Here's a quick picture of me during my RMOUG 2012 presentation, giving a tour of the Oracle 11g ADR:

Thanks to Kellyn Pot'Vin for the picture!

A NoCOUG to Remember

This post is long overdue, as I was supposed to blog about my appearance at NoCOUG before I left (sorry, Vanessa!). However in my efforts to rehearse and adjust my presentation, blogging about it just fell to the wayside. However now that NoCOUG 2011 Summer Conference is in the (more...)

Upgrading Standalone ASM to Oracle Grid Infrastructure Beware Bug 10283819!

No, this isn't a re-post of my earlier blog about bug 1233183.1. We've found a fun new bug that seems to be specific to our poor standalone ASM instances when upgrading from Oracle Grid Infrastructure to

The bug was first brought (more...)

Using a Custom Timezone? Beware Oracle Grid Infrastructure!

We have a client that runs an application that, for whatever reasons, does NOT like daylight saving time. For that reason, the Oracle server is kept in Eastern Standard Time and does not change with the rest of the eastern United States when DST begins and ends every year. They (more...)

Vote for my session for Oracle OpenWorld 2011!

Well I didn't make the judges cut, but through Oracle Mix's Suggest-A-Session, you can still send me to OOW by voting for my session, which is unofficially titled, "Making Love to the ADR ... the Don Seiler Way." The official title is much less romantic.


Upgrading Standalone ASM to Oracle Grid Infrastructure Beware Bug 1233183.1!

NOTE: This post originally appeared on the Pythian blog.

The past four days have found me very frustrated and at wits' end while testing upgrades of standalone Oracle Grid Infrastructure (ASM) to on RHEL/OEL 5 VMs. The upgrade would seem to go (more...)