White House announces Open Data policy – dawn of a new age of information sharing

| May 9, 2013

The White House today released an Executive Order -- Making Open and Machine Readable the New Default for Government Information.

In addition there is now a new open source tools project and resources on GitHub in support of this initiative.

The potential here to change how a whole range of (more...)

Analysis of JSON use cases compared to XML

| Apr 26, 2013


Before there was either XML or JSON there was EDI. JSON is very reminiscent of EDI, both syntactically and conceptually, and that the claims made back then as to why EDI would be sustained over XML. EDI was lightweight, human readable, fast to process, compact and worked well with (more...)

New CAM Editor v2.4 release with enhanced Collaboration tools

| Mar 26, 2013
The focus for this release is improved collaboration support including better dictionary generation, models, reports, spreadsheets and enhancement of the rules entry tools and rules processing. New for this release is support for Italian language localization.

The new XPath conditional rule entry wizard makes XPath rules definition significantly easier for (more...)