Changing Logfiles Permission of WebLogic and Node Manager Logfiles to 644

In some cases you will need to align the Logfile permissions of the Oracle WebLogic Server ( and and Node Manager generated Logfiles to 644 (-rw-r--r--), so that for example Monitoring Tools like Patrol can access and monitor the WebLogic Server Logfiles with another OS user as the Oracle Software Installation user.

Just take a look on the Start Script under your $DOMAIN_HOME/bin and the startNodeManager. (more...)

ODC Appreciation Day: Oracle GitHub Docker Images and Oracle Container Registry

It's time again for the ODC Appreciation Day (formerly known as OTN Appreciation Day) driven by Tim Hall.

My personal favorite this year are the Oracle GitHub Docker Images and the Oracle Container Registry.

The Oracle GitHub Docker Images ( are the "Community Version" provided by Oracle. So in order to use them you will need to download upfront the required Installation Software from OTN or Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

Under the (more...)

Configure Oracle Reports 12c (12.2.x) for destype=file

I currently had in a project a request, that Oracle Reports should be generated with the option destype=file to a specific location on the server which is hosting the Oracle Forms & Reports 12c environment.

Since Oracle Forms & Reports 12c, the so called "File System Access Control" is enabled by default, so any request like http://<server>:<Port_of_ManagedServer_Reports>/reports/rwservlet?report=test.rdf&userid=test/test@db1&destype=file&desformat=pdf&desname=/u00/app/oracle/demo_app/rep_output/test.pdf&server=rep_server1 will fail:

When you check the corresponding log files for your Reports Server you will (more...)

Decrypt any encrypted password in your WebLogic Server Domain

It happens regularly, that you configure a WebLogic Domain and you forgot after some time the given password for the WebLogic Administration User or you have configured a JDBC Data Source and you forgot the password of the used Oracle Database User.

All you need is following small Python Script called

# $Id: $
# PURPOSE: Script to decrypt any Password or Username
# within a WebLogic (more...)

Oracle Installer fails with [EXCEPTION]:java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException under RedHat 7.4

I recently had a customer with a fresh installed RedHat 7.4 system on which we wanted to install different Oracle Software in graphical mode, like Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Data Integrator

Following error occured when we were starting the Oracle Installers, either runInstaller or java -jar fmw_12.

export JAVA_HOME=/u00/app/oracle/product/jdk1.8.0_131
export (more...)

How to install and configure Oracle Traffic Director 12c – fully unattended

As I am not a fan of clicking through several Configuration Wizards, I am trying to script as much as possible.
Here is a fully unattended way of how to install and configure Oracle Traffic Director

Following pre requirements are necessary:
  • you need a certified Linux Server, e.g. with Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.3
  • an oracle user on the Linux Server
  • all required packages as per documentation and the (more...)

Oracle Forms and the impact of new Required Support Files

With the latest Release of Oracle Forms & Reports the Database Required Support Files got a facelift. Oracle moved the Database Required Support Files up from Release to

On the first look this seems not to be too dramatically, but when you check out the Release Note for Oracle Forms & Reports Section Lifecycle Management (more...)

WebLogic Server – Get Patch List with RESTful Management Services

Yesterday, I discovered a new field within the RESTful Management Services under serverRuntime - patchList.

This new field contains the list of applied patches to your Oracle WebLogic Server installation, so I thought, I will not longer need to access opatch lsinventory to retrieve the list of applied patches on my WebLogic Server installation ...

You can check the list of applied Patches with following URL call within a browser or (more...)

Starting and Stopping Oracle Reports Servers with WLST

Normally people are using to start and stop their Oracle Reports Servers the by Oracle provided scripts and in the $DOMAIN_HOME/bin.

The problem with this set of scripts is, that they really take long time to complete and you need to execute it for each Reports Server:
# Lets measure the time
time ./ rep_server1
Starting system Component rep_server1 ...

Initializing WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) ...

Welcome to WebLogic Server (more...)

Oracle Forms Application Deployment Services (FADS)

Within the latest release of Oracle Forms & Reports is a really cool new feature - Oracle Forms Application Deployment Services (FADS).

FADS allows you to package, deploy, configure and store complete Forms Applications. A normal Forms Application contains executables like fmx, mmx and plx, but also jar's, html's. With FADS you can package them all together, version them.

