[INS-20802] Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failed

I had the following error on 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure installation: [INS-20802] Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failed.  The plug-in failed in its perform method tail -50 /u01/app/oraInventory/logs/installActions2012-01-06_09-45-58AM.log INFO: Oracle Net Listener Startup: INFO: The information provided for this listener is currently in use by other software on this computer.

Book Review: Oracle WebCenter 11g PS3 Administration Cookbook

I knew a little about Webcenter and Packt's Oracle Webcenter 11g book was very helpful for me to learn about the new version and developing the administration skills. Yannick Ongena did a greate job on this book with a uniqe style of teaching. In this book topics are covered with 4 dimensions. "Getting ready" "How to do it..." "How it works..." and  "There's more..." With this way of

Book Review: Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11gR1: Business Service Management

Here is another greate book i read and recommend, published by Packt and written by  Ashwin Kumar Karkala and Govinda Raj Sambamurthy. This is about Oracle Enterprise Grid Control. Book is named with "Business Service Management" to impress the capabilities of Grid Control. Grid Control is not just for your Database Monitoring needs, but also for a complete service management which includes

RMAN Channels, Parallelism, Multisection Backups & Multiplexing

I wanted to summirize some complicated RMAN concepts, using the "11gR2 Backup and Recovery User's Guide" definitions. Channel & ParallelismThe number of channels available for use with a device when you run a command determines whether RMAN reads from or write to this device in parallel while performing the command. When the work is done in parallel, the backup of the files is done by more than

My OOW 2011 Presentation

I submitted for Open World 2011 with a presentation titled "Effectively using Oracle Data Guard for multiple purposes". After the voting phase, Oracle reviewed and accepted my session. Here are some details of my presentation. Hope to see you there. Type:                               Conference Presenter:                         Emre Baransel Primary Track Database:   High Availability