RMAN Channels, Parallelism, Multisection Backups & Multiplexing

I wanted to summirize some complicated RMAN concepts, using the "11gR2 Backup and Recovery User's Guide" definitions. Channel & ParallelismThe number of channels available for use with a device when you run a command determines whether RMAN reads from or write to this device in parallel while performing the command. When the work is done in parallel, the backup of the files is done by more than

My OOW 2011 Presentation

I submitted for Open World 2011 with a presentation titled "Effectively using Oracle Data Guard for multiple purposes". After the voting phase, Oracle reviewed and accepted my session. Here are some details of my presentation. Hope to see you there. Type:                               Conference Presenter:                         Emre Baransel Primary Track Database:   High Availability

Book Review: Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer’s Guide

I've just finished reading the book "Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer's Guide" written by John P. Jeffries and published by PACKT. I strongly advise this book for solution/database architects who wants to learn what GoldenGate can do and how, database administrators who are new to GoldenGate and wants to learn the technical details of implementations and GoldenGate experienced administrators who

Presenting at TROUG Day 2011

I'll be presenting at TROUG (Turkish Oracle User Group) Day 2011 on 21 April about "Using Oracle Dataguard Efficiently". Jonathan Lewis will be there with keynote and a presentation titled "Thinking About Joins". There will be very valuable presentations from valuable professionals. You can find event details here: (in Turkish) This event will be live streamed on the internet: http://

Dataguard Notes

I wanted to share my notes on "Oracle Data GuardConcepts and Administration 11g Release 2" document. 11gR1 New Features · Compression of redo traffic over the network in a Data Guard configuration : This feature improves redo transport performance when resolving redo gaps by compressing redo before it is transmitted over the network. · You can now find the DB_UNIQUE_NAME of the primary

Dataguard on Different Operating Systems

In 10g, dataguard started to support different binaries on primary and standby database servers with the same OS family.  For example Microsoft Windows 64-bit Itanium on primary and Microsoft Windows 32-bit or Microsoft Windows 64-bit for AMD on standby database server. However with 11g, dataguard also supports different OS on primary and standby servers. I wanted to share the support matrix for