Windows 8: Enabling Microsofts Hyper-V virtualization platform

If you are running a Microsoft Windows 8 Professional, you can use Microsofts virtualization platform Hyper-V. To get the management window you have to open
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Hyper-V Management Tools
and double click the icon:
If this icon (or the path) is not there, you have to enable Hyper-V:
Open your (more...)

Nexus 7: Encrypting all data

After loosing all data on a completely discharged Nexus 7 (look here), i decided to encrypt the storage with my own password, so that i should be able to give the right pin into the "type password to decrypt storage"-question (hopefully).
  • Advantage:
    never loose my data again
  • Disadvantage
    on (more...)

Android Update: 4.2.2

Three months after the upgrade from Android 4.2 to 4.2.1 i got the option to update my Nexus 7 to 4.2.2. As before there is no official statement about the bugfixes or changes in this new version. The only thing is the confirmation screen the:


Nexus 7: "Type password to decrypt storage" after completely discharged

After not using the Nexus 7 for some weeks, i got the following screen:
No password worked... Switch off/on... same screen again.
How to get out of this loop?
  1. Switch the device off (press and hold power button)
  2. Press and hold all three buttons. You will see the following:
  3. Use (more...)

Windows 8: Configuring focus follows mouse and auto-raise behaviour

After switching to Windows 8 i was trying to configure the same mouse over behaviour as i am used to on my debian linux.
If you just want focus follows mouse and auto-raise=true, then follow the description given here.
If you want focus follows mouse and auto-raise=false, then you have (more...)

More Features on Windows 7 & 8 with replacing Microsofts default driver "PCL6 Class Driver" with HP "Univeral Print Driver"

If you have to use HP printers on Windows 7 or 8, you can use the drivers provided by Microsoft. But if you want to change printing properties like duplex mode or pages per sheet and you select "Eigenschaften.. / Properties..."

you only get:

But there is an easy (more...)

Apache ODE: Modelling BPEL with Eclipse and BPEL Designer

After installing the BPEL designer into eclipse here the first steps to get a project and a first workflow:
First you have to create a new project and choose BPEL Project:

Inside this new project you have to add a bpel process:
and here we go: