Oracle 19c Certified for Oracle Fusion Middleware and

Since a few days Oracle updated the Certified Matrix for the Oracle Fusion Middleware Products concerning certified Oracle Databases.

Now Oracle 19c (19.3+) is certified with Oracle Fusion Middleware and

For example Oracle WebLogic Server / can use an Oracle 19c Database as target database for AppData, Repository Creation Utility (RCU) and WLS Features.


Offline Updating WebLogic Images using Oracle WebLogic Image Tool

This is next article about the Oracle WebLogic Image Tool, in which I will show you, how to update an existing Oracle WebLogic Server Image in an offline environment (no access to the internet).

The previous articles can be found under:

Let's say you have a Docker image with Oracle WebLogic Server (more...)

Updating WebLogic Images using Oracle WebLogic Image Tool

On 21st June 2019 I was showing in a blog post the Oracle WebLogic Image Tool and how to create Oracle WebLogic Images on Docker with the Oracle WebLogic Image Tool

Today, I will show how to update an existing Oracle WebLogic Image on Docker with the Oracle WebLogic Image Tool

Let's assume, I have one Oracle WebLogic Docker Image named oracle/wls_serverjre:1.0 and (more...)

Oracle WebLogic Image Tool

As I am currently working mainly with Oracle Products on Docker (Oracle Databases, Oracle JDK's and Oracle WebLogic Servers) I had a quick look on the Oracle WebLogic Image Tool

This utility provided by Oracle is creating for you Docker Images of Oracle WebLogic Servers, downloads Patches directly from My Oracle Support and applying these patches into your Docker Image.

What you will need to do, at first get the Oracle WebLogic Image (more...)

No more ALTER USER RENAME under Oracle 19c

Some times ago, I have published a blog series about the undocumented feature "ALTER USER RENAME":
Now I had some time to test, if this undocumented feature (more...)

Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio Code

Since yesterday Oracle published the Visual Studio Code Extension "Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code"

I am normally not a Microsoft guy, but I have to admit that the Visual Studio Code from Microsoft is really cool, even on my Ubuntu Laptop.

In order to setup the Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code on Ubuntu you will need to complete following pre-requirements:

Install at first the .NET Core 2.2 SDK (more...)

Oracle Database 19c for Windows and Linux on System z available

Since this weekend the latest Oracle Database 19c (19.3) are also available for Windows (64-bit) and Linux on System z.

The Installation sources can be found under

The Windows (64-bit) version can be found under the following link under Oracle Technology Network

The zLinux version can be found under the following link under Oracle Technology Network

Happy download :-)

Oracle 19c for AIX and HP-UX available

After Oracle released the Oracle Database 19c (19.3) for Linux and Solaris, now you can download as well the Oracle Database 19c (19.3) for IBM AIX and HP-UX ia64.

The software can be found under

Happy download :-)

Flexible Patching Concept for Optimized WebLogic Image on Docker

In the last days I was publishing my Optimized WebLogic Image on Docker Solution, see following links:

The previous version of my Optimized WebLogic Image was based on fixed patch numbers, so not really flexible.

My latest update contains now the possibility to apply during the Image build multiple WebLogic Patches, just the OPatch Patch 28186730 is mandatory.

The latest sources you can find under my GitHub (more...)

Updated Version of Optimized WebLogic Image on Docker

Yesterday I published my solution for an optimized WebLogic Image on Docker ( The yesterdays version was limited to the usage of Oracle Server JRE 8u152, due to an Oracle Bug 27117282.

So I updated my Optimized Solution, that you can integrate the necessary patches (Patch for OPatch Util and the latest CPU April 2019 for WebLogic, in order that you are able to use (more...)

Optimized WebLogic Image on Docker

As I am currently busy with optimizing Docker Images for Oracle stuff, I want to share with you my latest optimization for Oracle WebLogic Server as Docker Image.

Under the Oracle GitHub Repository you can find all necessary files to build a Docker Image for Oracle WebLogic 12.2.1.x, which are quite useful, but the disadvantage of this image is the size. The Docker Image will (more...)

No Metrics visible for Standalone Oracle HTTP Server in Cloud Control 13c

Currently I had the problem within Oracle Cloud Control 13c (13.3), that when I added an Oracle HTTP Server Standalone 12.2.1.x, Cloud Control 13c was not able to display any kinds of metrics from the Oracle HTTP Server.

As you can see from the above screenshot, Cloud Control was able to show me the correct status (UP), but Cloud Control could not see any metrics or even no configured Virtual Hosts.


WildFly 16 Docker Image with Oracle JDBC Driver

Today some a bit off-topic from my usual classic Oracle blogpost, but with a bit of Oracle :-)

As more and more of my customers are moving away from Oracle WebLogic Server to JBoss/WildFly, I have create a small Docker Image with WildFly 16 including the Oracle JDBC Driver and a DataSource based on the Oracle JDBC Driver (18.3).

The full showcase you can find in my GitHub Repository

Simply clone the (more...)

Optimizing the Optimized Docker Image for Oracle XE 18c (18.4.0) including Archivelog

On 1st May 2019 I was publishing a solution on how to optimize the Docker image for Oracle XE 18c from 8.7 GB down to 5.41 GB (

In the last 2 days I was playing a bit more with my optimized Docker image for Oracle XE 18c and I was able to downsize the Docker image once again to a current size of 4.02 GB. So (more...)

Oracle 19c for Solaris available

After the availability of the latest Oracle 19c Database for Linux platforms, Oracle has released now the Oracle 19c (19.3) Database for Solaris.

The software can be found under Oracle Technology Network:

Currently there is only the SPARC (64-bit) version available.

Optimized Docker Image for Oracle XE 18c (18.4.0) including Archivelog

In my current project I am mainly working with Oracle XE 18c (18.4.0) under Docker.

One pain point is size of the Docker Image for Oracle XE 18c, in case you will use the Scripts from for the build of Oracle XE 18c you will have an image size of 8.7 GB, which is not quite handy :-)

So I invested some time and have done some modifications on the (more...)

Oracle 19c for Linux x86-64 available

Since last night the lastest Oracle Database Release 19c (19.3) is for On-Prem  available.

Currently only the Linux x86-64 version is for download available in Oracle Technology Network, the other platforms should follow in the coming days.

For the download checkout following link:

The documentation can be found under following link:

On top Gerald Venzl also updated in the Oracle GitHub Repository the Docker Images for Oracle 19c already :-)

Happy download and happy testing :-)

Enterprise Manager 13c – Database Usage Tracking Report Bug with FTP destination

Within Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c you have a nice Feature under the BI Publisher Reports to generate Database Usage Tracking Reports and to deliver them to a FTP Server, called BurstToFTP.

Unfortunatelly if you follow the very good official step-by-step documentation on how to setup and to configure the Database Usage Tracking Report you will not be able to get your Database Usage Tracking Reports under your FTP Server :-(

Enterprise Manager 13c – Resolve Pending Status of Systems Infrastructure Server Components

From time to time you can observe, that some Systems Infrastructure Server Components are turning into a "Pending Status". Mostly the reason for this status change is not clear, a restart of the underlying Oracle Agents also doesn't resolve this pending state.

 The simplest solution to get rid of the pending state is to remove the Systems Infrastructure Server Component and to re-add it.

For this just connect with the oracle user to your server (more...)

Oracle XE (18c) for Windows

The Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) (18c) is since yesterday available for Windows x64 on Oracle Technology Networks:

For the download of the latest Oracle XE 18c for Windows x64 checkout following link:

Happy Download ...