Oracle Container Registry – First Impressions

After my long holiday, I discovered today that the Oracle Container Registry is now world wide accessible :-) before the Oracle Container Registry were only accessible from USA, Australia and UK.

The Oracle Container Registry contains several types of Docker images:
  • Database: Oracle Enterprise Edition, Oracle Standard Edition and Instant Client
  • Java: Oracle Java SE
  • Middleware: Oracle Coherence, Oracle Tuxedo, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle WebTier
  • MySQL: MySQL Community Server
  • OS: Oracle Linux, Container Registry
  • OpenStack: (more...)

Oracle Forms 12c Java Web Start only shows Splash Screen

I am currently working in a project for migrating several Oracle Forms 11g Applications to Oracle Forms 12c.
One requirement within this project is to use Oracle Forms 12c with Java Web Start in order to get rid of any kind of browser dependencies and to be independent from the classical Java Applet.

The configuration of Java Web Start usage within the formsweb.cfg is really straight forward and simple, just follow the Oracle Documentation.


Find all configured SystemComponents in Oracle Fusion Middleware – The RESTFul way

Today, just a quick post on how to find all your configured System Components within an Oracle Fusion Middleware / Oracle WebLogic Server Environment.

Let's say you are having an Oracle Forms & Reports Environment based on an Oracle WebLogic Server. Within your environment you have configured various so called System Components, and you need to know all the names and the corresponding System Component Type, like:
  • Oracle HTTP Server (OHS)
  • Oracle Reports Standalone Servers
  • (more...)

How to install and configure Oracle Forms & Reports 12c fully unattended – Part 1

Today, I will have a novelty on my blog. This blogpost is driven by a joint venture between 3 consultants based in 2 countries (Switzerland and Germany) and working for 3 different consulting companies (Robert Crames = Edorex, Jan-Peter Timmermann = AuraPlayer and myself = Trivadis).

As we three consultants, Robert Crames (, Jan-Peter Timmermann ( ) and myself are intensively working with Oracle Fusion Middleware Products, which also (more...)

Oracle Forms 12c: frmconfighelper – enable_ohs

Yesterday I was blogging about how to create new Forms Managed Servers and how to deploy a new formsapp into them with the frmconfighelper tool (

Today I was testing the function enable_ohs from the frmconfighelper tool, which is mainly dedicated to generate a forms.conf file in your Oracle HTTP Server which contains the directives for your Forms Environment.

oracle@server> cd $ORACLE_HOME/forms/provision
oracle@server> ./
using log file /home/oracle/frmconfighelper/logs/frmconfighelper_2017_05_15_20_49_31. (more...)