The installation is quite simple, but ONLY if you follow the (more...)

Oracle Forms & Reports – First Look

Today I had some time to play around with the latest Release of the Oracle Forms & Reports Services

Here are my first impressions (at first the positive findings ...):

The installation procedure is the same as the previous release, so just install your JDK 1.8 (minimum version must be JDK 1.8_131), after that install your Oracle WebLogic Server Infrastructure (not the generic (more...)

WebLogic Server – First Look

Since last night the latest release of the Oracle WebLogic Server is available.

I have already installed and configured the latest release, the installation process remains the same as in the previous release, so nothing really new.

The Configuration Wizard ($ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin/ got a new cool neat feature. On the screen 2 of the Configuration Wizard (Templates), you will find a Filter Templates option. In this Filter Templates you can (more...)

Oracle Fusion Middleware available

Since today the latest release of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Stack is available for download under Oracle Technology Network.

The latest release of the Fusion Middleware Stack contains various products:

Oracle WebLogic Server can be found under

Oracle Forms & Reports can be found under

Oracle SOA Suite (more...)

Internet Explorer under Mac OS X

In case, you are like me regularly working with Web environments, you will need to test from time to time your stuff with different browser, e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Under Mac OS X many Users are using for example Safari and switching the User Agent to Internet Explorer 11 or something like that to simulate an Internet Explorer.

Microsoft is providing for free (YES, its for FREE !!!) a Virtual Machine (more...)

Display Oracle Forms 12c Sessions with WLST

Sometimes you want to get a quick overview of the current connected Forms Sessions in your Oracle Forms 12c environment and the Fusion Middleware Control (http://<servername>:7001/em) is sometimes really slow reacting.

Under the My Oracle Support (MOS) Note 1580517.1 you can find a small handy Python Script, which should display you all informations about your current Forms Sessions against a specific Managed Server hosting your Forms Application. But with Oracle Forms 12c (more...)

Oracle Forms 12c and FRM-93652

I am currently working on a huge migration project for Oracle Forms 11g to Oracle Forms 12c ( and we experience some nice FRM-93652 errors in several Forms.

We had several Forms masks on which we executed a query over the menu, data is displayed in the Forms mask afterwards we clicked a button to exit the Forms and the complete Forms session crashed with FRM-93652 :-)

In the underlying formsapp-diagnostic. (more...)

Parsing Named Arguments into Python Scripts

If you are coming from the Shell Script World, you are used to parse Named Arguments into your Shell Script, e.g "-u" for Username, "-p" for Password and so on. With Python Scripts you normally pass ordered arguments into your Python Script, so you are bond with the arguments in a fixed order, while passing Named Arguments you can reshuffle them in any order.

A typical Shell Script Snippet would look like that:

export  (more...)

Configure Single Sign On for Cloud Control 13c against Active Directory

In many cases you want to use your Microsoft Active Directory Login to be authenticated against your Oracle Cloud Control 13c.

Here is a step by step solution how to implement Single Sign On for your Oracle Cloud Control against Microsoft Active Directory.

Lets assume following Environment:

  • AD Domain = DEMO.COM
  • Microsoft AD Server =
  • AD LDAP Port = 389
  • Cloud Control 13c Server =

Windows Steps

Connect (more...)

Check Composite State of Oracle SOA Suite by Command Line

I was currently fighting a bit with the monitoring of Oracle SOA Suite 12c Composites.

The goal was to check the state of deployed Composites on an Oracle SOA Suite 12c with following requirements/dependencies:

  • No Oracle Cloud Control
  • Capture only Active Composites and not Retired Composites
After some discussions with colleagues and a lot of Google and serveral tests with Python Scripts in wlst, I came to following solution:

  • one main Pythin Script, called check_composite_state. (more...)

Oracle Forms 12c Error after Database change

My current huge Oracle Forms 12c Migration Project is still going on and every day we have some new problems.

After the DBA's were moving our Repository Database for the new Oracle Forms 12c environments (without any notice to us ...), nothing were working again on our environment :-)

So the first step, were to stop all processes from our Oracle Forms 12c environment:
  • Reports Server
  • all Managed Servers containing Oracle Reports and Oracle Forms (more...)