Book Review: Oracle Database 11gR2 Performance Tuning Cookbook

I started reading this book last week, and I'm half way through right now. But i wanted to write this review because what i found in the book is fairly enough for this. As the book's tittle expresses it involves examples, recipes, different test cases for almost all topics in the chapters. This is great, because just definitions and descriptions are not enough to fully understand the concept (

My Presentation at OUG Ireland Conference 2012

I'll present at OUG Ireland Conference, Wednesday 21st March in Dublin. My presentation will be on Oracle Data Guard as in the Open World last year. I'm looking forward to present, listen to and meet with new people. There are a wide range of topics from Oracle professionals in the agenda. There will be 6 streams and 35 sessions in total. Well known Oracle ACEs/ACE Directors and Oracle

Automatic Block Media Recovery on Maximum Performance Mode

Automatic Block Media Recovery is a cool 11gR2 feature. If the database on which a corruption occurs is associated with a real-time query physical standby database, then the database automatically attempts to perform block media recovery. The primary database searches for good copies of blocks on the standby database and, if found, repairs the blocks with no impact to the query that

A Grid Infrastructure Installation Adventure

I was very used to create ASM instance manually before 11gR2. With 11gR2 we must to install Grid Infrastructure even on sigle instance databases if we’re going to use ASM. In my last installation i had strange errors that i’ll share below. First error was complaining about the password and the log file is: INFO: Executing ASMCA INFO: Command /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/bin/asmca -

[INS-20802] Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failed

I had the following error on 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure installation: [INS-20802] Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failed.  The plug-in failed in its perform method tail -50 /u01/app/oraInventory/logs/installActions2012-01-06_09-45-58AM.log INFO: Oracle Net Listener Startup: INFO: The information provided for this listener is currently in use by other software on this computer.