Oracle WebLogic 14.1.1 under Podman

| May 18, 2020
Since a few weeks the latest release of the Oracle WebLogic Server is available and I was testing it already on native Linux Servers and within Docker.
Now it's time to check Oracle WebLogic Server under Podman 

At first you will need an Oracle Linux 8.2 Server with podman. A really good instruction you can find at

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4 – New Add-On Plug-ins available

| Apr 24, 2020
Oracle released some new Add-On Plug-ins for the Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4.x

Following new Add-On Plug-Ins are available:

  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle Database Appliance
  • Enterprise Manager for TimesTen
  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle GoldenGate
  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle Unified Directory
  • Enterprise Manager for Utilities (TUGBU)
  • Enterprise Manager for Peoplesoft

The installation files for the above mentioned Add-On Plug-Ins can be found under:

Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle WebLogic Monitoring Exporter

| Apr 2, 2020
As the latest release of Oracle WebLogic Server is available (see my blogposts and, it's time to test Oracle WebLogic Server and the Oracle WebLogic Monitoring Exporter

In a previous blogpost ( I was already talking about the Oracle WebLogic Monitoring Exporter, which is generating Prometheus conform metrics out (more...)

Oracle WebLogic Server Docker Image

| Apr 1, 2020
As since around 2 days the latest Oracle WebLogic Server was released, I had some time to create Docker Images for the Oracle WebLogic Server

I have created two versions based on WebLogic Server Generic with JDK 11:
  • General Docker Image (not optimized with space usage)
  • Optimized Docker Image (nearly 50% space savings)
The corresponding Dockerfiles and so on you (more...)

Oracle WebLogic – First Look

| Mar 31, 2020
Since last night the Oracle WebLogic Server is available for download (see my previous blog post

Now let's have a look on the new Oracle WebLogic Server

At first we can use now a JDK 11 with the WebLogic Server, for the following showcase I am using a JDK 11.0.6.

At first download (more...)

Oracle WebLogic available

| Mar 31, 2020
Since last night the latest release of the Oracle WebLogic Server is available for download.

There are 3 different installation types available for download:

  • Generic Installer (888 MB)
  • Quick Installer (514 MB)
  • Slim Installer (474 MB)

The software download files can be found under:

The overall Oracle WebLogic Server documentation can be found under


Oracle Fusion Middleware certified with Linux 8

| Mar 30, 2020
Currently Oracle certified the Oracle Fusion Middleware Components for the use of Linux 8, which includes the Oracle Linux 8 and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

You can find the newly added certifications in My Oracle Support ( under the tab Certifications:

Oracle WebLogic Certification:

Oracle Forms & Reports Certification:

Oracle SOA Suite 12.2. (more...)

Generating Prometheus Metrics directly from your Oracle Database

| Mar 2, 2020
Prometheus ( is getting more and more common as a Monitoring Solution, many products are offering out-of-box Prometheus formatted metrics (e.g WildFly, Spring Boot and so on). Even Oracle is providing for the Oracle WebLogic Server a weblogic-monitoring-exporter, which is generating Prometheus formatted metrics (see and checkout my previous blog post "WebLogic Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana"

Many people are using Oracle Enterprise Manager (more...)

Weblogic Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana

| Feb 28, 2020
Since quite some time Oracle is providing in their GitHub Repository the weblogic-monitoring-exporter

This weblogic-monitoring-exporter is basically a war file, which uses the WebLogic Server RESTful Management API to collect defined metrics of your WebLogic Server and exports them in a Prometheus compatible format.

At first you will need to download the get[Version-Number].sh from the GitHub Repository Next step is to create a YAML file in which you define which (more...)

Cleanup Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Repository manually

| Feb 20, 2020
Currently I was cleaning up some of my Oracle Fusion Middleware Forms & Reports test and demo environments manually and wanted to setup them freshly.

As I was lazy, I didn't used the RCU (Repository Creation Utility) for the cleanup, I just did a manual drop user and drop tablespace and cleaned up my $DOMAIN_HOME.

In my case it was a Forms & Reports environment with the Prefix FR12213, so I manually dropped all the (more...)

Oracle 20c Documentation available

| Feb 14, 2020
Since a few hours the Oracle Database 20c documentation is online.

