Mount Clone Database in TSPITR

"alter database mount clone database" is a statement that forces all datafiles to be put OFFLINE when mounting the target instance. You'll see it's being used in the background when you run RMAN commands like: "transport tablespace" "recover tablespace .. auxiliary destination .." "recover table"  (12c feature) In my case, i was trying to recover an dropped table using "Tablespace

Backup to ZFS Storage Appliance Best Practices for Exadata Database Machine

I made a presentation called "Best Practices for Exadata Maximum Availability" at BGOUG autumn event last week. In addition to general Exadata best practices about backup&recovery, disaster recovery, RAC&ASM, corruption detection features; i reserved half of my time to speak about integration of Exadata and ZFS storage appliance for the best performance of database backup&recovery. This topic

Exadata Software is Released

Good new features announced, such as finding Flash Cache and Flash Log statistics on AWR, automatic ASM data redundancy check even shutting down a storage server by pressing the power button or through ILOM, preventing Flash Cache population in cell to cell rebalance, disabling SSH on Storage Servers and running CellCLI commands from Compute Nodes via new ExaCLI utility. Find details in the MOS

DBMCLI for Exadata Database Servers

Monitoring database servers for hardware failures in Exadata used to be an issue. We have CELLCLI for storage servers where we can make many administration tasks and set SMTP configuration to receive e-mail for hardware failures. For the DB servers we were able to configure SMTP Client on database server's ILOMs for email alerts but it was not a straightforward and easy configuration as we do in

Auditing on Physical Standby Database with XML

Turning on auditing on a physical standby database may be preferred when you want to audit the queries against the read only standby database. Obviously it's not possible to keep audit records on standby database by setting audit_trail to DB or DB_EXTENDED. Because the database is read-only and the aud$ table is just being synchronized with the primary aud$. So the DB or DB_EXTENDED setting on a

A Deep Dive into ASM redundancy in Exadata

I made this presentation at Serbia Oracle User Group event in Zlatibor and Harmony 2015 event in Tallinn at last month. Both were very nice organizations that i really enjoyed, learned much and met with many Oracle experts. I prepared this presentation to answer to following questions, which i think are really important for Exadata Database Machine administrators: - To what degree, disk and

TIMESTAMP to DATE Conversion with Online Redefinition

Online redefinition is a great way to make structural change on "big" tables having "lots of" DML. Using online redefinition, partitioning-nonpartitioning, adding-dropping columns, changing column data types, moving to another tablespace and more can be done with a very small unavailability of the table when compared with direct operations.  Here are some online redefinition MOS notes which

Standby Database SCN – x$kcvfh

The case was to roll forward a physical standby with an RMAN SCN incremental backup taken from primary. The standby database was just restored and necessary archived logs was missing somehow (That's another story). It was something i already did in the past so we set to work with my previous notes. Took the backup, copied files to standby server and recovered standby database. But the problem

Auditing on Oracle Database in a Nutshell (11gR2)

In an Oracle Database we can mention following auditing types: Mandatory Auditing Standard Auditing Fine-Grained Auditing SYS Auditing Mandatory Auditing causes database start-up/shut-down and SYSDBA-SYSOPER login logout information to be written into AUDIT_FILE_DEST. This auditing cannot be turned off and it's always written into operating system directory specified with

Active Data Guard 12c New Features – Oracle Day 2014

Exadata MAA Presentation – Oracle Day 2013 Istanbul

Exadata Maximum Availability Architecture from Yunus Emre Baransel

Packt Publishing e-book Promotion

I would like to inform you that, to mark Columbus Day, Packt is offering its entire catalog of eBooks and videos at 50% off. This is te last day of the promotion. If you plan to buy some e-books don't miss this. Discount code: COL50 

The Book is Out!

After one year of hard work, it's very nice to introduce the Oracle Data Guard 11gR2 Administration book written by me and Nassyam Basha. As for me, i can honestly say that it has been a really good book and will help its reader a lot to learn and implement (more...)

Data Guard Queries

After all those years, my 5 years old post “How To Query Dataguard Status” still has the top visitors of this blog, so I wanted to write a fresh one including newer queries, commands. Here it is: Standby database process status: You can run following query on standby database to (more...)

TROUG – Oracle EBS Day 2013

About "Expert Oracle Database Architecture" Book

I'm reading the "Expert Oracle Database Architecture" book of Thomas Kyte, which is a must read for everyone who is serious on being an Oracle DBA. Jonathan Lewis already said: "Frankly, if every DBA and developer in the world were made to work carefully through Tom Kyte’s book, I’d probably (more...)

Delete Force Noprompt Backuppiece

In some cases you may not be able to delete the obsolete RMAN backup pieces that are visible with “report obsolete” command. In my case, after a switchover, i was getting the following error when my daily backup scripts tries to delete obsolete backups after the crosscheck: RMAN-06216: WARNING: db_unique_name mismatch - 334 objects could not be updated RMAN-06218: List of objects requiring

Moving OCR & Voting Files In 11gR1 (Using Raw Devices)

-- Query current status of OCR and Voting Files: oracle@server1:/> cat /etc/oracle/ocr.loc  ocrconfig_loc=/dev/ocr1_test11g ocrmirrorconfig_loc=/dev/ocr2_test11g local_only=FALSE oracle@server1:/> crsctl query css votedisk  0.     0    /dev/voting1_test11g  1.     0    /dev/voting2_test11g  2.     0    /dev/voting3_test11g Located 3 voting disk(s). -- Check OCR integrity

Basic Oracle LogMiner Steps

This is a quick note about using LogMiner for mining archived redo logs on the database itself. (Source and mining databases are same) - Specify a dictionary file with the following procedure: EXECUTE DBMS_LOGMNR_D.BUILD('dictionary.ora','/oracle/acs/logmnr', OPTIONS => DBMS_LOGMNR_D.STORE_IN_FLAT_FILE); - Determine the minimum and maximum archived log sequences that is in the mining scope. -

My Presentations at DOAG and UKOUG 2012 Conferences

At the end of this year, i'll speak at the two biggest Oracle events in Europe, DOAG 2012 and UKOUG 2012 conferences. I'm very excited to attend and experience these organizations, also listen to and meet with many Oracle fellows. I'll speak about advanced Data Guard topics on my both presentations. Here are the highlights of my presentation: Configuration Considerations Redo Apply and Redo