install and configure the latest Oracle Forms & Reports Release on one of my test VM's.

My configuration is as follows:
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.4
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition 19.3
  • Oracle Server JRE 8u221
  • Oracle WebLogic Infrastructure 12. (more...)
  • Oracle WebLogic Server available

    | Sep 27, 2019
    Since today the new Oracle WebLogic Server is available for download :-)

    Currently I was just able to find the download under

    But I hope that the Oracle WebLogic Server will be soon available under Oracle Technical Resources (former OTN)

    The documentation is already available under

    As this WebLogic is (more...)

    Oracle Forms & Reports available

    | Sep 27, 2019
    Since today the new long awaited Oracle Forms & Reports Release is available, this is after 2 years now the next release of Oracle Forms & Reports.

    The software can be found under:

    The corresponding documentation can be found under

    As expected the new features are as follows:

    • SSO Support for Forms Standalone Launcher (FSAL)
    • Forms Standalone Launcher (FSAL) (more...)

    OOW19: Oracle Forms News

    | Sep 23, 2019
    Since today many of the Oracle OpenWorld 2019 presentations are available under

    For Oracle Forms & Reports are 2 interesting presentations are available:

    As usual every content from the (more...)

    OOW19: WebLogic News

    | Sep 19, 2019
    During the Oracle Open World 2019 were some announcements regarding Oracle WebLogic Server.

    The last year announced WebLogic Server 19c for Q1/2019 disappeared ...
    There will be no WebLogic Server 13 Release ...

    But there will be:

    • WebLogic Server, which should come up shortly, as usual what shortly means in Oracle terms is not clearly defined :-)
    • The WebLogic Server Release will be the Final Maintenance Release for 12. (more...)

    Oracle’s Always Free Autonomous Database and Cloud Infrastructure

    | Sep 17, 2019
    Yesterday Larry Ellison announced in his keynote during the Oracle Open World 2019 the "Always Free Autonomous Database and Cloud Infrastructure". For more details about it see:

    In short terms, you get a full environment with:
    • 2 Always Free Databases
    • Up to 1 OCPU and 20GB of Storage for each Database
    • SQL Developer Web-based
    • APEX
    • Automatic REST
    • SQL Notebooks for Machine Learning
  • 1 (more...)
  • Oracle 19c Certified for Oracle Fusion Middleware and

    | Jun 28, 2019
    Since a few days Oracle updated the Certified Matrix for the Oracle Fusion Middleware Products concerning certified Oracle Databases.

    Now Oracle 19c (19.3+) is certified with Oracle Fusion Middleware and

    For example Oracle WebLogic Server / can use an Oracle 19c Database as target database for AppData, Repository Creation Utility (RCU) and WLS Features.


    Offline Updating WebLogic Images using Oracle WebLogic Image Tool

    | Jun 27, 2019
    This is next article about the Oracle WebLogic Image Tool, in which I will show you, how to update an existing Oracle WebLogic Server Image in an offline environment (no access to the internet).

    The previous articles can be found under:

    Let's say you have a Docker image with Oracle WebLogic Server (more...)

    Updating WebLogic Images using Oracle WebLogic Image Tool

    | Jun 24, 2019
    On 21st June 2019 I was showing in a blog post the Oracle WebLogic Image Tool and how to create Oracle WebLogic Images on Docker with the Oracle WebLogic Image Tool

    Today, I will show how to update an existing Oracle WebLogic Image on Docker with the Oracle WebLogic Image Tool

    Let's assume, I have one Oracle WebLogic Docker Image named oracle/wls_serverjre:1.0 and (more...)

    Oracle WebLogic Image Tool

    | Jun 21, 2019
    As I am currently working mainly with Oracle Products on Docker (Oracle Databases, Oracle JDK's and Oracle WebLogic Servers) I had a quick look on the Oracle WebLogic Image Tool

    This utility provided by Oracle is creating for you Docker Images of Oracle WebLogic Servers, downloads Patches directly from My Oracle Support and applying these patches into your Docker Image.

    What you will need to do, at first get the Oracle WebLogic Image (more...)

    No more ALTER USER RENAME under Oracle 19c

    | Jun 20, 2019
    Some times ago, I have published a blog series about the undocumented feature "ALTER USER RENAME":
    Now I had some time to test, if this undocumented feature (more...)

    Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio Code

    | Jun 20, 2019
    Since yesterday Oracle published the Visual Studio Code Extension "Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code"

    I am normally not a Microsoft guy, but I have to admit that the Visual Studio Code from Microsoft is really cool, even on my Ubuntu Laptop.

    In order to setup the Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code on Ubuntu you will need to complete following pre-requirements:

    Install at first the .NET Core 2.2 SDK (more...)

    Oracle Database 19c for Windows and Linux on System z available

    | Jun 10, 2019
    Since this weekend the latest Oracle Database 19c (19.3) are also available for Windows (64-bit) and Linux on System z.

    The Installation sources can be found under

    The Windows (64-bit) version can be found under the following link under Oracle Technology Network

    The zLinux version can be found under the following link under Oracle Technology Network

    Happy download :-)

    Oracle 19c for AIX and HP-UX available

    | May 28, 2019
    After Oracle released the Oracle Database 19c (19.3) for Linux and Solaris, now you can download as well the Oracle Database 19c (19.3) for IBM AIX and HP-UX ia64.

    The software can be found under

    Happy download :-)

    Flexible Patching Concept for Optimized WebLogic Image on Docker

    | May 14, 2019
    In the last days I was publishing my Optimized WebLogic Image on Docker Solution, see following links:

    The previous version of my Optimized WebLogic Image was based on fixed patch numbers, so not really flexible.

    My latest update contains now the possibility to apply during the Image build multiple WebLogic Patches, just the OPatch Patch 28186730 is mandatory.

    The latest sources you can find under my GitHub (more...)

    Updated Version of Optimized WebLogic Image on Docker

    | May 9, 2019
    Yesterday I published my solution for an optimized WebLogic Image on Docker ( The yesterdays version was limited to the usage of Oracle Server JRE 8u152, due to an Oracle Bug 27117282.

    So I updated my Optimized Solution, that you can integrate the necessary patches (Patch for OPatch Util and the latest CPU April 2019 for WebLogic, in order that you are able to use (more...)