There are quite some interesting new features/changes in the new upcoming Oracle 20c release.

The complete list of new features you can find under:

One of the most interesting new feature/change is, that from Oracle 20c going, the only supported architecture is only Multitenant.

Enjoy reading the new features :-)

Huge Number of component_event.xlf* and pki_data*.tmp files in /tmp in Oracle Forms & Reports 12c

| Feb 6, 2020
If you are running an Oracle Forms and Reports 12c (12.2.1.+) environment over quite some time, you might discover that under the /tmp directory are a quite huge number of files named component_event.xlf* and pki_data*.tmp are generated and filling up your /tmp space.

The pki_data*.tmp files are usually 0 Bytes, but the component_event.xlf* files are between some Bytes up to some 100 Bytes. Over some time, these files (more...)

Patching Oracle WebLogic Server Slim Edition

| Feb 3, 2020
In my last blog I was showing how to install the new Oracle WebLogic Server Slim Installer (, now let's see how the minimised Oracle WebLogic Server Slim Edition will handle a patching.

For this I will use the Oracle WLS PATCH SET UPDATE (Patch No. 30689820).

Login as oracle User to your server hosting (more...)

Oracle WebLogic Server Slim Installer

| Feb 3, 2020
Since WebLogic Server you have a new edition of the Oracle WebLogic Server, it's the Slim Installer. The corresponding software you can download under:

The Slim Installer is much smaller than the Generic or the Fusion Middleware Infrastructure Installers.
  • WebLogic Generic Installer: 826 MB
  • Fusion Middleware Infrastructure Installer: 1.5 GB
  • WebLogic Slim Installer: 182 MB
Basically the Slim Installer is a full WebLogic Server, but (more...)

Enterprise Manager 13.4 is available

| Jan 30, 2020
The latest release of the Oracle Enterprise Manager is now available for download in Oracle Technology Network:

The documentation is currently not available, but I hope it will be published soon.

One of the positive aspects of the new Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 4 ( is, that the underlying Oracle WebLogic Server is now a release, not longer a 12.1.3 release :-)

So, happy download and enjoy the upgrade ...

WebLogic Server Future Releases – An educated guess

| Jan 27, 2020
Today I was checking as usual the available patches for Oracle WebLogic Server and I discovered some new WebLogic Server Releases within the drop list of the available releases.

It seems that for the current supported WebLogic Server 12.2.1.x will be a future PatchSet 5 (

The given Release with, I personally doubt that this will come.

For the future WebLogic Server, which (more...)

Deprecated Functionality for WebLogic Server

| Nov 18, 2019
Since around 6 weeks the last Oracle WebLogic Server Release is available and I got some spare time to read the necessary documentations.

In the "What's new Guide" I found 2 interesting deprecated features, which weren't announced somewhere else.

Meaning of deprecated features (source MOS Note 888028.1)

Oracle Fusion Middleware deprecation process is to announce a feature deprecated in a given (more...)

OGB Appreciation Day: What I appreciate and what I would like to appreciate

| Oct 10, 2019
It's time again for the OGB Appreciation Day #ThanksOGB (formerly known as #ThanksOTN and #ThanksODC) initiated by Tim Hall

At first, what I appreciate from Oracle:

WOW, We have a new Fusion Middleware Release :-) after nearly waiting for 2 years ! 
As my main focus is on WebLogic and Oracle Forms & Reports, I already had a closer look on this stuff and I must say, that (more...)

Oracle Forms – New Security Handling for userid

| Oct 1, 2019
In the latest Oracle Forms Release, Oracle has implemented a new cool feature for security handling of the userid parameter.

Classically within the formsweb.cfg you are defining your section for your Forms Application, e.g.


# The values for userid are provided in cleartext

Now, with Oracle Forms (more...)

Oracle Reports – Create a Standalone Reports Server

| Sep 30, 2019
On Friday, 27th September 2019, Oracle released the latest Version of Oracle Forms & Reports (see my blog post

As I already created an Oracle Forms & Reports environment, it's now time to have a look on the Oracle Reports environment.

As usual, after you have successfully installed and configured your Oracle Forms & Reports (more...)