Easy way to access JPA with REST (JSON / XML)

With the release of EclipseLink 2.4, JPA persistence units can be accessed using REST with JSON or XML formatted messages. The 2.4 version supports JPA-RS which is a RESTful API for dealing with JPA. In this blogpost I will show you what is possible with JPA-RS, how easy it (more...)

Using JSON-REST in ADF Mobile

In the current version of ADF Mobile the ADF DataControls ( URL and WS ) only supports SOAP and JSON-XML. But this does not mean we cannot use JSON. To handle JSON we can use the  RestServiceAdapter and JSONBeanSerializationHelper classes. The RestServiceAdapter will handle the Rest Service and JSONBeanSerializationHelper helps (more...)

Build and Deploy OSB projects with Maven

2 years ago I already did the same with ANT and now I migrated these scripts to Maven. These Maven poms can still do the same like my ANT scripts.
  • Build and deploy an OSB OEPE workplace
  • Build one OSB project.
  • Export OSB projects from an OSB server and generate (more...)

Generating an EJB SDO Service Interface for Oracle SOA Suite

In Oracle SOA Suite you can use the EJB adapter as a reference or service in your composite applications. The EJB adapter has a flexible binding integration, there are 3 ways for integrating the remote interface with your composite.

First you have the java interface way which I described here (more...)

Return a fault from an Asynchronous Web Service

In an asynchronous web service we can't return a soap fault like a synchronous service but that does not mean you can't report back the fault to the calling asynchronous process.

basically you got three options.

  • Off course handle the fault in the error hospital and give back the response. (more...)

Do WebLogic configuration from ANT

With WebLogic WLST you can script the creation of all your Application DataSources or SOA Integration artifacts( like JMS etc). This is necessary if your domain contains many WebLogic artifacts or you have more then one WebLogic environment. If so, you want to script this so you can configure a (more...)

ADF development with Eclipse (OEPE)

Finally with Eclipse ( OEPE ) as IDE we can use the ADF Binding framework in our ADF applications development ( works with PS3 and higher ) . Last year I already blogged about the support for ADF Rich Faces and with this release of  OEPE ( it is still (more...)

WebLogic JMS / AQ bridge with JBoss AS 7

There are different ways to exchange JMS messages between WebLogic and JBoss Application Server 7. In this blogpost I will explain how you can retrieve JMS messages from JBoss ( with the help of a WebLogic Foreign Server ) and how to push messages to JBoss AS ( with the (more...)

Remote JMS with JBoss AS 7.1 / HornetQ JMS

When you want to connect to a Queue or Topic on JBoss Application Server 7.1.1 with a remote jms client you can follow the next steps.

First step is to add messaging configuration to the JBoss configuration xml. In this case I will use the standalone configuration.

Open standalone.xml (more...)